In new financial disclosure, Trump reports apparent payment through his personal attorney to adult-film star

In new financial disclosure, Trump reports apparent payment through his personal attorney to adult-film star
Image from: Washington Post

President Trump reported reimbursing his personal attorney for over $100,000 last year — an apparent reference to the money paid to ensure the silence of Stormy Daniels.

Trump said earlier this year that he had not known about the payment.

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  1. I hear the Trumpanzees now define marriage as between one man and one woman, his third wife, and the adult female porn stars he pays to keep silent.

  2. He has to be a genius indeed. No one else can manage to keep his base with such lies and contradictions on daily basis.

  3. It doesn’t matter he’s going to get away with it. His base would not care if he had someone killed. This is our new world. It’s scary

  4. Wait are you telling me Trump lied? No fn way that happened, this man never lies! Fox News tells me that every day so I know this article is fake news!

    God I’m so glad I really don’t believe what I typed above like too high of a % of people here do. Oh well, at least we have dancing with the stars 👍🏾🇺🇸 that’s quality! 😝

  5. Shouldn't that disclosure have been made in 2017 since the payment was in 2016?

  6. Was that $130,000 for an hour of "consultation" with Stormy Daniels or was it for 10 minutes of "consultation" with Stormy Daniels? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂 maybe now trump knows why her first name is Stormy.

  7. OK, now keep the lights and the pressure on our lying so-called president and I bet we will learn a lot more of his corruption and arrogant malfeasance.

  8. I thought financial disclosures contained exact numbers and you also had to disclose the actual documents to back up your claims. Otherwise you can say anything you want and use any figures you want. He’s spewed g BS again trying to get out of fraudulent Campaign Funds.

  9. So, Cohen says he didn't get reimbursed. Trump says he didn't know about the he does. But still there was not affair, it was just to make her go away for spreading rumors? Oh, what a tangled web we weave. There is only one truth.

  10. I didn't know about it until I knew about it but you gotta ask Michael what was the question, I have the best poll numbers ever, ...dribble, twaddle, no collusion. Syphilitic dementia.

  11. 0% interest...

    That means that an amount that would be equivalent to market interest rates for such a loan would be taxable income to Trump, correct?

  12. If you ask this dope if his name is Donald Trump he'll say no and lie about it. Lol please every time he opens his mouth it's a lie but don't tell his supporters that, it'll hurt their feelings.

  13. Lies, LIES, LIEEESSSS, everything from The Dons mouth, lies .... Where is this man's tax returns???? Hold his butt to the fire.

  14. he lied and when he got caught in the lie, he recanted. Sound familiar ??? Clinton ??? grounds for impeachment ??? let's hope so !!! :P

  15. Ignore the trolls. Do not reply to them, do not click on emojis. All that does is feed the beast, and possibly help them earn their spending money.

  16. eventually you and your swamp would be flushed out.....keep are one hell of a incomprehensible pos

  17. This living thing is the only one in the world who lies in order to be able to live, just as the rest of us just breath !!!!!!

  18. But... Trump said he knew nothing about those payment!

  19. and to his white supremacist legions it won’t matter, they will stay on code and deny and deflect to the end....

  20. It's bad when you can't get your own lies straight.

  21. Another lie and instant forgiveness by deplorables.

  22. Donald has 1000s of skeletons in his closet. smh

  23. But he’s still not a liar... right. He’s just keeps conveniently forgetting things.

  24. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂Liberals have no more Russian collusion delusion or obstruction ! All they have now is a porn star/stripper to hang their hopes on, lol !!! Now we know there was no campaign funds used all they have is a tabloid story !!! Just like the story the liberal clowns ran saying he was wire tapped !

  25. "Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies." - John 8:44

  26. Thick as thieves , thick as pea soup.

  27. What? So if you lie on the form you go back and get a mulligan instead of being guilty of perjury?

  28. His base will say, he is a fine Christian man, even Jesus was tortured. 🤣😂😅

  29. It doesn't matter if he reports it or not because the GOP will insure he gets away with it.

  30. Poor Stormy was cheap. Either that or the rest off all that money went to a whole lot of lays.

  31. Caught in another lie/alternate truth.

  32. Cohen and turmp give new meaning to dumb and dumber.

  33. Only guilty people constantly change their story. Donald constantly changes his stories.

  34. Another bone for the haters to chew on WP keeps feeding them these bones to distract from all the success

  35. Hey now,what about you taking out another loan on your house to pay off the porn star>? Liar liar pants on fire.

  36. He lies then he lies about lying.. ad nauseum

  37. of course he made the payment, question was, from what source did the payment come from...

  38. He only admits it once he's been caught

  39. omg im shocked lol
    so many other worse things we could be discussing

  40. According to the disclosure he paid him 250,000 in retainer fees.

  41. Another Hitler in process..this one wants to take down the USA with Russias help and the Russian GOP

  42. Oh..yea..they had to find an answer to there lies

  43. Omg WAPO regurgitating old, stale, insignificant propaganda!

  44. Not such a great business man if he doesn't know where his money is going.

  45. WOW bill clinton make love in the white house WOW

  46. Lying or dementia. Neither is good.

  47. "No. I don't know. Fake news. Gotcha! Sad!"

  48. I'm shocked !!! Our leader has lied? 😱

  49. Don't let the Fake News and Stormy Blow all the good happening in America.Stormy Head lines will not work to take America down.