Fishermen reel in 9-foot, 250-pound shark after 40-minute battle

Fishermen reel in 9-foot, 250-pound shark after 40-minute battle
Image from: Fox News

"We knew it was a shark, it was very exciting. I don't suppose many people have a job like mine, I love fishing and get a lot of excitement."

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  1. I’ll never understand stuff like this. Might’ve been fun and exciting for the fisherman, but not for the animal. Just glad they released it, but I can’t help wonder if it was injured when they did. So stupid.

  2. I’m just here to tell you all I love Donald Trump.

  3. I hate fisherman. If you catch it and tire the animal out you need to eat it. Animals are not here for our enjoyment and entertainment. Their suffering isn’t fun.

  4. It's just kinda weird to see news on this feed that doesn't have to do with trump. Usually you guys are on your knees #$%&^ing him off

  5. Seriously people... You’re really going to turn a shark being caught into a political thing? Lame.

  6. Cut the line, there is no need for that.

  7. Wow...
    That must be the 4,974,385th biggest fish ever caught! 🙄

  8. This is your daily reminder that Donald Trump and his entire mob are going to end up in prison sooner or later.

    Republicans in Congress can't shield him from prosecution forever 😎

  9. Using that lazy shipmate for bait really paid off.

  10. Being JAW III I don’t like to see my fellow sharks hurt

  11. hope they threw him back in so he could grow up !

  12. Fox continues distracting with sharks, tips and rainbows.

  13. That picture reminds me of Jaws..

  14. Fisherman caught a fish ....didn’t break the printers on that one

  15. and what did the poor shark did to deserve this cruelty.this animal cruelty should attract long jail sentence.

  16. Once you get the thrill...let it go!

  17. The general counsel for pharmaceutical giant Novartis has announced that he is leaving the company over its payments to President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen


  19. This happens all the time what's the big deal

  20. That's really not that big. Is this a news network?

  21. I would be doing everything I could to cut that bad boy loose rather than reeling him in...js

  22. Looks like Faux News is avoiding the Senate report showing Russia helped Trump, Pruitt admitting to not following Federal law, and DJT Jrs testimony.

  23. Glad it was released. Applaud that stuff.

  24. Stuff you definitely won't see anywhere on Fox...


    Ghanaian-American Who Rescued Families in Deadly Fire Leaves Heroic Legacy

    A deadly apartment fire in New York City claimed 13 lives at the end of last year.

    But the death toll could have been higher were it not for the heroic actions of a 26-year-old Ghanaian immigrant who lost his life while saving others.

  25. "I knew it was a shark" You don't say?

  26. Makes me want a fish sandwich...

  27. John Kalyesubula go take a dirt nap

  28. How is this news Fox? Maybe talk about how Trump colluded with Russia to become president ... smh

  29. So what are they going to do with it?

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  31. Fox News not wanting to talk about the money for Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels huh?

  32. Haven’t these guys ever seen JAWS???

  33. Jamie Snyder
    Chris would love this

  34. 9 feet. 250 pounds.. not impressed.

  35. - Thả ❤ ạ !
    - TT lại đi ạ ! ❤

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