Girl Ninja Grabs Bird Who Stole Her Food

Girl Ninja Grabs Bird Who Stole Her Food

Girl Ninja Grabs Bird Who Stole Her Food

Posted by 9GAG Feb. 26, 2018, 1:01 p.m.

Brutality and precision all in one move.

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  1. Shame on mother. Kid could have killed the bird. She should have choke slammed the kid on the floor as soon as he caught the bird.

  2. The pigeon is us and the baby is the government.

  3. Shame on the mother
    For not
    Teaching the child how to respect animals. Very sad

  4. To all these animal lovers.... please calm your tits! Its a pigeon, it's not the end of the world and the child is not that strong. i mean her hand is barely big enough to wrap around it. Are yall really so full of yourself "i would choke slam the child" "slap the mom till she doednt have teeth"? Come on, you who write that should be stuck in hole and buried up til your neck

  5. I want to smash that kid against the wall so hard xD

  6. This is not the right way to teach..

  7. Daughter of joey.
    "Joey doesn't share food"

  8. Well, she's asian. She got them bruce lee genes for reflexes so...

  9. Clearly the bird is okay with it. Toddlers do not Crush things with their tiny hands they're slightly smart enough for that.

  10. Sure the baby's hands are not big or strong enough to hurt the bird. But my personal opinion is, children should be taught compassion from an early age. The mother could have very softly shown her child that it was not okay.

  11. I watched this billion times and still not enough , I feel sorry for the pigeon because she wasn't expecting that someone would grab her by her neck , poor animal .

  12. Very typical for the Chinese culture. They lack any kind of empathy towards other living beings. Apparently it's not only the adults, but the children as well.

  13. What bothers me the most is the woman is laughing. The child is to young to really no better, which needs to be taught,but I would love to wipe that smile off the mothers face.

  14. That child will now survive bird flu by building a resistance early on from this beak to mouth exposure.

  15. Legend says u can't be prosecuted till you're 18 yrs.I hope this time the law makes an exception & dial it down to 18 months.

  16. Bad parenting and animal abuse comments incoming..

  17. Would have taken Mothers grin of her face straight away 😡and slapped that Child so hard she would never go near a pigeon or any other Animal for that matter again 😡

  18. That kid was born to be a ninja

  19. When you realise your child will never die hungry 😑 look at that bird he don't know that its not easy to eat Asian's food 😂

  20. And then people are surprised when I say I hate kids. They friggin get away with murder!!! “Oh they’re just kids, they don’t know any better” - well it’s the parents’ job to TEACH THEM HOW TO BE DECENT HUMAN BEINGS! “Oh it’s just a pidgeon, it’s not the end of the world” - it is a life, it is a sentient being who feels pain and can be frightened like you and me, and it matters! Have some compassion and respect for others!

    PS: no, I don’t eat animals. Get over it, the future is vegan.

  21. It does not matter the size of the child. The main thing is the intention and the mother's negligence. She even smiles...😠We have to educate children how to respect animals.

  22. So that chinese is stingy is not just a stereotype /just kidding/ i love chinese food, tho, even if I have to keep reminding the cook to give extra meat because know...

  23. Wiebke Heiden Jessi Onos wir sind das Kind in M-pädagogik als uns beinahe unsre guten Noten von der "Taube" entrissen wurden. doch nicht mit uns :D

  24. Imala Abraham wow ocharm die vogel ma gij zou da ook gdn ebbe, oe da da kind da vogeltje pakt😂😢 da zag er zo een onschuldig kindje uit😂 kad da echt ni verwacht

  25. Ok you would slam the baby because she barely grabbed a pigeon? What about the baby then? U can clearly see that the pigeon is fine in the end. You are taking this too far shitheads. Calm down.

  26. Daniela Hernández solo te etiquetó para mostrarte como sería un hijo mío cuando intentaran quitarle comida, es peligroso procrear para mí.

  27. Tristan Zijdeman haha wtf iedereen hier vindt “teach your kids respect for animals” dat ik denk uh de duif stoom eten dan mag je toch terugvechten

  28. Really people? You are hatin' on a baby/toddler??? "I would have slapped" "i would choke slam" SMH Listen to yourselves!!!

  29. Lucky she didn't eat that bird 😂😂

  30. Romano, wtf. Ik zou als moeder zijnde echt pissed worden ipv lachen 🤔 als die vogel dat kind zou raken zou die onderhand dood geslagen worden 🙄

  31. Daphné Brunet quand t'es fière que ta sale gosse soit déjà violente avec les animaux et que tu rigoles comme une grosse pouffiasse

  32. So she lets that child grab the bird. Take its food. And only reacts when the child tries to eat the food? Riiiight

  33. When it comes to food it's every kid for herself...not even birds are allowed😂

  34. I will slap and kick and hit a human being for a small animal which got away and didn't seem injured...

  35. Lily Hladin, Giane Hladin should have taught you this when you were both little, you wouldn’t be scared of birds now.

  36. Yasmin Mourad Bel Motta Alline Hypólito essa criança simboliza o significado de: comida é comida independente de qualquer coisa

  37. Andreia Ana Raquel Irene Silva José era isto que eu gostava de ter coragem de fazer quando uma pomba se aproxima muito de mim!

  38. Sylvain Valentin Marc Jérémy Marine Awinatho Sekely Agathe mais tellement lean la petite ahah jpp
    elle met jamais d'antimoustique la meuf j'imagine ahah, pas besoin

  39. Chiara Del Caro Ro Bin Marc Schwägerle hat euch darauf markiert.... vllt hat es nicht geklappt...ratet mal an wen er dabei dachte 😂😂

  40. Wenn wir uns eine Chipsschale teilen müssen fühle ich mich wie diese weiße Taube, Tanja Buuk, z.B. bei Matti....XD

  41. Now we know how they trained their kids to be heartless and abusive to the animals

  42. Teach ya kid to respect other lifeforms, especially more vulnerable ones!
    Shame on you mother!


  44. What's the name of the song? I heard "Texas bread, crumb crumb" 😂

  45. Emma Emily Hannie Solo Christian Koschwitz "Fass mein Zeug nochmal an und ich hab plötzlich Appetit auf Hühnchen."

  46. Aww that child is so decent..if it was me I would have gulped that bird itself 🤐

  47. It seems many ppl here think its ok to punch the kid and save the bird, interesting.

  48. The kid attained ultra instinct

  49. I thought she will eat whole pigeon. :D:D

  50. Me when someone tries to take the last cookie.

  51. This kid will sure grow up to be a banker

  52. M more surprise how precisely she got hold of pigeon’s head 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Song title? Captain i need you on this one...

  54. When bf doesn't reply to your messages.

  55. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. - Immanuel Kant

  56. Ev "no, pigeon, that's MY bird seed. that's a BAD pigeon!" 😂

  57. Rikki Kyana Lea Atherton I would of ninja kicked that little kid in the face if I seen that happening

  58. Tracy Mariesa this reminds me of Penny with the bunny and the carrot 😂😂😂

  59. Sean Keishing all these ppl triggered while i think this is the coolest kid ever

  60. Don't care about the kid or the pidgeon. What is the name of the song?

  61. My mother will slap my hand for doing this to animal. Thats fkng horrible.

  62. Omg! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time 😂😂😂😂

  63. Terese Løvlien This is the girl you won't dare take food from