Florida Shooting Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty for Nikolas Cruz

Florida Shooting Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty for Nikolas Cruz
Image from: TMZ

Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz could be put to death by the state of Florida if found guilty.

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  1. The only question in my mind is lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, beheading, truck shoved up rear end, lions den, or marathon of Nickleback? The possibilities are endless.

  2. Why does there even need to be a trial? One billet to the head and be done with it. Waste of tax dollars and oxygen....

  3. IF found guilty ? 😫 Why is trial even happening?! & he’s just gonna sit on death Row for years while our tax dollars feed and take care of him.

  4. and once he gets sentenced to death. he needs to be taken out back immediately and have a bullet put through his head.

  5. Maybe they should of just let him off and gave him counseling!?! I mean it was the NRA actually they are the ones at fault right?

  6. Give him an other chance he can be reformed. 25yrs should do the trick. #nomoredeaths

  7. It would have been cheaper if he had done it himself like the other mass shooters.

  8. Good he deserves it! He killed 17 people! He should get the death penalty!

  9. Just take him out back and shoot him.

  10. Can we please do it now as opposed to later?

  11. Well he is guilty for killing all the kids so he will be put to death.

  12. The guards need to hang him & make it look like suicide.......

  13. Yeah and be on death row for years. Would be a shame if inmates retaliated much sooner..

  14. Just HOV lane the process and send him there right now!

  15. Where can i buy tickets to see the event?

  16. *Cue all the cheering "pro life" people.

  17. Perfect! And make.it death by shooting squad so he feels what his victims did

  18. He is a monster and needs to be put down.

  19. Change your headline to “could and should”.

  20. Ummmm if they brought back public executions alot of this would stop

  21. Should get it, everything that comes out about him screams phycho

  22. Good news so far !! But what you mean by if found guilty ??? He’s guilty AF!!!

  23. Yeah he needs to be put to death IMMEDIATELY. He should have already been put to death 🙄

  24. He should've been dead they waiting a little too long for me!!

  25. He is the prime example of why we have the death penalty! They would be stupid not to!

  26. No do do that just feed him to the big boys in there

  27. hope I'm wrong but i just don't see it happening to a teenager

  28. Good he deserves it. Piece of shyt.

  29. Put it on HBO I’ll be more than happy to pay for it.

  30. Should've already been put to death.

  31. Good...that's what he chose for his victims...

  32. So he's going to die for the fake staged reports?

  33. As long as it doesn't take years.

  34. Good! We need to kill him now! Why wait?!!

  35. Is it possible to put it on a live stream

  36. Y is the word if in that sentence

  37. Should have been shot on scene.




  39. Why if? the pig is already guilty.