Harvey Weinstein & TWC Sued by N.Y. Attorney General for Civil Rights Violations

Harvey Weinstein & TWC Sued by N.Y. Attorney General for Civil Rights Violations
Image from: TMZ

Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company have been sued by the New York Attorney General for alleged civil rights violations.

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  1. How about my right not to see his ugly face across my news feed every freaking day...Give it a rest already TMZ

  2. Maybe if he had bread Oprah would have came to him.

  3. He touched everybody but Oprah

  4. This guy is the ultimate creep.

  5. No way! Weinstein is a equal opportunity molester!

  6. So it's just a way for a liberal state to make money off something going on??

  7. 2018 is a bad year for Old Harvey lol

  8. Weinstein is an evil monster disguised by his ugly bloated self 😡 Castration is what he should get 👍🏻

  9. Just break Bread with’em and they’ll get quiet.

  10. The man Is down but no signs of the kicks stopping.lol

  11. This is like the Nancy Grace show guilty till proven innocent.

  12. They ALWAYS look like this.... creepy.

  13. This could all have been prevented! Thank you New York attorney General

  14. Statute of limitations tho for some crimes that shouldn’t exist but charge him or shut up

  15. If females were being sexually abused by Weinstein then why did they continue working for him ? One time , of sexual abuse or harassment and I wouldn't have went back to work for him. Women are sexually harassed everyday 365 days by men . All women have a #MeToo story to tell. I believe after so many years you have remained quite about the abuse , it should have statues limitations. No matter what your reasons are , scared , lose your job, whatever. These allegations destroy lives .
    Yes, Weinstein is a disgusting creep but I still think statues of limitations should be on this DISGUSTING sexual abuse.

  16. So he's a sexual predator and a racist, typical rich white male.

  17. Ugly AF.. no wonder he had to con, rape, and steal puss...