Kylie Jenner's First Photos Since Giving Birth to Stormi

Kylie Jenner's First Photos Since Giving  Birth to Stormi
Image from: TMZ

Kylie Jenner is back ... and better than ever!!!

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  1. Are fanny packs back in? Guess I need to dust off mine

  2. How tf can you not see the post partum diaper pads in those spandex shorts

  3. Is it an american thing to go out less than 2 weeks after birth. My mom wouldn't let me lift a finger after i gave birth she kept me warm by giving me warm bath, make sure i put warm clothes on me even when it was hot. Now days people gave birth on friday ,Saturday morning they are out driving,going back to work,lifting heavy things etc

  4. Watch a million little girls walk around in fanny packs now after this pic 😑

  5. WAIT!!!!! A female pushed a human out of her who-haw & now that female is walking???? What will they think of next??? SMH

  6. It’s called surgery right after these celebs have babies so they can pretend they are just not human and snap back automatically 😂 Please the human body doesn’t work like that ! Looks good though

  7. That's why some a y'all by 30 you have no walls....wear a pad, bleed in peace, rest up, let that coochie heal...6 weeks is a cowboy's lunchtime...just relax and do your Kegels

  8. You can so tell she's being held together by spanx and padding!!

  9. And I’m sure the babysitter is very busy with her!!!

  10. To the young women or women seeing these pics. Don’t feel discouraged that she seems to have miraculously lost most of her weight within a week. TMZ and Paparazzi is on KJ’s payroll. Candid, street pics of them are always chosen by them and photoshopped ahead of time

  11. I had my son at 20 and yes at that age, you bounce back almost immediately! She will be a fantastic mom to her baby who will want for nothing. Good on you Kylie!

  12. It is so funny to me how TMZ thinks anything a Kar Jen does is "unheard of" "omg can you believe it" ....average women DO this every single day. If you don't gain a ton of weight during your pregnancy, "bounce back" can be done. But if you do and take longer, big deal!

  13. I went back to work two weeks after I gave birth with my oldest and was out Christmas shopping a week after my second child ..guess that makes me a bad mom too 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Congrats TMZ. Consecutive days streak of kardashian Jenner post continues. I'm beginning to believe that they own part of TMZ

  15. Shes 20 and rich, first her body will have alot of time to bounce back if she wants, youth and rest are a great help.

  16. Few days under the knife recovery and off she goes

  17. Uhm! The problem is that we are a bunch of sissy's! Lol! Now days they come up with so much stuff you can't do while your pregnant, like cleaning with bleach or being bed bound for 60 days after birth! Come on! In the old days people gave birth in the fields and kept on working immediately after. We've become soft! I was out and about 2 days after, and I felt really good.

  18. Why do they wear those shorts, they look terrible in them, maybe because you should wear a long shirt,if shorts are supper tight. I guess we have to suffer through every step she makes, we have to know about it, like the others.

  19. Pretty ballsy to wear spandex when your nay nay hasn’t had enough time to heal 😳

  20. It's her first baby. It's easy to bounce right back. Especially if she was eating healthy and staying active. I had a flat stomach 3 days after giving birth to my daughter. Just Bc someone bounces back doesn't mean they got something done.

  21. She’s very young so it’s easier to bounce back physically. But it anyone surprised? Doubt she’d make an appearance if she didn’t look good since this is their meal ticket.

  22. Ok am I a punk or what! I was layed up in pain & recovering for a few weeks after birth. Not allowed to walk on stairs or drive. I couldnt even ride in a car without being in pain

  23. She better be prepared when the day comes when the paparazzi and the public move on to some one else.And her money dries up.

  24. I wished they would leave her alone. She hated the limelight, and chose to do a makeup line. She's absolutely nothing like the only sibling who eat, sleeps & breathes being front & centered on social media. With & without clothes. And that would be Kim. 😒

  25. Just like the village bike, everybody’s had a ride on her 🤮

  26. I was back in my jeans a day after I had my daughter.

  27. Already ignoring the baby. Very on brand.

  28. Those of us who don't care: "Who cares?". Kylie fans: "Obviously you do because you commented". 😑

  29. She looks so good!!! It was all belly all 👶 woo woo 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  30. Im sure she needs out time..

    9 mths of carrying a human .....she needs a lil me time!

  31. Her driver was WEAVING through traffic better than the WEAVE she's wearing

  32. She barley had her baby less then two weeks ago 😭😭

  33. Had my second on Sunday went home Monday out shopping on Tuesday/.....

  34. Who cares my girls gave birth and look way better than her & that's without all that $$$

  35. She looks great can’t wait to see stormi

  36. I mean she 19 snap back is easy that young 😏

  37. The Kardashian/Jenner bounce back after giving birth is something else. Unreal.

  38. Ten days in..she's already handed the kid off to a nanny

  39. Superhuman?? Please!! How much did she pay you to write that!! I was in a bikini a month after my 9 lb. 7oz. , 24” son was born!!

  40. Some people snap back quick , don't be jealous ladies !

  41. There she is with her hanger on🙄

  42. Omg I couldn’t even get out of the house for a full month, I was scared to walk 🤣🤣🤣

  43. She is only 20....I’m sure her bounce back game is good

  44. Who's the other woman behind her??

  45. Daniela Rizzo.... she’s on the move