IGN News -Dragon Ball FighterZ: PC Player Base Drops By 80%

IGN News -Dragon Ball FighterZ: PC Player Base Drops By 80%

IGN News -Dragon Ball FighterZ: PC Player Base Drops By 80%

Posted by IGN Feb. 13, 2018, 4:51 p.m.

Dragon Ball FighterZ loses players at a faster rate than Tekken 7.

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  1. Who plays fighting games on PC in the first place?

  2. Fighting games are dead, as no one sits down and plays with someone next to them anymore. No winner stays on etc, all the excitement of these games playing with ur mates or bro's doesn't exhist any more.

  3. I blame all the no-life nerds who were super good at launch. I think they discouraged new players who were getting their ass handed to them smh.

    I don’t understand how some people were super good so fast, even during the open beta!

  4. That 80% were the people who played xenoverse and thought they were going to be just as good in this game as they were in the no skill not a real fighting game they call good.

  5. 59 bucks is not worth it for a fighting game. Even though I love DBZ. Fighting games should be worth 40 honestly.. compared to a open world adventure game..

  6. Another side scrolling fighter game lost its fanbase quickly?? I’m so freaking shocked! Maybe it’s because they are all the same game.

  7. This isn't so surprising, it was predicted long before the game ever released. DBZ commands a huge fanbase, people who grew up with the anime, who read the manga and who played the games on PS2 (primarily). As it stands, Fighterz does not have that much content, well not enough to keep the average fan committed. The only people remaining will be members of the FGC.

  8. DBZ has a large fanbase, including many casual players. People forget that it's a fighting game and go in with high expectations and expect massive amounts of content. Not to mention, fighters are a unforgiving environment sometimes so they play it, then stop promptly, usually from frustration or lack of commitment.

  9. DBFZ Has no punishment for rage quiters, they can quit ANYTIME and won't be punished at all, forcing the "winning side" to lose time and get no amount of points on ranked matches, the game has one of the worst noob comunity I saw recently...The game is great, but need some fixes here and there, on gameplay mechanics and specially on online quitting players :/

  10. I think this is solely because it looked flashy, but once you are done you feel like you were not doing anything. They need to go back to Budokai 3 style fighting (before they went 3D) where there was a real fast paced fight.

    Beam struggles
    Teleport counters
    Mid battle transformations
    Customizable move sets
    Large charecter rosters
    And a more responsive fighter feel.

  11. Don’t be fooled: Dragon Ball Fighterz is incredible and one of the best fighting games ever made. It’s just that Monster Hunter came out the same time and that game requires a lot more time given that it is an rpg. That being said, DBF will remain a popular game for a long time going forward.

  12. Becausw it has the worst charecter line up in db history and simple combos that require NO real thought to pull off. The only redeeming aspect of the game is graphics.

  13. The servers suck, the game is relatively easy which is a good thing since its meant to be an entry level fg. Its alot of fun! Anyone who loves dbz should get it, but damn those servers are trash and so is the social platform they based the multiplayer off of 😕

  14. This game is awesome, i just think there's an initial spike with fighting games to learn the system, & then a regression because they can only hold attention spans for so long.

    I'm a huge fan of fighting games too.

    I think they needed to add more fighters, & i mean whales. Reality is you need an overabundance of characters to hold interest because the main fun is in learning to whup ass with each fighter.

    Need to add Jiren, Toppo, Ribrianne (cuz why not), Cappa, Caulifla, Kale, Kefla (fusion), Zamasu (by himself), Supreme Kai, Dyspo, Android 17, Whis, & could probably stand to add Debura.

    On top of them, they could add Goku (Ultra Instinct), Vigito, & Vegeta's new form.

    Also...i think they should add a mode for characters who transform where when yhat character depletes their energy, they transform to their next stage rather than simply fall out. The new imbalance will make fights more interesting in the middle.

    One last tiny critique....they should do more environment interactions........it makes DBZ fights more exciting when someone gets smashed through a building or a mountain.

  15. You're talking about a series in Dragon Ball that has a massive fan base. The vast majority of those people are not fighting game players. It's not surprising to see what most likely amounted to a massive casual audience drop off quickly, leaving only the actual fighting game community behind.

  16. Not enough variation of moves. All players have the same moves, and same buttons to perform them. If you know one player you pretty much know all of them. They made it too simple

  17. it was fun, and it looks absolutely 100% gorgeous...but I've always felt most fighting games (including this one) are too 'stiff.' Budokai 3 had much more fluid controls, from what I remember, and is like the only fighting game I ever liked of that genre (other than Smash Bros)

  18. Fighting games always lose player count quickly. More people bought DBFighterz because of the main stream popularity of the show. Once those casuals get matchmade with people who play fighting games almost exclusively, they usually give up on the online aspect and soon after quit the game entirely.

  19. This game is far superior on console if only because of the bigger population. Fighting games never do well on PC and offer no true performance advantage like other games might.

  20. I stopped paying full price for fighting games. I become a exigent customer whit games at my 35 years. I'm looking for good retail value and replay in terms of Inversion.

  21. I love the game but there should have been at least 10 more characters and 5 more arenas, if you look at the naruto games as example there is more than double the content. They pulled an EA on us 😂

  22. All I see in the comments are salty haters and people that most likely don't own the game.. I'm loving Fighterz. I play on Xbox one X and the community seems to be thriving on Xbox. Sure, the player base has dropped off some but that's to he expected. I'm taking my wins and losses and loving every minute of it! You babies need to buck up or quit bashing the game because it's good and you're not lol

  23. Maybe because there's a ton of rage quitters in the game. You can't finish a match without the other person dropping out when they're losing. No penalty for these people so they keep doing it. No reason for me to play if I can't finish a match and get my wins and points. It's ridiculous.

  24. I dont like how you have to get onto a server to just train or play the story. Like i dont understand why, if somone could explain that to me that would be great lol. Also how come i can never get the arena match thing to work?

  25. "Fighting games are dead"
    Because EVO isn't a thing and Smash doesn't exist haha
    Its gonna be similar to Rainbow Six Siege.
    The initial player base was hype, then it'll thin out, get DLC, and numbers will climb.

  26. My only problem is i can’t find an online match. I’ve tried multiple times with no luck. I’m not trying to spend 5-10 minutes trying to find a match.

  27. Just weeding out most of the casual fan base, it's still a hugely popular game based on the fact that DBFZ got voted as the most wanted game to be played at EVO this year.

  28. I mean they did decide to release the same day as MHW.. I have both of them and have played monster hunter wayyyyyy more.

  29. JUST like i predicted,the game was soo overhyped and the game is overrated,plus 24 character at the launch in comparison with previous titles makes ppl get bored easly
    « Lol game of the year-better than budokai tekaichi 3 »

  30. Yup, it gets old pretty quick. Plus yeah, another Z based game instead of moving on to Dragon ball Super based game with Z cameos instead of the other way around. advise buy it on sale.

  31. This game is really not easy if you choose hard mode. Easy to learn. Hard to master. I tried to find match online. Didn’t work. Couldn’t find a single match. They should fix the servers.

  32. I knew it. And everutime I tried to say something I got spammed with "but we finally got a competitive dbz " hahaha. Xenoverse way better as a fan.

  33. Overly simple combos, and fighting games usually knock out the casuals pretty quick. So all the fans of dbz but not fighters are washing out probably.

  34. It's a solid game, just needs a handful of more characters and some extra modes would be nice. Story mode and arcade mode get old quickly, arcade mode especially considering that the AI blatantly cheats in later stages.

  35. Monster Hunter came out. New games are coming out. People can't play around the clock. It's easy to get burnt out on games like that.

  36. The game is super fun and visually pleasing, but you hit the ceiling far too quickly... Not much to look forward to in terms of skill or technicality

  37. Lol! Thoughtit would explain why in the video.. I was wrong. Just says it lost 80% of its players base. Saved you a click.

  38. It's probably the "git gud" or wannabe "pro gamers" that made so many people leave it. Plus the game feels like a step backwards.

  39. Thats because the learning curve they did in this game can easily become a first come first served basis. I havent played a fighting game like this since the launch of MvC3 and I was owning, they allow you to combo by just mashing 1 button, but more skilled players apply just a little more to it. I played a couple of casual games then went to ranked on the same day, hate to say its as fun as MvC but no where near as hard. Other than that, I can see the character roster being a problem, with the new series, Dragon Ball Super, they shouldve definitely added new characters.

  40. PC numbers don't really matter with fighting games. They're more console based and most people play locally, not online

  41. The servers are horrible, I shouldn’t have to wait 15 minuets for a ranked match! And even the ringside matches don’t work.

  42. Let me guess, 2D fighters aren't what they used to be, and those pretty dress up 3D cut scenes get old real quick after the 50th time seeing them....

  43. How u gonna enjoy a game in the long run with 24 characters and hardly any new ones in it and u gotta buy the rest later like really.