Gun owner Mark Robinson

Gun owner Mark Robinson

Gun owner Mark Robinson

Posted by Fox News April 5, 2018, 4:16 p.m.

"When are you all gonna start standing up for the majority? ... I'm the majority! I'm a law-abiding citizen who's never shot anybody. It seems every time we have one of these shootings, nobody wants to put the blame where it goes, which is at the shooter's feet. You want to put it at my feet! It doesn't make any sense." – Gun owner Mark Robinson

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  1. Have you noticed that all these shootings are people who are on the left, illegals or terrorist? I don't see any NRA members or people who support the NRA doing any of the shootings... seems the hater's and people who are snowflakes don't know how to handle getting feelings hurt due to always being told to run to safe space.. they snap and shoot. That is how they handle things and that is what is wrong with all the shootings.

  2. Time to buy this guy a drink and give him a round of applause.

  3. Looking at the comments below...No comments from the Liberal peanut gallery? Cat have your tongues? or is this the paid trolls day off? lol

  4. This guy gets it. Which means he will never be seen on CNN or MSNBC.

  5. It’s not a gun problem is a society problem it’s a moral problem it’s the evil problem ask London they have the strictest gun laws and now they have the most killings with knives.

  6. Allow me to correct two false assumptions: 1) Gun owners are NOT the majority. 2) No one is putting anything at your feet. That said, there is no reason we cannot regulate gun sales and ownership, and license gun owners, exactly the same way we regulate car sales and ownership and license drivers.

  7. Thank you, sir! Society places the blame at the feet of the innocent American, when in fact, it is the person who commits the evil and illegal act.

    This guy needs to run for office!

  8. Mr. Robinson needs to be a guest on All the Fox News Programs, he speaks for the Majority of Americans.

  9. This is what exactly we need- someone who sees not the things that divide us, but the things that unite us! He’s correct in identifying those of us who are law abiding citizens of this great land as the Majority - and it’s time our voices were heard and heeded! Stop punishing the Majority, and start condemning the true criminals: those that misuse the freedoms we are granted by our constitution. 🇺🇸

  10. This is by far the best speech from a citizen that I have ever heard in my life. This man truely speaks for the American people

  11. We all know this isn't about "safety" , this is simply politics for the democrats.
    As an immigrant, and a law abiding gun owner i say, DO NOT give an inch
    To these people, because it will never be enough for them.

  12. Newsflash! Most mass shooters were considered "law abiding citizens" too, at least up until they started slaughtering innocent people. So, with that said "law abiding citizens" are the murderers in these types of cases. Your argument has now been sent to the dustbin of history. Nice try though.

  13. I love this guy that was very well said. We law abiding citizens need to stand together on this very important issue it’s not just about guns people it’s about our constitutional rights

  14. this guy is the hero we need and deserve....

  15. Drug overdose, blame the addic, fatal DWI, blame the drunk, bank robbery, blame the bank robber. Mass shooter, blames all gun owners and the NRA. See what is wrong here.

  16. The terminology used at the outset of a political debate informs everything that follows. If we allow deliberately inaccurate terminology to go unchecked, we start the game at a significant disadvantage.

    The gun control debate has been hijacked by progressive terminology more than any other political debate, save abortion. Anti-gun activists have relied heavily on fear-based language to persuade Americans that guns are inherently bad, and that the only solution to the problems we face is further gun control.

    In my personal experience, the one word that has been most frequently used by progressives in order to manipulate perception regarding guns is “assault.”

    Watch media coverage of any mass-shooting and you will hear the phrase “assault weapon” repeated over and over again. But what does “assault weapon” really mean? As it turns out, it means nothing. It's a made-up term used to incite fear in people who are unfamiliar with firearms.

    The modern origin of the term "assault weapon" is somewhat muddy. There are some who believe it dates back to a 1980 New York Times piece, and others who believe it was created by gun manufacturers and sellers in the 1980's as a way to drum up business. Reason has a solid piece on that debate, which you can read here. However, this article is meant to speak to the idea of progressives using this nonsense term in the modern era as a way to manipulate civilian perception on guns like the AR-15.

    During a recent debate between myself and an acquaintance on the topic of guns, my acquaintance claimed the “AR” in AR-15 stood for “assault rifle.” In reality, AR stands for “ArmaLite rifle.” According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), ArmaLite was “the company that developed [the AR-15] in the 1950s.”

    “Assault rifle” as opposed to “assault weapon” is an actual term. David Kopel defines the term in the Journal of Contemporary Law:

    As the United States Defense Department’s Defense Intelligence Agency book Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide explains, “assault rifles” are “short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges.” In other words, assault rifles are battlefield rifles which can fire automatically. …

    Many civilians have purchased semiautomatic-only rifles that look like military assault rifles. These civilian rifles are, unlike actual assault rifles, incapable of automatic fire.

    Because a civilian-use AR-15 is semi-automatic rather than fully-automatic, it's not an assault rifle. A semi-automatic weapon fires one bullet per trigger pull, whereas a military assault rifle can fire continuously with one pull of the trigger.

    Fully-automatic firearms have been heavily regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) since 1934, and the sale of automatic firearms has been effectively banned since 1986.

    If an AR-15 isn't a military-grade assault rifle, why do politicians and people in the media continue to refer to them as “assault weapons"? Simply put, it sounds scarier, and fear is an outstanding motivator, especially when one is ill-informed on the topic at hand.

    If we apply the same standard to handguns that Democratic politicians and the media apply to AR-15s, we would call them “assault weapons” as well. So why don't we? Why don't we call the guns used in the majority of gun crimes “assault weapons"? Because manipulation through language is not always easily achievable.

    While AR-15s can undergo cosmetic changes that make them appear more militaristic and frightening, handguns are largely static in terms of their appearance. Because of this, politicians and media figures can easily get away with calling cosmetically (but not materially) altered AR-15s “assault weapons,” but they cannot do the same with handguns. Were they to attempt such a change in terminology, it likely wouldn't stick, and might even lead Americans to scrutinize the term “assault weapon” as applied to AR-15s. They would rather not take that risk.

    All of this is to say that a simple word or phrase can alter the way in which we perceive an object or a situation. The Democrats have used this to their advantage in the gun control debate by using the term “assault weapon" as frequently as possible – but it means nothing.

  17. How about going into the gang area and take their guns. They are the ones that should not have any guns. Not, law abiding citizens.

  18. Amen.... When will they put us the law abiding citizens first. We don’t kill, we pay our taxes, we get up and go to work everyday. We are the majority, and stand together with you Mr. Robinson...

  19. Shouldn't we be placing the blame at the reason the shooter is shooting instead of at guns that sit still until someone picks it up and uses it? Lets attack the bullies who drive a fellow student to such a state that picking up the gun is their only option. Students cause their own problems.

  20. this is what everyone who cares about our freedoms need to be doing, standing up and speaking out. We have been silent long enough.

  21. Libtards love tell everyone else what to do, but they ignore Laws & Constitutional rights.
    Failed firearm legislation is at the Libtards feet.

  22. All of this! Thank you! The average American, law abiding citizen is NOT THE PROBLEM! Criminals don't follow laws. If someone wants to kill someone else, they will find a weapon regardless of the law. And it could be a bomb or a box truck or a knife...We need to move past the hysteria and on to some common sense.

  23. Thank you sir for standing up for the rights of the American people. We are tired of seeing heavily armed guards protecting everyone but the regular citizens. The criminals can get their hands on guns all the time. We do need to protect ourselves.

  24. I have to agree with this gentleman. The blame is always the guns but never the shooter or their mental illness!! You can put out as many gun laws as you want but a crazy person who wants to harm someone will go to great lengths to do so at any cost!

  25. Thank you far left now everyday ordinary people need urge to speak about their 2nd amendment rights.
    Good luck in 2018.

  26. Yes... I agree with everything this man is saying! WOOT WOOT! However the video is longer than what Fox News is showing here.

  27. I praise this guy..I feel the same way

  28. Interesting that they all started with the mantra "We don't want to confiscate your guns, just regulate them." Now there are places that are openly calling for confiscation of certain guns. They must feel safe to come out in to the open and openly call for confiscation. Just a matter of time, if that goes by unchallenged, that all guns make the confiscation list.

  29. Amen Mr. Robinson. Great speech. We need more people to speak up like you. It's nice to hear just simple true messaging spoken. I respect you for standing up and saying what you feel . Bless you sir.

  30. This man speaks the truth and for me the majority of law abiding citizens, thank you Mark. Well done !!!

  31. I agree with this man 100%. PS, all of this demonization of mainstream America and the NRA makes me proud to be a Lifetime Member.

  32. When a drunk driver chooses to get behind the wheel and the result is people are killed, the car isn't blamed ....... the drunk driver is.

  33. Finally someone is telling it like it is. By the way the majority are not taking all of our history (statues and plaques ) in the wee morning hours by the way! Down and hiding them. What is next our books? We are going down a slippery slope of no return if we are not careful. Who are these people?

  34. This man needs to speak at every Trump rally, and for every GOP senator/congressman that wants to get re-elected.

  35. The KNOWLEDGE of the"Truth" shall set you free!!! Well spoken Mark. Personal Responsibility tempered with common sense problem solving. Look at the problem (mental health, no communication between agencies, bullying, etc) Not law abiding citizens who happen to have a gun!

  36. Have schools protected by wands and metal detectors...just like sports arenas, some concerts, airports, and even some street fairs, and any government buildings, and other vulnerable places. Too, at some of these places, purses, bags, backpacks, and roller bags are searched, or at least looked into. Why cannot schools also take these precautions to keep the students and teachers and other staff safe?

  37. What needs to be done is the Parents also need to start being held responsible for the action of the kids. If kids are being bullied then the parents of the Bully need to be held accountable also, and if the kids being bullied feel threatened they need to speak up. You look at 90% of the school shootings and it's because the kids that had the gun was being bullied, so they think the only way to fight back is with a gun. Parents need to talk to their kids and stop blaming games and society for what is going on. Gun control will not solve the problem, kids & criminals will always find a way to get a gun, knife, car or what ever to find a way to do what they want. Control your own child and talk to your child. If your child is being bullied, talk to the school. If your child is a bully then maybe you need to think about how you are raising your child. Stop blaming the guns for something that happens and start taking responsibility for your child.

  38. So true..We need to address mental illness,and the drugs they're put on and not on taking guns away from law abiding citizen!! The far left liberal and progressive Democrats want to take guns away from everyone! We can't have that!

  39. When is the 50 million protest showing unity to retain our rights and freedoms. Division for control has been taught by the media and schools since the end of WWII.

  40. #truthspokenatitsfinest These shooters are not NRA members! 98% of shootings in Chicago are from illegal arms, the school shooters not NRA, shooters of mass shootings are not NRA members and look at the background most of them are democrats, the party that’s blaming the republicans for guns 🤪 There needs to be more crackdown and background on buyers and jail time for illegally selling of arms to someone without permit!

  41. When those responsible law abiding gun owners fail to secure their guns and allow them to be acquired by someone who would cause harm then I have a problem.

  42. Has nothing to do with guns has nothing to do with people getting killed it's all about control that's what the Liberals want is Total Control

  43. Amen Amen Amen our families white privilege is working sixty to eighty hours a week, paying full boat to send our kids to college (no scholarships available make to much money not right color) getting our taxes raised at every corner and called racist bigots

  44. I think that speech set the Dimwits back a few steps. I'm sure he speaks for many and the Dimwits don't have a clue about addressing this. They continue to call for gun control and the people keep coming out against them in a show of a united force. The people are the biggest obstacle to the Dimwits getting control of the Government. Let's keep it that way. Every vote counts.

  45. Don’t tell me that “criminals will always be able to get a gun” and that we shouldn’t put laws on people and then turn around and say that abortion should be illegal.

  46. If they regulate our 2nd Amendment rights and make it a privilege to own firearms, they will soon regulate your 1st Amendment right to free speech they will decide if you have the privilege to express your opinion.

    The order of these 2 items is of the utmost importance. The 1st the most fundamental of them, the 2nd guarantees your ability to exercise the 1st to begin with.

    Without the 1st the gentleman in the video would have been silenced without recourse to be heard.

  47. Thank you for speaking the truth. We certainly can put some blame on the local law enforcement that dropped the ball and the FBI in the case of the Florida school shooting, as well as the actual shooter! Let's also start the dialogue on why this is happening so much more. We have a cultural problem that no one wants to address.

  48. People are fed up being blamed for crimes they didnt commit. And these sheeple politicians dont get it. Not desensitizing things in Parkland but law abiding gun owners like myself and this guy are fed up being vilified when we obey the law, work hard, pay our taxes and do everything good red blooded Americans are supposed to do.

  49. I pray for the 17 children that were massacred in Florida. It's senseless and unforgivable. Maybe my math is wrong but these seventeen individuals account for 3.353057e-7 % of the school age children population. It's a terrible crime but does it justify the repeal of the constitution? Just consider the safety of millions of Americans before going all out.

  50. Actually, 97 percent of Americans want universal background checks. So, yeah, let's listen to the majority, instead of lobbyists.

  51. It is true. If every citizen gave up their guns, the criminals would still have their weapons. Then the rest of us cannot protect our families when the criminals break into our homes & schools with their guns blazing. Good people who are licensed CCW should not be punished for the actions of criminals!

  52. Question...When are you guys going to bring up that most of gangs and criminals get guns illegally and keep bringing that up.
    Did you know people trade food stamps for guns and ammo?

  53. Amen! I, too, am a law-abiding gun owner, and I'm tired of being blamed for what criminals do!

  54. This young man is absolutely correct. Liberals would rather give up their rights and let the government control EVERY FREAKING THING about them.

  55. We have to watch close those regulations! Criminals ALWAYS find a way to have a gun, and us, the ones who obey the law, are the ones that going to pay the price if we lost our right to have guns! But nobody is talking about “loose the right to have a gun”. Well, it never starts like that! It is a process. Step by step! Until the whole society loose all the freedom! It was like that in Brazil, where I m from! It started step by step and today is close to impossible to be able to have a gun. Be carful on what you doing America!

  56. Logic and common sense doesn’t do any good against these morons protesting. They don’t see the real problem !! Tell to talk to the teachers that dealing with these spoiled brats who are failing and being disrespectful and destructive in their classroom. Problems started when we took God out of our country and discipline out of schools. Kids aren’t held accountable for their actions any more.

  57. Oh my god. If everyone in this country stopped trying to blame the left or the right maybe we could actually fix our problems.

    The comments on nearly every news site are just overflowing with ignorance. All it seems like people do is insult one another with no actual plan to do anything. I see people on both sides saying we should kill the others and it’s just sad.

  58. Karin Barnaby
    1. He was referring to the majority of gun owners are good upstanding people!
    2. He was referring to labeling every gun owner as responsible for the acts of individual acts!
    We already have laws on the books and requirements for background checks!
    How do we regulate car sales And ownership? A simple business license and you can sell cars. Anyone can own a car. Drivers licenses you just pass the written and driving test, be 16 and you get your license! There are mote gun regulations than that already!
    Mental health is the real problem not the gun! Criminals don't care about laws or regulations! Come on use some commonsense!

  59. As citizens we need to start calling our reps and demand justice,this is how you can fight let them here you're individual voice.

  60. Vinicius Freitas traduz aí, ele detonou a má intenção daqueles que após tiroteios em locais públicos ficam pedindo o desarmamento do cidadão honesto ao invés de culpar o criminoso que arquiteta o mal.

  61. You were AWESOME MARK couldn’t agree with you more need others to SPEAK UP about their rights. You should be on a lot of other networks because it’s the TRUTH…

  62. I'm sure, anthropologically speaking, there is a very large onion, full of many layers, that needs peeling and exploring to see just how we have gotten to this point in our culture. But for now, those with common sense and appropriate logic are so VERY much appreciated. Thank you, Mark Robinson!

  63. England has extremely strict gun control. London has recently passed New York City in it's homicide rate. It isn't guns, it's people.

  64. Sadly, he’ll probably get death threats from people because he advocates for his gun rights. People who think you shouldn’t have guns wishing death on you. Makes sense, right?

  65. If true facts came out sooner...was he breaking into cars in his grandparents neighborhood. Did he stop and raise his hands up as law abiding citizens do. Truth must come out first. If news puts out false statements its like yelling fire in a theater.

  66. In order to stop/prevent shootings in the future, it takes people with practical and logical ideas that will offer a real solution. Infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens is neither practical or logical, it is a political solution that makes people feel good, but in the end, nothing gets resolved.

  67. People need to spend less time worrying about their guns being taken away. What they need to worry about is their kids don't feel safe at school when they should. These kids are walking out of their classrooms because they want to be heard and want someone to make a decision that they can't make legally to secure their safety. They are our children and we are the adults. We are the answer to their questions... and look at us, acting like 3 year olds who don't want our toys taken away. They won't take our guns. Too much effort, bills to pass, and funding. But, If they divert our attention to something that makes us mad and distracts is in debate... then they don't have to worry about finding anything at all...

  68. I don't what state he lives in, but if is an open-carry state, he had better not do it. Open carry is only for white dudes.

  69. Karin do you realize how many people everyday kill innocent people when they get in a car and they’re drunk??!! Drunks have licenses! They have cars! You’re statement makes no sense!!!!