Gregg Popovich Talks Importance of Black History Month

Gregg Popovich Talks Importance of Black History Month
Image from: Bleacher Report

“We live in a racist country… And it’s always important to bring attention to it, even if it angers some people”

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  1. If you want to find the reasons Pop is saying this, check out all of the comments insulting him, saying he should “stick to coaching”, or just calling him a liar/stating he’s completely wrong. 👍🏼

  2. Wish Pock would shut up and just coach basketball and quit trying to push his liberal ideas on everyone.

  3. Lol no we dont. The media would like you to think that though!

  4. Here come the white people to deny racism exist.

  5. I appreciate his acknowledgment of the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. They’d rather sweep it under the rug than deal with this issue...keep bringing light to the issue pop, wrong is wrong...#Salute

  6. Why is Pop deconstructing the country as racist when you’re living in one of the freest countries in the world coaching in a league filled with black people making millions playing a children’s game? Is it just SJW virtue signaling?

  7. We live in a country that has some racist people, that doesn’t mean the entire country is racist. Collectivism is cancer

  8. Hey Gregg why don't you talk to Morgan Freeman and get his ideas on Black History Month? Maybe he can educate you some.

  9. Just an FYI to some of you. Pop doesn’t call a press conference and share what’s on his agenda.

    The media asks him for thoughts. “Do you think it’s a good idea for the NBA to celebrate black history month?”

    When Pop feels there isn’t a quick answer for a question, he actually elaborates his answers.

  10. You don't have to agree or like someone to respect his/her right to have an opinion on things outside of their profession. He doesn't only have to talk about coaching an NBA team.

  11. Such a racist country that we elected an African American to be our president for two terms....give me a break.

  12. Try to live in Saudi Arabia or China and you'll know what a real racist country is all about! Stop with your Identity politics and race baiting.

  13. If you think we live in a racist country, you CLEARLY have not been to any other country. Hell, all you gotta do is look at Britain and see what they‘re calling Prince Harry’s fiancé.

  14. I think the problem is that so much important topic was not popular until 2016 in Sports world. So, or the people have just realized how racist their country is or this kind of speech is only a opportunistic one. Anyway, Pops is #GOAT and racism still happens everywhere, unfortunately.

  15. No we do not. I live in the real world, not some manufactured, drama series, media controlled cesspool that the athletes and performers have been brainwashed to believe. I deal with all races every day, and never see racism. The problem with racists in this country, is that they need racism to exist in order to maintain their relevance.

  16. I can't name a single more tolerant black or brown country in the world to illegal immigrants, refugees, migrants, religious and ethnic minorities, women, gays, trans, non binary, or protesting and rioting, but ok keep badgering the most tolerant and free societies in the world. Of course there's racism. On all sides.

  17. I do not like him categorizing our country as “racist.” Are there racists that live here? Yes there are and I find that repulsive and just plain sad. I do think it is a small percentage of the population but it gets blown out of proportion a lot of the time. My belief is that the vast majority of folks in our country cannot be described as racist and get along with everybody regardless of skin color. I know I do. People are people!

  18. Yes there are some racist people of all races, but this country has come a long way. This guy is stuck in the 50s.

  19. Still trying to understand the concept of black history for just one month. Is that all it’s worth? Maybe they teach different these days but when I was in school you learned about anybody or thing that was important. Whether white or black or whatever . We learned bout slavery and racism and how badly all minority’s were treated and even tortured and murdered. And we also learned about the leaders of the minority communities that brought about change and inspired others. That was year round learning, not just in February. So why is there just a month for black history at all. That in itself is racist. Could you imagine if there was a Christian history month, or a white history month. Heads would roll.

  20. Maybe this is Pop’s “white guilt” manifesting itself or “virtue signaling”. He is undoubtedly a democrat which was the party of the KKK and racism. There is no debating that. No wonder he feels guilty and feels qualified to deem the whole country “racist”.

  21. Even of the racism is towards white people? Seems like that's the new social norm. Pop doesnt live in the real world

  22. Any country populated by members of the Human Race is populated with racist people. If you are a Human Being you are capable of racism and any other behavior that minimizes others

  23. I’m not sure I agree it’s a racist country. I’d say there are racists in the country and there is work to do. Calling it a racist country seems more divisive than productive.

  24. The great thing about America is if you don't like it here you can leave. If Pop hates living here so much cause everyone is so "rascit" here then he should just move to Europe where he belongs. I mean lets face it the guy makes millions of dollars a year coaching a game that little kids can play and he feels the right to talk down to everyone cause he's so "cultured" and "educated". Anyone in America regardless of race, creed or gender can succeed, prosper and be who they wanna be unlike in most countries and if Pop can't see that then don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  25. This is a racist country. Been that way since .....forever. It's always cool when a white guy admits that fact! Especially when that whit guy is someone like Pops.

  26. We do live in a racist country!! And whites have become the minority in nearly every major city. Time for WHITE HISTORY MONTH!!

  27. This is a special kind of stupid statement. I respect the hell out of Pop as a coach, but he needs to keep his pseudo intellectual race baiting opinions to himself.

  28. A racist country where “minorities” are given more advantages and opportunity than White people ? Got it.

  29. This country is racist because the racists are in power and they hold that power and get elected into that power...the ones who claims that they aren't racist enables this...🤔🤔🤔

  30. We must address the racist wage gap in this country! The Asian male makes more than any other race! We want equal pay for everyone!

  31. If only he'd put half the effort into improving the team (off season and trades), the 50 win season streak wouldn't be in jeopardy and we might actually be in legitimate contention for the west. Oh yeah, I forgot..."I don't care".

  32. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest human beings to ever walk this planet and his accomplishments are just a blurb in American history books,that to me is an absolute shame.

  33. Gonna be a blast watching Pop and his team drift further into irrelevancy while he becomes increasingly Triggered leading up to the ultimate culmination of Election Night 2020 when Trump hits the magic number of 271 sealing his reelection. We will then witness the first human being to ever spontaneously combust into absolutely nothing. Must see TV right there 😂

  34. Liberals like Pop don't have a clue. Doesn't Pop realize the only reason other countries aren't racists is because the a majority of the other countries do not allow mass immigration from other countries. These bastions of democracy select who they let in. Probably even Pop's family's ancestral home country.

  35. No, we live in a county where some people are racist. There is a huge difference. Stick to basketball.

  36. I used to like this guy cause he beat the lakers. Now that I know he is a liberal douchebag he and his team can’t lose enough.

  37. Yeah imagine a country so racist that it chose to elect a racial minority president over a white man twice in a row. 🙄

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  39. Ah yes, the good ol racist US of A. One of the few countries in the world an immigrant can come to play a sport, be a millionaire and be idolized by millions. The very same country that allows you to have endless opportunities so long as you work hard for it. What a racist country.

  40. Wonder of this topic would be brought up as much from these coaches if their team or entire league wasn't predominantly black?

  41. Racism this and racism that. I'll take these movements serious when they start demonstrating against black on black violence which hurts their community more than any white man/cop could. Only excuses and cop outs with no personal accountability for themselves!

  42. A country does not have feelings or bias. A country is not racist. People are. He simply wanted to slam the people without the backlash. I'm wondering, does he admit his own racism or is it everyone else that's the problem?

  43. We live in a racist world. America isn’t the world. The world is not going to change. Quit because it doesn’t help, it aggravates the issue.

  44. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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  45. Pretty sure black folks done cooler and more important stuff than play basketball lol BUT I get the point

  46. This statement honestly shouldn't offend anyone but the racists 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  47. I always hear that’s it’s “ black history month” shouldn’t this be the month to talk about all of the great things they have contributed to like technological advances, advances in medicine, engineering, inventions? Let’s talk about the thousands of those.