Industrious Supranauts Uncover JDM Toyota Supra Specifications!

Industrious Supranauts Uncover JDM Toyota Supra Specifications!

The new Toyota USA Supra is coming, and the first specs have leaked!

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  1. Lol. So this person is just guessing it's gonna have a B58 like every other current BMW. Great inside scoop.

  2. So underpowered! Should be making 450+ hp to be a modern Supra!

  3. "The Toyota will be auto only."

    What?!? Why??? No thanks.

  4. Hopefully they set it up to sound good. Not like the dogshit M3/4. Ninja Edit: Lets also take note of the GREAT BMW reliability. Unless Toyota helped develop the motor it's not going to touch the 2JZ reliability. #crankhubSpinner

  5. Did Toyota Said that the name is Supra...? I haven’t see that anywhere...

  6. Sounds like they’re working hard to build a mediocre car.

  7. Smallish front rubber, ho hum 330 HP... it’s now in the who cares category... dull

  8. They just killed the new supra already redo everything please

  9. If it has bmw engine it’s worthless car that will break first day out

  10. Might be the first <$100k car to be a real competitor with the Camaro SS 1LE. Depends on how it handles and not just its straight line speed.

  11. So this is directly related to the new LC900?

  12. it's bold, it's beautiful, I like it!

  13. Ugly squared. Thanks Toyota for ruining my lunch.

  14. Martin Nguyen Anthony Nguyen

  15. Specs don't mean sh*t. If it doesn't look like the FT1, who cares? A fast car that looks about as fun as a tax audit, is a car id rather pass on. If the shape looks anything like the test mules spotted out and about, the car might be a design dud. I'll wait until official photos are out before I comment thumbs up or thumbs down.