IQ Scores Are Falling in "Worrying" Reversal of 20th Century Intelligence Boom

IQ Scores Are Falling in "Worrying" Reversal of 20th Century Intelligence Boom
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Are we getting dumber?

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  1. I always knew Idiocracy was really a "before-it-happened' historical documentary, not a sci-fi movie, hehe.

  2. IQ is an oversimplification of human intelligence based on one aspect i.e. Logical & Spatial Intelligence. There are many forms of intelligence (Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Visual, Kinesthetic, Animal etc) out there and one human can have more than one or all of them in varying degrees. Human intelligence should not be measured by Standard IQ test but how much that intelligence is used to benefit humanity.

  3. What do you expect? The average person simply refuses to educate themselves in natural sciences, psychology, philosophy, and other such relevant subjects. Instead, individuals seem to be more bothered about their own feelings, perception and popularity.

    We've switched from progressive egocentrism to regressive egocentrism.

  4. Perhaps the answer is a long way off. Commercial farming. The nutrition levels of commercially grown foods has declined.

  5. Yes, planned stupidity has been around since the Regan years. The dumbing down of the population as a way to control is a fact. Russia re-instated religion for just that purpose. Much easier to control those that believe insane ideas than a well educated public. Carry on insane humans, carry on.

  6. No, our kids are getting more stressed out; try taking a test when anxious. We need to focus more on teaching EQ in the schools... not only will we see happier children and less violence, we'll see intelligence positively affected as well.

  7. IQ tests aren't always the best measure of intelligence because intelligence is a complex and ever evolving concept. As the article hints, intelligence isn't in decline, it's changing. Most likely because the ways we learn and interact with our environments is changing. So it's not the kids, it's the tests.

  8. My guess is that IQ didnt change much at all. Rather we used to buffer it in a range of ways that a lower percentage are part of now. My wife is a teacher, while you still have plenty of top level and average kids who try you have a much higher percentage who dont care then when we were kids in the 80s-90s. At least that is our experience in our area anyway.

  9. We never were smarter we just appeared smarter because we had brains like Stephen Hawking around the place. We became dumber when he left this plant for a smarter place.

  10. I wish i could friend most of you guys that are commenting on this thread.

    You guys might just be the last few common sensed, intelligent logic inclined folks that have untelligence building habits ( autodidacticism, curiosity, penchant to read widely and deeply), without falling into extremisms, biases and over-specialisms.

    Please keep it up.
    The future of humanity rests on your shoulders.

  11. Well, when we allow computers to do our work for us, our brains are gonna get lazy. I've been at a cashier and the young lady working the till couldn't even figure out the change. And the machine did the work! Honestly, money is the easiest thing to count .. I don't get it.

  12. That's what elites and government wants. Citizens who are not intelligent enough to understand and see what's going on ! Knowledge is POWER ! The last thing our government wants is educated critical thinkers! That goes against their agenda to control everything !

  13. Administrators are dumbing down educated and instead choose that kids learn to pass tests instead of learn.

  14. Brain development is changing. People are evolving differently due to electronics and the demand for "now" info. Decreased imaginative brain use.

  15. When the internet can tell kids everything rarher than making do actual research, what can people expect? They've stopped using textbooks in schools too

  16. Yes! and it's alarming! We, as humans are supposed to be evolving, especially with how the environment is harmfully changing.

  17. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the majority of humans don't ever take an iq test unless they are testing for the identification of some sort of deficit.

  18. Considering we still apparently uphold IQ tests as the gold standard of if someone is "dumb", probably.


  20. The oldest and best method of learning is listening. People today are too angry or don't have the time/patience anymore.

  21. Doesn't take a genius to figure out 24/7 access to technology that does all your thinking for you, is what caused it.

  22. There's also the possibility that humans are evolving away from the particular patterns that the IQ tests rely on.

  23. It's no big surprise Republicans have been attacking education system all my life.

  24. No just we have to many liberals thinking they know everything sharing their opinions and not facts.

  25. IQ is a load of crap. I've score 125 and 185 at uni different tests. Different times. Half asleep 125s wide awake 180s. Does it help no. What helps is always asking why.

  26. "Are we getting dumber?" Definitely. People even claim for fact checking agencies to decide what's fake news for them. Totally sheep world population .

  27. The article states: "...changes in lifestyle could be what's behind these lower IQs, perhaps due to the way children are educated, the way they're brought up, and the things they spend time doing more and less."

    I saw this on my feed this morning and it totally makes sense after reading this article.

  28. IQ is not an accurate measure of intelligence...

  29. Nothing to do with overmedicated society?!

  30. let me think when i was working in one of the big four`s customer resturant they employed students to do part time ok i am cool with it but they hate the dirty jobs and one student who is suppossed to me real intlligent did not know how to use a MOPE AND BUCKET.

  31. Intelligence is a constant.
    The population is increasing.

  32. The study was as to Norwegians and British teens not anyone else

  33. "It looks like there is something screwy among British teenagers" ahh.. science.

  34. We clearly need to lace the water with Rick & Morty to boost intelligence.

  35. Are we surprised with things like love island on the TV?

  36. Welcome to world where everything is automated and made easy for you, goodbye mental effort.

  37. I thought we were getting smarter. Looks like only smartphones are evolving.

  38. Yanis Bn Et ben, de plus en plus de gens et de plus en plus de cons, le futur s'annonce radieux

  39. Really not a big surprise. Just read the posts people make on fb if you have any doubt!

  40. Seems like it when you try and and disagree with something online and all you get is personal attacks rather than counter arguments


  42. Yes. Attention spans probably getting shorter too.

  43. It depends on what we define as 'we' as. If define and think 'we' as US and only US and believe all good should happen only in US, then, yes 'we' have become dumber. Look east and other developing countries. You will find many intelligent people.

  44. Why bother to think when there's Siri?

  45. "I love the poorly educated."
    - d. trump

  46. Getting? Have we seen this country's President?

  47. Yes people are getting dumber and lack critical thinking skills.

  48. I don't know about "we", but the masses are definitely going downhill...

  49. Yh too many kids with their faces stuck in their fones.

  50. In this political climate, they need it to be the dumber the better.

  51. When ego and emotion come first - learning takes a back seat.

  52. "Never let school get in the way of your education."
    ~Mark Twain

  53. Just to point out the obvious IQ tests being nonsense is in pop culture. It even got a nice little bit on a cable TV show. That is cool enough to officially upload most of their content to Youtube.

  54. So im not the only one seeing this?

  55. We’ve learned too much and it’s affected our bliss.

  56. Could it be that the measurement is flawed!

  57. Technically, who were taking IQ tests at that time?

  58. The only mannor in which the GOP top down theory works on.

  59. Maybe we are just better at testing than before.

  60. It’s not that we’re getting dumber, it’s that education is getting dumber

  61. Well yeah...have you seen who's running America lately?

  62. Automation is killing off our imagination very slowly I think.

  63. Have you see the drivers on the roads lately

  64. You don't have to learn anything anymore. You just Google what you don't know. No effort.

  65. I believe this is known as the "Keeping it real" phenomenon...

  66. Wasn't that evident already when the Tide Pod Challenge blessed this planet?

  67. Lead is turning up everywhere... Certainly a factor historically in cities.