'Glee' Star Mark Salling Dead at 35 of Suicide by Hanging

'Glee' Star Mark Salling Dead at 35 of Suicide by Hanging
Image from: TMZ

Glee star Mark Salling dead by suicide - was facing jail for child porn.

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  1. He was too weak to deal with the consequences, so he took the easy way out. I'm more pissed and sad that he was only gonna get 7 years. Sickos like him deserve life.

  2. Wtf is wrong with ppl. How can you stay a fan of someone after something so horrendous??? How many children were harmed to accumulate 50000 images!?!?! Disgusting.

  3. Mixed feelings about this. He turned out to be a dirtbag but this is still kinda sad. I loved Glee.

    Ps...to those who want to attack me and call me rude names...nowhere did I say I condone the atrocious things he did.

  4. Have to wonder if he was started on this path by being abused by folks in the entertainment industry. Vicious cycle.

  5. His suicide is probably what's best. Because prison would have been worse for him. I hope any victims can find some peace knowing he can't harm anyone else.

  6. Idk how to feel about this. Loved him on Glee. But sickened by his perverted actions. Still felt sad reading this headline tho 😦

  7. Good. I dont agree with suicide except in cases like this. He did the right thing. He won't hurt another child and taxpayers dont have to pay for him while he is doing his time. May sound harsh but if it was your child how would you feel

  8. As much as I find this man sick for doing what he did.....he still has a family that knew and loved him and will miss him dispite his sick behavior. To them I say I am sotry for your loss

  9. I'd like to think that the guilt of what those poor kids went through haunted him to the point he could no longer take it...but I'm sure he was only worried about himself and what would happen to him if he went to prison. It's a shame he wasn't locked up and made to serve out his punishment but at least he can't hurt any other children.

  10. He plead guilty. Admitted his act. He could t handle the thought of prison and what it meant. So sad he took his life. Rip

  11. Tax money saved.. score.

  12. It’s hard to believe someone as successful as him would end up like that
    I do hope your in a better place where there’s room for forgiveness

  13. Geez that cast has had it rough.

  14. I dont agree with what he did but i feel sorry for his family. He obviously had a problem and didnt know where else to go to get help.

  15. Trash took out itself.....

  16. Loved him on glee but obviously he had a dark side that no one knew about .. crazy to see this. He couldn't handle the punishment he deserved !

  17. Damn....
    what an unfortunate chain of events after GLEE ended.
    I hope he found the peace he needed, as well as the victims.

  18. Who I truly feel bad for are his friends and family. He obviously had so many issues but it doesn’t change the fact his parents lost a son & his sibling lost a brother.

  19. There no win for anyone in this. I'm sorry for his victims and his family. Prison he probably would have died too. It's a sad case all the way around.

  20. My heart aches for his family. I know it must be terrible to see your child rise and become a star just to throw it all away and end up losing him for good. Prayers for the family.

  21. There is nothing funny about him committing suicide. Mental illnesses are real. He should’ve got help. Besides it’s not like one pedophile dying is going to stop kids from getting abused. So sad

  22. Suicide doesn't change the fact he was a pedophile. Stop defending a pedophile! He was guilty and he didn't wanna own what did and he cannot be held accountable now because of his selfish suicide.