Horner hopes Verstappen’s luck is about to change

Horner hopes Verstappen’s luck is about to change
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"Hopefully his luck is about to change. It was a fantastic performance from him all weekend"

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  1. Been a kimo fan since he joined f1, apart from kimi only alonso impressed me.
    Now kimi is about to retire and after him the only driver who i see pushing for win is Max.

    The so called champions are cry babies who can only perform in the best cars, and still you see them crying.

    Max will learn and be on the front soon. Go Max!

  2. Luck has had nothing to do with his season so far. Hopefully without his entourage in future he will finish races and drive as good as he can. Go Max

  3. So when not crashing Max is the most boring driver of the grid. He did not take any places ahead and just follow the train of the leaders.

  4. Lets hope he manages to keep up this "luck" going forward. He is a pleasure to watch when he doesn't throw his car at the wall or other people's cars! He drove very well in Canada, he drove quickly in the other 6 races, but not well!

  5. He’ll be fine, the boy has some serious skills and will probably win a couple of races this year.

    All these haters are going to have such a bad time when Max is at his top and wins multiple WDCs. Kind of like they have with Hamilton right now.

  6. Obviously lucky is about to change, this was just a race... The next race, luck will end and he will just stamp his car on the wall.

  7. Canada was boring, lets start racing again! Enough drivers on the grid that just do their laps.. I’d rather see you racing and crashing sometimes then doing laps in boring races. I agree that max is only resposible for 2 crashes, the rest is because the other “racers” don’t expect someone to really race.

  8. If he suddenly hits a streak he’ll be a hero if he goes on crashing he’ll be a zero. That the fun of watching F1. Let’s see. This is the game.

  9. "Luck"?

    Gee, I seemed to have driven into something and damaged this multi- million dollar race car . . . again.

    Oh, unlucky me :-P

  10. Joel Ettridge Luke Jordon Francis hoping his luck will change that people know to move or be crushed

  11. It's not luck that has to change. It's just his crashing skills. He is actually lucky when he doesn't crash.

  12. When he doenst dive suicidal and remain focused we clearly see how average he is so...

  13. Oh I'm sure hell smash into someone again eventually.

  14. its a coincidence he has a good weekend when he doesnt travel with his parents......

  15. I used to rip the kid but now some comments made lately and that head butt comment where he looked like the human being Max verstappen and showed humility and maturity. I expect him to only improve and honestly with all the changes and the battling of billionaire egos I don’t care any more about this driver or that driver I JUST WANT TOO WATCH EXCITING RACING period that’s it and root for any British driver

  16. Keeping your car on track and not hitting anyone hasn't anything to do with luck!

  17. Look at what he accomplished last season when things finally went his way. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  18. Lets hope his luck changes. Would love to see him world champion in the future x

  19. Comparing Max (20) with a much older Daniel Ricciardo (28) only proves what a great and talented driver he is. Max has only done 67 races while Daniel has done more than double 136 races. Daniel has 7 years of experience Max only 3 years! Small minds can't comprehend big spirits like Max, he will be hated and be mocked!

  20. The only driver that gives a race the excitement it needs.

  21. I'm Sure that ... Christian Horner has shown him his Damages Bill ... &.. he's Finally got the Message... :P

  22. Horner should get ready with a begging bowl in 2019

  23. I was disappointed with him he didn't crash in Canada.

  24. Luck has nothing to do with being an idiot

  25. Well we wouldn't want him headbutting anyone would we

  26. Nice keep it that way like on Sunday 10 June

  27. Just luck he did not take out Bottas in 1 lap.

  28. Drivers, take this as a warning! He will crash you!

  29. Ich bin jetzt kein Fän von Max 🤔Aber ich Glaube er kommt jetzt so Richtig in Schwung 👍👍👍Max oder Ricardo machen Mercedes und Ferrari jetzt so Richtig Warm👍👍

  30. So, if he was lucky not to crash in Canada it means Horner hopes him to crash again in the next races?

  31. Luck? I thought he drove by skill.

  32. Idk... Once a Crashstappen... Always a Crashstappen...

  33. Keep Jos verstappen away from max.

  34. FFS. Give me a break with all this verstappen is talented crap. FU F1

  35. One mature drive does not a winner make! All too likely he will revert to the spoiled brat stage.

  36. Instead of crashing into Ferraris he should try taking out some Mercedes for a change.

  37. If they rely on luck... then it will keep going badly. There is a problem and it is too easy to blame bad luck. If they keep doing the same thing how can they expect to have a different result? Luck can help a couple of times. But there are 21 races, they will need a hell of a lot of luck.

  38. To All you keyboard warriors 🖕🖕🖕.
    what have you accomplished, apart from burning down F1 drivers ??

  39. Max doesn’t need luck.
    He needs a Mercedes.
    Max you are fast and crazy!
    Keep it up boy!
    Senna was crazy as well!
    You won’t die, don’t worry.
    Cars are safer now!