Gun crime in the UK

Gun crime in the UK

Gun crime in the UK

Posted by BBC News May 16, 2018, 6:28 p.m.

18-year-old Yusuf was shot dead in Liverpool in 2017.

He's one of five people killed by guns in the Merseyside region in the past 18 months. None of those crimes have resulted in conviction. (via BBC Panorama)

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  1. If you're in the UK you can watch more on Panorama, BBC One at 21:00 and catch up later on the iPlayer

  2. Very sad and painful news. They didn't deserve to die. And this young? This terrible crime needs to end. RIP...Poor souls

  3. BBC are part to blame for this. They have sided with Theresa May and her party endlessly, she does not care for normal people just for herself and her rich followers. Time for change, enough is enough!!

  4. how, when, where, and who? was he hanging out with the wrong crowd? after 10pm? when most crimes happens after 10pm. walking to church after teaching an AP calculus class? prob not

  5. And? Are you trying to expose the police and government inability to do their job and enforce strict measures on criminals? Nothing new

  6. Every day the child dies in his age and less than his age in Palestine, and did not grieve for them like this. Yesterday girl died 7 years old did not find any article on them ...

  7. Unfortunatly the police often will meet a wall of silence in cases like this.

  8. People are seriously laughing at this?

  9. At least the gun violence there isn't as extreme as what's happening in America.

  10. Guns and Knives DEMAND more police on streets, More Stop and Search and LONG HARD PRISON SENTENCES for offenders

  11. How could that happen in a country where firearms are illegal?

  12. 5 people in 18 months? I think it's 5 people per day over here in the states. 😒

  13. Where is the rest of the story bbc like was there a background to the shooting tell us don't have us

  14. At least he didn't die by stabbing, right?

  15. Where on earth did they guns from, for God's sake? Terribly sad.

  16. destruction of white racists is a necessity for the preservation of peace in the world

  17. good riddance! Clean out the whole terrorist cell, and deport the survivors.

  18. Wanna make anywhere from $1k-$5k hml 3125228249 money in mins no personal info needed

  19. Thought guns were banned over there? 🤔

  20. cursed are people who did such crimes ....may GOD grant us mercy and protect us against evil doers

  21. Is he black? And shot? , who cares ?

  22. Rip,Amen. Condolences to his family

  23. No one cares because he is black 😢

  24. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  25. Shot dead! More like assassinated

  26. wish MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST protect save heal all human amen!

  27. Guns ban clearly working in UK