Gregg Popovich Reportedly Not Expected to Coach Spurs After 2020 Olympics

Gregg Popovich Reportedly Not Expected to Coach Spurs After 2020 Olympics
Image from: Bleacher Report

Wow, we could be losing Pop soon.

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  1. He turns 70 in January. Why is this a surprise?

  2. Mans wife just died a few months ago. and ppl worried about Lebron going to SA or not. smh

  3. No Pop means no LeBron. So that brings down the potential list of destinations down to Houston, LA, Philly, or possibly stay in Cleveland.

  4. “We could be losing pop soon???” What type of headline is this....dudes been a coach over 20 years by that point so yea....he’s sports.....not life......grow up people this headline is pathetic

  5. Yeah it’s sad but it’s ok, father time is undefeated. Pop is the 🐐 tho and I’m glad we get two more years!

  6. He’s 70, been coaching over 20 years, his wife just died, and the players he’s built his legacy around are all fading, retirement is super reasonable

  7. I'm skeptical of sports reporting, but this sounds right. After all, he's 69 yrs old, and has 5 championships. Time for him to retire.

  8. Not surprised. He is well into retirement age and only getting older, and his wife also just passed away. So why would LeBron want to go to San Antonio again?!? Heck, that's probably why Kawhi has been trying his best to get out of there, because he's on the inside of the organization and he can tell first hand that the Spurs' great 20 year reign is about to come to an end.

  9. Why does anyone believe a word this adrian woj writes. Who is he to say or speak for anyone when an what they do. This guy begs for attention in all his articles

  10. Yeah I expected that as soon as he signed with them. The Olympics is the cherry on top for him, why keep coaching after that? A glorious end to a beautiful career. And I don't think he would've coached this long until he got chosen for the Olympics.

  11. Spurs fan here. Saw this coming and ok with it. Has lost his touch and has been showing concerning stubborn old man signs since the the spurs last title.

  12. He’s already old, senile, and unwelcoming to media and fans. Probably should’ve lost him 5 years ago.

  13. Ricky Ball as sad as it would be to see him go, he deserves to finally sit back and drink his wine without a care in the world.

  14. When he agreed to do the job for the Olympics, this was already known he was going to retire from the's not like this is news.

  15. Not soon enough. Was hoping he would stay around long enough to see him straight implode and disappear in to the ether from his embrace of Triggered Snowflake Leftism.

    Guess we still have time.


  17. Lol apparently pop has to win with a c list team against the warriors and lebron in order to be good. He’s not overrated.

  18. Don't let this distract you from the fact that if it wasn't for Upton Sinclair you'd all be eating rat sandwiches.

  19. Spurs Could Be Headed To Rebuilding Mode

  20. Unless they sign Lebron... then he’d have no choice.

    Btw Lebron, Leonard, Aldridge, + maybe Paul George??? 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Brad Stevens should be the next coach of Team USA.

  22. Good. Sick of his social justice rants. Plus, he's a prick

  23. LeBron coaches his teams himself anyway 😂

  24. That might be a tactic for lebron to go there

  25. The man has done enough... Legendary coach

  26. No Robinson, and no Duncan, and no titles without them!! Gee! Was he really that good?

  27. Not much left to prove. He deserves a happy retirement

  28. Guy looks like Donald Sutherland from the Hunger Games.

  29. I hope not but after what happen to her wife...I expect this to happen

  30. If LeBron signs there I bet he's willing to change that

  31. They guy Gs been doing it for years. I see him going after a GM role after this.

  32. Will be a sad day when he rides off... One of the true greatest! 🐐

  33. Breaking news 70yr old coach considers retirement

  34. Hes gonna run for president since he cares more about politics

  35. Oddly(not) his coaching faded at the same pace as Duncans game

  36. If he not goin to rockets with real contender stay with cavs and trade everybody

  37. He's 69!! He's lost his wife.. It's time for him to find a Coach to successer.!! He's still President of Spurs..

  38. A coach is only as good as his best playa! DUNCAN is not walking through them doors..........

  39. This is a joke right? Dude is almost 70. He’ll be coaching team USA from a nursing home

  40. That would be great since he is a complete waste of a human like bleacher report is of a website

  41. I knew the day would come... but it’s still so sad 😭

  42. if they get Lebron he wont be coaching anyway. Lebron will do that for him.

  43. Thats two seasons from now. This article can’t get more lame.

  44. He better not quit, not having his wife around he will get lonely.

  45. A lot of 70 year olds can’t even drive any more lol

  46. Running the Hunger Games is his real passion.

  47. He’s probably still in mourning basketball isn’t that high on a list of priorities I’d guess

  48. Somewhere Dan Maxwell is crying. It’s the end of an era.

  49. Nothing last forever. I wouldn't be surprised if Manu ends up running the team

  50. You should really consider changing this headline, man.

  51. Guess LeBron ain’t going there either.

  52. Tyler Sandison well LBJ is not going to spurs

  53. Roberto Benavides Jr. no more kawhi, and no more pop in 2 years...😂

  54. Amogh Aditya RIP Spurs Dynasty..

  55. After Coach POP retires , in a yr or so , I would Love to see VINNY DEL NEGRO ( Ex SPUR ) Coach Our SPURS !!!

  56. Trump will still be president after 2020 though 💯

  57. Justin Oreskovich defeats your argument from the other day 😉

  58. That’s so he can go on his liberal tantrum tour.

  59. Michael Vazquez this could be nail in coffin for Kawhi staying.....

  60. Rosie Aguilera Stephan Carr man, this league will not be the same without him.

  61. Michael Matthew I’m gonna be cashing in that bet bro

  62. Donte Himes Reginald Kimbrough 2 more years and y’all might not be that good

  63. He getting stale anyway. His in game interviews are lame and disrespectful to reporters just trying to do their job. I know espn is in love with him but he won’t be missed here.

  64. 2020. The Becky Hammond Era begins

  65. Just solidified Lebron not going to SA.