German Shepherd Plays With Door Stop

German Shepherd Plays With Door Stop

German Shepherd Plays With Door Stop

Posted by 9GAG Feb. 11, 2018, 2:36 p.m.

Once a puppy, always a puppy.

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  2. "who's a good boy?
    Doggo: me me oh Mee😘😘
    Who's a good boy??
    Cat:YOU hooman go get me some food "

  3. You mean, the dog has been playing that thang for 11 months 😨😨

  4. Same with girls when they play with men. Sometimes classmates then it's colleagues then it's would be husbands. LMAO

  5. I mean what did you expect from him ??? reading a book at 11months

  6. Vinny Trevino
    pretty accurate! Lol that's why ours is all messed up because she loves to play with it 🤣

  7. Well I mean, aren’t most dog breeds considered to still be in the puppy stage until they’re at least 2?

  8. Pretty much every male playing with his thing from puberty to present

  9. I didn't know Shepards markings could change so much so soon .🤔😁

  10. Level of excitement is going down because of age, the same thing goes to us too

  11. to be fair 11 months is still a pup. Need to see in a few years!

  12. "If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am."

  13. That should be a great commercial to that thing the dog is playing.

  14. Would be a great commercial for the spring producer!

  15. Well, it never gets boring (y) . Such a lovable dog <3. So cute!

  16. Still hasn’t solved the mystery of the wall thingy..

  17. Once a baby, always a baby. I'd play with the doggo all day if I was there 😄

  18. Me dealing wiz same issues thru yearz Mi Na

  19. Juan me when you said that i have to grow up

  20. Poor dog didnt have something to play for 11 months

  21. 11 months of effort to break the thing but failed.

  22. Srijoni puppy always remains a puppy !

  23. This is so diesel he loves it drive you mad lol

  24. Ay Lina wie Mila mit dem Stuhl 😂 sowas ändert sich nie 😂

  25. Hilal :D they never grow up :p

  26. Loup GC morale de l'histoire, fucké un jour = fucké toujours

  27. Miku 12th month is not available coz it got kidnapped.

  28. Anthony Mónyka, se me vino a la cabeza Jackson! 😂😂

  29. Kévin Rost, C'est pas un malinois mais ça va aussi vite alors profite 🤣 et invite moi. 😘🤣

  30. Malte das hätten wir von Floki aufnehmen müssen wenn er ängstlich vor den Schweinchen steht

  31. Mira selvästi Max, tosin toi aikajana pitäis yltää 10 vuoteen 😂

  32. Rhaudhah Anis Razanah Anis Ridwah Hanis gelak tengok yang 11mo tu..hahahahaha benda dah secoet..dia dah gabak

  33. Ivanna Carrera puporino, pupper, doggo

  34. And he never forgot... And he never forgave...

  35. Swastik The german pup is so cute I'm having a stroke.

  36. Mackenzie Monica Cheyenne

    it’s sir charles in doggo format

  37. Veon Chan once a llama, always a llama

  38. Jordyn Hailey Madden he's been playing with it the entire time. He's STILL playing with it today.

  39. did anyone notice that the camera resolution goes worst till the eleven month?

    go buy a new phone mate :<

  40. Thành Lộc hâhha y chag thg phi chơi với cây lao nhà

  41. So, the dog changed its color?

  42. My little nephew does that always

  43. Irene once a baby, always a big baby

  44. Sandra Ln Mica siempre morderá cosas por los siglos de los siglos... 😂🐶💕

  45. Viet Nguyen b o i, character development 👌👌👏👏👏👏 😌😌

  46. Thương Tăng há há, nhỏ sao lớn y chang v em ơi :)))))