LaVar Ball Says Lonzo Won't Re-Sign With the Lakers Unless They Take His Brothers Too

LaVar Ball Says Lonzo Won't Re-Sign With the Lakers Unless They Take His Brothers Too

"I want all my three boys to play for the Lakers."

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  1. Lavar Ball: I'm going to take my son out of the NBA and cost him millions of dollars if I can't have my way! My sons are a package deal, all or nothing!


  2. I'm really tired of hearing about these bozos

  3. Damn shame what LaVar is doing. Those boys' careers are never going to amount to anything as long as he's running the ship. Give it up, LaVar. Stop living your failed career through your children.

  4. Lavar please stop interfering with your sons future... you did a great job rising them... let them make their own decisions as they become men sir... your acting a little like Mr. Joe Jackson of the Jackson 5...a little creepy and you know how that turned out 😐 be humble and grateful always sir 👍🏻🙏🏻 you are blessed.

  5. Given that the lakers cleared all that cap space and are poised to sign Lebron and Paul George, they won’t need Lonzo anymore

  6. I don't think the lakers want lonzo either...I bet they'll say thanks for giving us an easy out...and don't let the door hit ya

  7. Soon to be...BrokeAssBallBoy!!! Father is going mess up the kids future of making real money with his ass in the way! Leave the kids alone they're already old enough! Smh...

  8. Time for you to shut up for good. You ruined your youngest kids future, you will get your other kid dumped by the Lakers, hopefully just out of spite. You suck!

  9. I guess that means none of them will be there then, might wanna rethink just how bad you want that job before you make those demands

  10. And just like that Lonzos NBA career is over. Its okay most over rated kid ever anyways. Have fun over seas!

  11. These guys will be a after thought before too long. Lonzo needs to run away if he wants a career in the NBA.

  12. I still don't know what the media's obsession with these ass clowns is!

  13. They ought to be breaking rocks in China.

  14. OMFG just stop with these idiots.... GO AWAY!

  15. We all want you to stop talking, but we can’t all have what we want 🙂

  16. Good don't sign. Crawl back under the fucking rock you came from.

  17. Marry em off to the kardashians and put em on a rrality show rocket to mars.

  18. Send him and the rest of that damn family packing

  19. I'm glad there is a way to get rid of them..!!

  20. What he is going to get if he isn't careful is none of his kids playing for anyone.

  21. This is really is fun to watch. The crash and burn is going to be epic.

  22. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  23. Those mama boys need to realize they can tell pops to go to hell if they're over 18

  24. GOOD!!!! I hope the laugh at you and you drop out of my news feed for life!!

  25. This guy going to kill his kids career's

  26. It’s a shame when a parent ruins their children’s careers.

  27. Maybe they should quit basketball and just become models with those faces. Haha

  28. What a jackass, in every sense of the word!!

  29. A male version of the Kardashians? In other words...think they are more important than they really are!

  30. He won’t be happy until he’s destroyed all his kids careers.

  31. LaVar better start bringing some trophies...

  32. What a shame. He's jeopardizing all the glory and fame his son could have in the NBA.

  33. Think ya might want to book a forth seat on the plane when you go back to Europe

  34. U should've has 2 more kids and start ur own team...he should go sell douche...its in the bag

  35. oh God, I hope nobody hires any of them

  36. The two younger brothers are not NBA caliber. Probably won't be drafted.

  37. This is why I unfollowed ESPN. I see a similar fate for Maxim

  38. God can this family of losers leave us w the Kardashians to a galaxy - far far away

  39. But he’s a restricted free agent when his rookie deal ends...

  40. Loser trying to make a living off his kids . what a peice of shit .

  41. He should make his own team. They can play against the globetrotters.

  42. Media needs to stop putting LaVar in the lime light. He is a pile of trash or should i say "SHIT"

  43. aint gonna happen they are tired of his shit move on to over seas

  44. Why is this pos still making headlines.. they’re all overrated!

  45. I didn’t know the lakers would sign thieves