Highly processed foods may raise cancer risk, study finds

Highly processed foods may raise cancer risk, study finds

A new study is giving people another reason to eat fresh food.

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  1. What about The chemtrails The gouverment throw out of planes every day filled whit poisson. Take a hike whit this and that is not good en get yourself a real job. Sick of it

  2. Let me guess. The government probably spent millions on the research and anyone who took health class in school could have came up with the same educated guess.

  3. Really? How many millions were spent on this study to tell us what we already know.

  4. 100 percent of people who get cancer drink water. 100 PERCENT! What is big water trying to hide? Follow the money!

  5. Hold up...aren't these the foods that are (supposedly) going into Harvest Boxes for EBT families? Hmmm.

  6. Shocker. And in other news the sky is blue

  7. Then it should be more affordable.

  8. Everything causes cancer today. Even breathing

  9. French fries are potatoes. No need to hate the French fry.

  10. This device I'm holding causes cancer. Everything nowadays causes cancer. 🙄

  11. What doesn't cause cancer?? fuckng no escapeing cance here.

  12. I'm sure we paid for this study too!

  13. Everything in the world is either a potato or not a potato

  14. We have been told this 2,139 times in the last fifty years. Make that 2,140

  15. This just in: All people who live die.

  16. Is this a new study? cuz I'm sure lots of people have already knew this.

  17. This garbage reporting is why people think they can’t trust science.

  18. Lol Duh! We don't need a study to tell us this!

  19. Well, duh. Artificially flavored chemical fillers can do that do you. Lol.

  20. Geez.... Breathing causes cancer!!! Stop friggin crying about everything!!

  21. only live once. eat drink be merry

  22. Right.another unamed,fake,study.