JT pays tribute to Prince

JT pays tribute to Prince

JT pays tribute to Prince

Posted by Bleacher Report Feb. 5, 2018, 1:44 a.m.

For The Purple One 🙏

(via Joel Embiid)

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  1. Prince didn't want a hologram and Justin promised his drummer there wouldn't be one.

  2. The only good part of that disaster

  3. Bruno had the best Prince tribute. This was unworthy.

  4. Such a crappy halftime show.

  5. Only Janet Jackson’s nipple could have saved that performance.

  6. "I Would Die 4 U" was a cringe-y song choice

  7. I'd take the Prince piece by itself.

  8. Great game! Couldn't have been closer. Memphis was all over this mug.

  9. Best angle I've seen thanks for sharing

  10. First Michael Jackson, Now Prince... Justin really repping the legends

  11. That was so great. And without the use of a hologram. I think video projection is a-ok. Thank you, JT. Prince was such an important part of my home.

  12. It would have been better if they had Prince himself out there.

  13. Drake drake drake next year stop using washed up performers

  14. Yeah to bad Vikings didn’t try 🤨

  15. Justin Timberlake had a beef with Prince over the words Sexy Back.

    Interesting that he would be the one to honor him

  16. Love this!!! Super cool!! Actually the best part of Justin performance.

  17. The best part of the whole show

  18. This was the best part.

  19. wonder who's sitting behind him and how great that view must be

  20. Jada a view from the inside.

  21. Best part of halftime

  22. Great tribute

  23. That was cool