Hendrick Motorsports announces two-year sponsorship extension for Chase Elliott

Hendrick Motorsports announces two-year sponsorship extension for Chase Elliott
Image from: NASCAR

Chase Elliott will sport a familiar look for Hendrick Motorsports through 2020.

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  1. Can someone tell me why you get an extension but have 0 wins? Everyone in this comment section has 0 wins in NASCAR just like chase be we aren’t getting paid millions to do it either!

  2. Sponsor leaves the sport due to their team cheating...comes back to the organization that has been caught cheating the most....

  3. 2 is long enough and hopefully he does not be another Hendrick bust like Vickers or Mears. Judging how he ran in the Clash before the crash and later in 2017, he looks like a front runner.

  4. It is so nice to see you out there Chase I washed your daddy for years way to go keep it up young man you're going places totally awesome to see the number 9 again on the right car

  5. Let's get that number nine upfront brother

  6. The 9 car paint scheme looks pretty dope though too. Glad the 24 got her flames back as well. The one thing i hate about this year though is the 5 man pit stops. I dont understand why that was implemented. I just had 3 shots of espresso. I am all over the place

  7. Chase is the right man and glad he is in the NO . 9 CAR WE LOVE HIM AND

  8. Still wish he was in a Ford like his Dad.

  9. Awesome, love seeing Chase with NAPAs sponsorship...and love seeing a NAPA Chevy on the track

  10. Crybaby chase gets a contract extension, maybe Hendrick is getting desperate🤔.

  11. Now if he only shaved and dyed his hair red 😉

  12. What happen you didn’t get the pole this year that’s what you get from going from 24 to 9

  13. Very cool congrats but fix the paint scheme!!

  14. only two years, should be at least 5

  15. It's your year Chase let's go buddy

  16. Hell Yeah! Get em Big Chase! Team 9!

  17. Same old look not special at all

  18. And won’t be around passed 2020

  19. Team 9!! Let’s do this!!!!

  20. Tanner Ross-Barco Brian Fitzgerald

  21. David Woloszyn Joseph Bilson Kevin DiMeo