Kyrie's had enough of Zaza.

Kyrie's had enough of Zaza.

Kyrie's had enough of Zaza.

Posted by Bleacher Report Feb. 25, 2018, 5:02 a.m.

Kyrie's had enough of Zaza.

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  1. We are all sick if Zaza and the rest of the Warriors, Draymond plays the same way, that team is dirty and classless with a phony fanbase.

  2. They’re fining owners and presidents for casual comments made to the media, fining players for taking an extra second to get off the court, but ZaZa is trying to ruin careers and we get crickets.

  3. DPOY

    Dangerous Player of the year

  4. ZaZa looked at where he would land then tried to land all his weight on Westbrook's legs😂 Dude so dirty that its annoying

  5. Russ is the one that jumped on Nick Young, turned himself around midair, and tangled HIS legs up with Nick's, forcing Nick to kick his legs out from under Russ's, tripping Zaza, but Zaza is at fault? Russ had no business jumping on Nick, but Zaza is at fault? WTF?

  6. Someone shoot zaza with machine gun

  7. Come on that wasn't intentional.

  8. Westbrook hooked his legs on Youngs legs first. He got his

  9. Finally... something we can agree with Kyrie on.

  10. The floor was too flat, he lost his balance

  11. Somehow lebron is responsible and he is to blame for this. Not sure how but I'll find a way , you'll see

  12. Everyone is mad at za for falling but ignoring the fact Russ intentionally tried to twist dudes ankle on the play wrapping his leg was no accident that was pretty much a take down by Russ. In defense of a team mate za shoulda made sure to land on Russ's head with a elbow smh crying over falling down in the 90s this wouldn't even been talked about during the game at all would have been soft contact specially in a pistons game.

  13. This play is so overtly, over-the-top dirty and potentially devastating, it’s hard to put into words. There has to be consequences for this. The Commissioner is smart and fair-minded. I expect some action here.

  14. Look Closely at nick young right shoe and dont look at zaza.. You will see nick accidentaly hooked the back of zaza left knee pulling him .. Be objective the nba will also see this.. And look at the game view angle not only the camera angle under the ring you'll see this more clearly

  15. Some times players complaints are just them being divas but this is valid and seem to many times. Fans of either or any team want to see best competition they possibly can, not a win bc of an injured opponent.

  16. It’s crazy because this is the same guy that stuck his foot underneath Khawhi last year which caused him to miss the playoffs but he’s not a dirty player tho smh

  17. It looks to me like Westbrook comes down on Zaza's knee, causing him to lose his balance and eventually fall. It just takes him a couple seconds to go down because he's trying to regain his balance. There is no definitive proof here of malicious intent, as far as I can tell.

  18. So we gonna act like Nick Youngs foot didn't wrap around ZaZas leg and Westbrook (trying to create contact on a weak lay up) didn't fall on Nick Youngs leg pulling ZaZa down... look b4 you hate 👀👀👀

  19. Warriors fan here. Zaza is a dirty player and most of the fanbase aren't huge fans of his. That being said, I believe Nick Youngs right foot dragged Zaza into this. Zaza got weak legs, have you ever seen him dunk? Big tree fall hard.

  20. For those saying ZaZa is being tripped, go check your eyes when it is still early, because you may hv the 4th stage of eyes cancer

  21. 2k should have him unlockable as the most dirtiest player in nba history. Then after unlocking, he should be able to do his dirty plays when playing online, so I can use him to inflict injury on all the opponent players.

  22. Well if you watch closely Zaza actually widens his stance to help cause Westbrook to fall. And then had a major overreaction and fell on top of him very hard. (On purpose)

  23. He needs his pay revoked, fined, and banned. He is a plague how many all-stars are you going to let him take out of the game before you do something? He literally stops, looks down, then throws himself on Russell Westbrook's knee. Zaza is a disgrace as a human being.

  24. You must be a couch potato because no real athlete would fall while standing still. No one ran into him to cause his fall and he did so without bracing himself or breaking his fall when he hit the ground?? He fell on WBs knee area with the full weight of his body and midsection with his hands and arms spread out not to stop his fall! Dirty Euro player plain and simple!

  25. Playing physical is OK but boundaries should be drawn from what is physical to what is dirty. Hurting players and inflicting what would be a career threatening injury should merit long term suspension on first offense and lifetime ban on the second. The dirty player is taking the other player's livelihood away.

  26. Its so obvious it was on purpose. Nick young ain’t trip him Zaza did this himself. Westbrook hooked nick youngs foot so it was still in the air and zaza looked straight at his leg slid over and fell right on top. He saw a moment to remove another good player and seized it. From a warriors fan he plays dirty and needs to go.

  27. Someone falls right in front of your legs you're gonna fall or at least stumble. Zaza's like 7ft and hardly athletic and yall expect him to keep balance

  28. What the hell are most of y'all looking at nobody trip ZAZA. He really tryed to find some where to land and it was on the back of Westbrooks leg wow. No man is that bad to where they can't go over the man

  29. calm down, if you followed zaza even a little you know he can’t dance. that was typical zaza incoordination. dude took out KD in similar fashion last season. you all are reachin. flat earth in 4.

  30. Zaza is and has been dirty his whole career, there's a difference between playing hard and playing dirty.
    Zaza ain't even close to it, he's a dirty player.
    Not a spurs fan.... but that "close out " to blow out khawais ankle in the playoffs last year is just one of his many dirty plays. Look it up, googles free 😂😂

  31. Love all these warriors fan defending this shit😂

    Y'all have a good team but don't act blind. Swaggy grazed Zaza's calf, their feet did not tangle up.

    That man literally paused,looked at Westbrook's kneecaps, and fell onto Russ's knees in slow motion. Dead fckin center too almost like The New Orleans Saint put a bounty out😂.

    Coming from a Bulls fan.

  32. He's just doing his role Kyrie Irving. You should be careful with him maybe next time your ankles will be broken. Literally. Keep it up zaza your doing well

  33. Even if it was not intentional the fall is not that hard.. he can use his hands on the floor to avoid falling full body contact on Russel's legs.. Even if you look at it in a regular clip his fall is at 1.5 slow motion dont be blind bandwagon fans.

  34. Samit Patel he needs to be benched a couple games for that seriously, that's just straight hating on someone that IS better than you, this is weak minded and should be reviewed by the league!

  35. The Warriors are one of the dirtiest team ever . The NBA should Fine the Warriors and ZAZa for doing this because this isn’t the first time that the Warriors Have done this .

  36. Intentionally or not zaza is so retarded that he is dangerous for other players.. He didn't even look how to land he fell like a sack of potatoes, and even when he got up he almost stepped on a boy that wipes the floor...

  37. Youngs foot caught his knee but he wasn't weight bearing on that leg so it wouldn't have made him fall, that coupled with zaza looking at his landing spot and making almost no attempt to break his fall makes it intentional. The league need to ban him

  38. And it's normal for Russ to look how he could tangle Nick's legs,his intention was to stop Young to go further,so if you hate Warriors it's normal to blame everything on Zaza,but we know who is the best team in league,it's WARRIORS!!!!

  39. Zaza was looking at Russ legs the whole time he was 'falling'. If you were not intending to fall over and it was accidental then you wouldn't be staring directly at where you were going to land the whole way down and before you even lost your balance..... 🤔

  40. Jeannie Gonzalez Rivera Zaza is so dirty took out kawhi now tryna take out Russ I have more respect for kd then I do him this is the type of man to ruin the game

  41. Second thought...Nick Youngs leg looked like it kinda got Zaza but I think he still took the opportunity to be a WWE superstar to take out Russ...remember last year?

  42. Zaza is the dirtiest player never just fall and land on someone else’s leg that’s not inappropriate it’s dirty

  43. Zaza has committed questionable acts in the past. But this clearly looks like Nick Young hooked ZaZa’s knee with his foot and ZaZa fell down.

    But of course, when you’re dealing with: click-baiting journalists, bitter OKC fans and Professional GSW Haters that make up the majority of NBA Social Media fans...objectivity is hard to find.

  44. Dude, the guy was tripped by young's foot. What would you expect him to do, not fall after losing balance? With that size?? Russ's legs was just in the wrong place at that time. Be reasonable man

  45. Sorry i can't respect this guy. Nobody knows it but he's the raison for kawhis injury so the reason for spurs unfortualy Saison. The spurs whoud stopt worriors in the c finals remember game 1 and this guy pachulia steped on the food of kawhi and so respectless he throught it should be an ofense of foul. Pachulia absolutly made the spurs happyness falling down. I promis leonard will find back. And now he hurts another leder how respektlos can you be! Ain't no future for athors. Good state from kyrie

  46. So Westbrook, in the air, is looking at where he needs to put his feet to trip Nick Young up. Zaza protecting his teammate. If Westbrook doesn’t play dirty here, Zaza never falls on his leg.

  47. Star players need mofo’s like Anthony Mason Xavier McDaniel Charles Oakley Bill Laimbeer ect.... on their teams they would’ve been rocked warped LEGO blocked headed a@@ Za Za for trying their star player like that

  48. I mean, I like the Warriors and their style of ball. It’s fun to watch. But this play seemed avoidable. I dunno, maybe Zaza is clumsy as hell, but that seems egregious.

  49. Lenny Walker I told you he was a dirty player! You told me last year when he injured Leonard that he didn’t mean to and it was an accident. Lol here he goes again!!!!!

  50. He has always been a dirty player, says a lot about the team. Just like our society, let’s blame the league for not stepping in, when the coaches and teammates allow the behavior

  51. He been doing this and only giving him mediocre fines, NBA player make millions and they act like a 50,000 fine gonna hurt, that's why he keep doing this

  52. Some of y’all must be blind... how was Zaza’s leg tangled? He was standing straight up and then fell for no reason on purpose

  53. Lol at any idiot who doesn't think this clown zaza is dirty and didn't intentionally fall on westbrook's knees with all his weight. Time for a lengthy suspension.

  54. We see it clearly that zaza did intentionally to broke russel legs!😂😂😂
    And now nba commisioner its time to investigate nd to settle ds kind of disrespect act!

  55. Bron must be teaching him the "Art of the Flop"......that wasn't a bad flop for player that didn't touch him.....i see he's excelling in his class

  56. Zaza should get ejected. He is a dirty player. He tries to injure players and does it intentionally. I don't know why he never got ejected.

  57. But Westbrook looked down and clipped Nick's legs so two issues was done on this play and neither was called but Zaza is the only person getting called out here.

  58. How many times Zaza did that to his opponent, the league must do something about it. It was intentional on his part to fall on RUSS' legs

  59. Nick Young's foot behind Zaza's left knee cause him to fall and land on Westbrook. But still he opted to dive on Westbrook's leg. Another dirty play was when he stuck his left foot out the moment he knew Westbrook was about to land. Pretty much the same thing he did with Kawhi.

  60. If you watched it closely, russ landed on zaza’s left leg causing him to lose his balance then you can see nick young’s right foot tangled with zaza’s left knee.

  61. I laugh cause people don't notice Youngs foot caught up behind ZaZas knee. But I mean the Earth is also flat so who knows Right?

  62. im just gonna be angry about what he's doing in nba but when it comes to real life i still respect him cause we all know that no one is perfect.

  63. Westbrook taking down Young like that he has no room to complain. Zaza was dirty but Westbrook could have injured Young too

  64. Even if Zaza falls, his hands are able to support the fall impact. But he chose to land his body on WR lower legs. Well done.

  65. David Dial zaza is a known dirty player for years that fall was extra nd you kno it im waiting for someone to punch zaza in the mouth one day

  66. Well... There's 0.01 of chance his heavy body felt after leaning on his toe but that little tap to Russell's leg is suspicious

  67. Look at his feet, he was tripping before he even started falling forward. Nice try though. See you in the playoffs.