Happy Daytona Day!

Happy Daytona Day!

Happy Daytona Day!

Posted by FOX Sports Feb. 18, 2018, 2:32 p.m.

Hey ... guess what ... IT'S #DAYTONADAY!

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  1. Hey!!!...Guess What????? I couldn't CARE LESS!!!!!!!

  2. Get rid of the standings bar on the side of the screen. It takes up almost 20% of the screen. Put it back on the top where it belongs !

  3. Segment racing ? Ugh..... no thanks , I'll pass

  4. Quit watching it! I also could care less!

  5. Anyone else think the data block down the left side of screen is very distracting?

  6. Why isn’t the Fox Sports Go app available in Canada? I’d spend my money if I could but it seems Fox doesn’t want it.

  7. Would be awesome to see Chase win his first race, with his Dad's #9 and at Daytona.

  8. Hey Guess What Thanks for the Reminder Can't Wait

  9. Remember when the Daytona 500 was a fun race to watch?

  10. Sean Reynolds, you watching this today?

  11. Is anyone else having problems setting up the fox NASCAR fantasy teams

  12. Hey gust what is long I June bug

  13. i watched some of the preliminary yesterday, twin 125's for qualifying