Kim Yo-jong: North Korea's most powerful secret weapon?

Kim Yo-jong: North Korea's most powerful secret weapon?
Image from: BBC News

A Pyongyang PR queen and the master of her brother's image.

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  1. North Korea's leader has called for a "further livening up" of the "warm climate of reconciliation" with the South created by the Winter Olympics.

  2. She is the head of NK's propaganda division! She is the Joseph Goebbles of NK and the BBC, along with many other "news" outlets, are praising her? What the hell is wrong with the world when a pretty face is all that's needed to look past the terrible atrocities committed by the NK government against their own people?

  3. The West is against seeing a unified peaceful Korea, they rather military industries get money.

  4. When I thought the BBC couldn’t possibly get any lower!!! It pains me deeply that I am ‘forced’ to pay for this’s an utter disgrace!

  5. Hail and glory be to the wise and beloved sister of our Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, who is peace and serenity and kindness! She who brings the light into the world will unify both Koreas! And the message of love and peace and harmony our great and beautiful Supreme Leader embodies will be there for everyone to see!
    Hail, hail, hail!

  6. If you’re saying that she is the master of her brother’s image... then she is more dangerous than kim jong un himself...

  7. The West is under un-measurable pressure,they can't envisage a unified Korea because that would mean a big loss to their military industry.The Koreas are steadily realising how the West has for long played them against each other and soon we shall have ONE KOREA,Inshallah.

  8. "My brother runs concentration and labour camps, but I'm smiling so BBC can write inane headlines"

  9. If we ever get into that country, the crimes against humanity will be 10 times higher than all the genocides of the 20th &21st century combined. Hitler murdered 11 million in 14 years. This regime has been in power for 67 years.
    No admiration for anyone of them. How could anyone be deceived by this? Yeah, they may say they want more unity, but they mean under the North Korean System

  10. If she really is the “master of his image” then she’s doing a crap job because he’s coming across as a crazy person.

  11. She should take care not to become more popular than the Great Leader. That usually doesnt work out too well for associatetes, comrades, or relatives of a Despot with insecurity issues.

  12. Pale complexion, cold dead eyes, and sinister smile.....does anyone else see a resemblance to a viper? She’s a bit freaky!

  13. Oh look North Korea are doing the same kind of PR the BBC does for the monarchy. Maybe they can hire you.

  14. why is the media still trying to demonize NK even after their attempts to extend an olive branch to their neighbours and the rest of the world. Respect their sovereignty, allow them to trade and remove economic sanctions so their people dont starve and further resist the west then you will see a change. The old school bullying approach will not work with anyone anymore, every country secretly has weapons to flatten out the other

  15. plot twist: She is not his real sister, just a model they hired for the job. His real sister is somewhere in the camps.

  16. We do not know what is going on in this country. People forget about what is happening to the ordinary people who never get seen by respected news organisations like the BBC. The regeme that runs the North Korea have fear culture and are secretive and control the media that the ordinary people see.

  17. Her brother knows very well ... Trump has a "desparate" need for any woman (the infamous pu**y grabber) ... uses the sister as bait ... 😂😂😂

    Good smart political move ... Pence lost his pants ... 😂😂😂

  18. Unity no way. Those in power will not relinquish it. My take on this is this is one way for nokor to put a wedge on US-sokor ties. Trump's brinkmanship must have spooked nokor who was used to appeasement strategy of previous regime.

  19. I think she's atractive and we use our royals, Diana (God rest her) and now Kate to charm foreign diplomats and to drum up British business.

  20. Ah the BBC gushing with platitudes towards a murderous despotic regime. Meanwhile poor old Donald wants to build a wall and he is showcased as the epitome of evil!!! :D

  21. They did this the last time the Olympics were in South Korea. A week or so later they'll be up to the same old shenanigans. Read your history. This is nothing but propaganda and the stupid, liberal media is eating it up.

  22. Sorry BBC but glorification of the nk regime is an abomination. Maybe you can forget the hellish conditions the north Korean people live in, because of a pretty face, but rational people can't. Too far this time.

  23. Will she be awarded Nobel Peace Prize again only to be a mute spectator on the suffering of her people later on like Aung San Suu Kyi do?

  24. Do not trust her or any official from North Korea. They are trying to lull people into a false sense of security just like the Nazis did.

  25. Only an idiot would buy this stunt...including those in the south Korean government. She's part of the torture and murders.

  26. A dangerous woman. She would have known of the assassination of her half brother. Wonder if she will try to bump her "dear leader" off? Probably not as North Korea might not cope with a female leader.

  27. Lets try for peace and allow North and South Korea hash things out without Pense and Trump drumming for a nuclear war for theit own benefits

  28. Why doesn’t she have a moronic haircut and isn’t fat like her ruthless devious plumper brother ....who had her half brother murdered ....?

  29. What exactly did she do that merits this media attention? Is she promising world peace, or maybe a cure for some disease?

  30. The only power this woman has is being given by the pathetically fawning liberal press, it's disgusting

  31. Huh.. ‘They might send a bomb your way but the real danger is this woman’ Oh for pity’s sake this is Eve revisited!

  32. It’s hard to dehumanize an entire country, when they act civilized in public. Must really piss 45 off.

  33. Clap for your life... :D Oww...wait a second, does she clap before her bro like everyone else in NK does?

  34. Only people talking to each other will heal the wounds in Korea.Such a pity that Mike Pence could not show some courtesy and smile at her, stand up when the host nations team came into the arena,and just behave like the devout Christian he claims to be.

  35. So she's a terrible professional, since his image couldn't be worse.

    I hope he doesn't send her to a comcentration camp for this.

  36. No she is the dishonest msm secret weapon for the kim dynasty!! Not bad for the kim dynasty getting a free ride from the dishonest msm more like they are Kim Jung Un medias??

  37. If I had the OPPORTUNITY to INTERVIEW HER. I would ask HER:

    1] What is YOUR OPINION about the WEST, particularly the U.S. of the A.?

    2] What is YOUR OPINION about DENNIS RODMAN?

    3] Have YOU EVER had a “DARK CHOCOLATE?”


  38. The trouble with corruption and evil is that it is often hidden behind an innocent face

  39. Good to see the leader hasn't killed off all his family

  40. Ivanka trump of North korea?

  41. Kim Jong Un's sister looks like a K-Pop star from the South.

  42. Coming to I’m a celebrity 2018, get me outta here

  43. And complicit in everything her brother - and their appalling regime - does.

  44. The acceptable face of pure evil, nothing more nothing less

  45. The BBC just as CNN have done, have fallen for the North Korea propaganda!

  46. If she defects....I will apologise. If she doesn't, I rest my case....she is Caligula' sister.

  47. The western media, no ideology is good