Fluffy Pomeranian Running Against The Wind

Fluffy Pomeranian Running Against The Wind

Fluffy Pomeranian Running Against The Wind

Posted by 9GAG March 3, 2018, 11:01 a.m.

Fluff ball on cardio day

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  2. Im here for the animal abuse comments

  3. A running vape cloud

    Never done that trick before

  4. This is animal cruelty, trying to smile while deep inside its tired and hurting.....

  5. And I'm here waiting someone to say that is Allah creation and it's the most beatiful thing....and all the stuff.

    (not trying to be a hater of the religion but there's always a person commenting that)

  6. The fluff ball looks happy. So you can't say it's some kind of animal abuse 😆

  7. Dario Troiani un pomerinoooo! 😂 in realtà sta a corre in un parco in miniatura, avrà fatto due metri in totale. Ma lui non lo sa e pensa di girare il mondo ❤️

  8. Andreea this is we're going to do cardio together, by having a fluffy doggo run with us to motivate you 😁

  9. I know I've tagged you in this already but it's all too relevant for your run tomorrow. Best of luck ❤️

  10. Ally Bajrektarevic Jessica Maitre quand tu marches à l'arrêt du petit train et que tu vois les barrières commencer à descendre au loin

  11. Elisa e..... ascoltalo con l’audio! Il tizio corre quasi peggio di me, la borsa che crolla dalla spalla è uguale però!

  12. Kris alors oui tu vas m'en vouloir, mais bon j'assume ! C'est comme ça que je t'imagine en train de courir x)

  13. Καλό απόγευμα Μήπως σας ειπεπ, πως μπορώ να πάρω τα, χρήματα για να φύγω δεν ξέρω τι να κάνω με, τις, φωτογραφίες δεν βγάζω, άκρη δεν έχω κανένα να, με βοηθήσει, θα, μπορείτε εσείς να μου βρείτε ένα στείλουν μετρητά για μπορέσω να, κινηθω,, Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ θα περιμένω σας δώσει και το κινητό μου, Και, σας ευχαριστώ

  14. The music is “light cavalry overture” by Franz von Suppé 🙂

  15. Nona Miru dis could be u but u fat! u no run anymore

  16. I'm just here for the Indonesian guys with free movies 👀

  17. Michelle The moment where somebody calls you for Sushi All You Can Eat 💫🍣

  18. Bruno, é assim que eu imagino a Adriane se um dia falarem de correr no lago ou algo assim.. XD

  19. Adrián this is you when you are running 😁😜

  20. Eva Lau I need a fluffball as motivation😂

  21. Valentin Toi quand on te dis que la pinte en pologne est à 1,50 😂

  22. Miglena lil ball of floof coming your way

  23. Asia Laura (non sto guadagnando voti alla mia causa in questo caso perchè questo splendore purtroppo corre)

  24. Agata Furmaniak me on my way to make bad decisions

  25. K the music is what sells it for me, 😂

  26. Pk t'as pas pris un chien comme ça c'est trop drôle 😂😂😂 Davina

  27. Tony Chan me running away from uni when my prac finishes at 6pm

  28. Marina, a gente podia fazer Channel ficar assim, hein?! 100% Black Power! 😂

  29. Linus Wong I can't even do this dog rush #catsdontrun

  30. Asma Bham i wish i was as happy about life as this doggo

  31. Sam Bailey when he can see cuddles

  32. Suzana Đurkovic ...sad znam zasto ti nemas ove dzukele... pa to trčiiiiiiiiiii

  33. Sanhita, I wish she/he bumps into us someday! 😂

  34. Kelsey mood when nothing goes wrong in the whole day

  35. Manuel chönne mr so eine als WG Hund ha? Denn chan es mit dir go jogge und ich muess nüm Liede hahaha

  36. Adina Simpson wish I could look as cute as this while I’m running 😂

  37. Kwan Wai Law see yourself when you're jogging... sure, it's single jogging

  38. Izza Mir why don't you tag me in such posts? I am cute no?

  39. Janice fastest marshmallow tumbleweed

  40. Ivar van derZandt Evi van Schagen HesselMittelmeijer voelen jullie je ook zo fit op dit moment?

  41. Camilla als kattenmens moeje toegeven dat dees wel heeeel cute is eh 😍

  42. Insaf Iben Yaïch i can imagine ur face watching this hahahahhahahahahahhahahahaahahahha

  43. Ivy Muldong ung antok kna tas mkakakita ka ng ganito lol hahaha

  44. On cardio and happy! Timmy 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Rinou Alviani je pense qu’il courre comme ça parce qu’on lui a promis un déjeuner style Georges V

  46. Karina this is Abhishek on a normal day; too much energy.

  47. Eira! Jeg visste ikke at pomme kunne løpe så mye! 😎

  48. Cutieeeee....Taimoor Butt when are you getting this breed ? 😛

  49. Lea je te vois trop avec un chien comme ca plus tard

  50. Helena Nito tu corriendo detrás del pajarito de Santander jajaja

  51. Weronika czy to nie jest jedna z najsłodszych rzeczy ever? 💕

  52. Emilia Elias voi kumpa vois noin hyvillä mielin kirmailla menemään 😩

  53. Wina Kemous
    Animal abuse? Huh? 😂
    Hij rent gewoon.. wth! Te schattig eh! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😍

  54. Jackie Xu whaaat the fk is this thing?!!! snow ball with a face

  55. Micah Pecson thats probably how you would look if you jogged hehhehe

  56. Kimmie look at his little legs keeping up!

  57. Sanchita, when you're already high and then you smell food. 😌

  58. Gladymar Rivera if you ever need motivation for cardio, look at this speedin’ cloud.

  59. Hippolyte quand on te dit que Boop the Snoot fait un concert exceptionnel

  60. Fabrícia, só dá uma olhada nesse cachorrinho correndo! 😂😂😍

  61. Giselle Funchal, olha a faceirice do catioro correndo, dá até uma inspiração pra fazer exercício

  62. Lourdes esta es nuestra cara corriendo hasta las vacaciones d Semana Santa 😂

  63. Amanda M. Schneider achei que vc iria gostar de ver essa bolinha de pelos, para alegrar o seu dia 😃

  64. Heena puchhi dekh ab to ye bhi cardio. Kr rhi hai

  65. Katola Brö ich auf dem weg zum bus freitags nach der schule 😅

  66. Avril Egan this just reminds me of you being happy for some resin hahah

  67. Fong mun d black panther - white pomeranian op