Howard Beck’s NBA Spotlight: Who Could End The Dub Dynasty in 2019?

Howard Beck’s NBA Spotlight: Who Could End The Dub Dynasty in 2019?

Howard Beck’s NBA Spotlight: Who Could End The Dub Dynasty in 2019?

Posted by Bleacher Report June 13, 2018, 4:14 p.m.

Who could rise to the occasion and take down Dub Dynasty in 2019

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  1. remember on how the bad boys dismantled the lakers dynasty with shaq kobe malone and payton.. it's only a matter of time before we get to see another bad boys team that can dismantled the gsw dynasty

  2. You see the alley oop dunk from lebron to himself. That was after he supposedly messed up his hand on the chalkboard.

  3. George coming to Cle and they are trading their highest salary players, T.T. Love and JR at a minimum.....and giving Lebron whatever else he asks for in revamping the Cavs and any other incentives as part of a contract.... finally getting at least some decent help when they get to the finals again..... :)

  4. The rockets had them in six. Injury bug bit them. Spurs would have taken them the year before if not for a foot slide. So they aren't invincible.

  5. Number 1.. cavs werent getting blown out. They lost close games.. second, if cp3 wasn’t injured after they went up 3-2 we would have had a rockets vs cavs finals.. so warriors will not win another chip affer this year

  6. If they can get Lebron, Boston has by far the best chance of taking down the dubs for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, nobody.

  7. should the warriors make the finals for a 5th straight year, pretty sure they are gonna play Boston. no matter which free agents go where. next year is already set.

  8. Don't let this distract you from the fact that if it wasn't for Upton Sinclair you'd all be eating rat sandwiches.

  9. Not #Lechoke he needs to retire already, he’s a punching bag with 3-6 holes on it.

  10. San Antonio if Lebron goes there

  11. Rockets easy! GWS are not the best, they are the luckiest! Period

  12. Houston if Cris Paul got no hamstrings

  13. LeBron + Kawhi, LeBron + George or The Rockets.

  14. Massive bay area diarrhea could help.

  15. Back foot touched he floor should have been a travel

  16. Yes becuz dey culd played better in dese finals dey have been beatin before

  17. Lebron and Paul George to Houston puts the Rockets over

  18. Only themselves..or the Vikings. They hurt people on purpose in order to win.

  19. Lebron and CP3 to Boston. Trade Kyrie and Haywood.

  20. Lebron + Davis + Referee + Referee + bag of cheetos. Coached by Tony Stark

  21. Only Houston! So if I was LeBron that's where I'd go

  22. LeBron and the Rockets. U can't count on CP3's fitness in the playoffs

  23. The 92' USA Olympic Men's Basketball Team

  24. Nope. Warriors will keep winning while fans turning off their TVs.

  25. Nola if ever leonard goes there

  26. Well the Jazz did go 3-1 against them and beat them by 30 and 40. They’re kinda built to beat them.

    Count on it. 💯💯💯

  28. To takedown?? Easy... The REF's 😂👌

  29. Lakers!! If we get a superstar...

  30. A healthy Celtics team or a Sixers team with another big piece NOT named LeBron.

  31. Dubnation nothing take down dynasty

  32. They will win 3 peat next year and 4th title in 5 years and this time Steph Curry will be the FMVP

  33. Like this if KD is a snake 🐍🐍🐍