Japanese Company Claims Experimental Drug Kills Flu Virus in a Single Day

Japanese Company Claims Experimental Drug Kills Flu Virus in a Single Day

1 dose. 24 hours.

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  1. Good luck getting FDA approval, if it works without significant side effects we'll be lucky to have it on shelves by 2050, if there's horrible life threatening side effects, by 2021

  2. Why do most commentators here bother reading a science feed, you guys should stick to www.witchcraft. com

  3. This is incompatible with western medicine. The AMA/CDC/ FDA have a business model and cures don't fit.

  4. Yeah and? Viruses tend to mutate more rapidly than any other pathogen. It probably will develop resistance in a pinch and render the drug useless

  5. This is it, folks. The beginning of the end...of the flu virus. Get that I Am Legend nonsense outta here

  6. Wouldnt this only work for one strain of the virus? Once it mutates it would probably become ineffective.

  7. What a great time to market it! After everyone getting the shit scared out of them by the worst flu season ever! Humm......

  8. No doctors will use it they want to prolong and profit not cure

  9. It has to be in Japan because American Government and pharmaceutical industry is not interested in heal just treatment $$$

  10. Side effects include vommitting, dizzyness, snot bubbles, Anal bleeding, and dying 5 times.

  11. Isn't this how most zombie movies start πŸ€”

  12. Tamiflu doesn't work.this though,if true,is a breakthrough.

  13. Poison,kill the host ,kill the virus ,you mean poison :)

  14. Is it made of exotic endangered slow breeding animals?...

  15. Kills the virus ,how about the patient ? SARS is bad over there or was ...People on the streets with masks...

  16. This doesn't seem possible considering that the flu mutates

  17. I'd give anything for this right now. Its hard to believe this is legitimate.

  18. There goes my annual week off work Dave Ring Jay Barnes

  19. Niamh could this actually work? Baloxavir is an unfortunate name over here...

  20. We all know the Japanese never pad the research Right? πŸ˜‰

  21. Why wait to apply for approval in the US? Guess another reason to travel to Japan.

  22. 6 ground up dolphins, 3 baby blue whales, and 2 pairs of dirty panties

  23. jumping into a vat of molten steel will kill the virus too

    probably not a great idea though

  24. Dp you want a zombie apocalypse?

    Thats how you get a zombie apocalypse.

  25. You will never see it. Cuba cured a form of lung cancer years ago. Yet you can't get it here.

  26. It’s bleach. There, I saved you a click

  27. And then the zombie outbreak happens

  28. I have discovered one that does it within minutes. With this well known inexpensive over the counter drug. However, it has the same effect on the host.

  29. And every major organ in 1 year leading to πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ#zombie

  30. What else does it kill? πŸ€”

  31. Quick someone burn down their lab.

  32. and as a side affect you die

  33. Could do with this right about now πŸ˜°πŸ˜©πŸ€’πŸ€§ Naomi Gruitt Lydia Moss Sophie Jones Dawn Latham Mahoney