First Look - Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

First Look - Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

First Look - Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Posted by GameSpot Feb. 28, 2018, 2:47 p.m.

Check out the first trailer for Wreck-It Ralph 2!

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  1. The little girl playing the game in the car looks like moana

  2. Please have a roast of the emoji movie in this

  3. I can picture Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 after that saying 'Pop goes the bunny!' Poor rabbit. Or Anya from the Buffy series remarking with: "Yes! Take that you floppy eared monster! Justice is served!"

    This movie looks promising, hopefully it won't be a disappointing sequel like a lot of Disney's sequels tend to be

  4. I said it right when they first announced it that Wreck-it-Ralph did not need a sequel. If this movie is going to be a sad excuse for product placement like the Emoji Movie was then I want no part of it. The first movie had a perfect ending, paid hommage to video games, and it spoke from the heart. Not every movie needs a sequel.

  5. This movie had me with the first one when they had that Metal Gear Solid reference, I'll definitely gonna be watching this when it's out

  6. I'm very concerned 😕 like is there going to be an over arching message behind this movie that's truly meaningful? Or will it just be them messing around the Internet?

    I suspect the movie will be a decent watch but won't nearly be as heart warming as the original.

  7. What the hell they're making a sequel for Emoji movie

  8. Adam El Arabe Dans le monde d'Internet maintenant? Yo, Pornhub, xxx, l'hackage pis les affaires pas hallal vont etre dans le film ça veut dire. Le film doit etre 18 ans et plus xD hahahaha!

  9. Emoji Movie kinda did the internet thing already, but this'll get stellar reviews because Disney of course.

  10. Eeeeeh,the first one glided on nostalgia and shined because of it. This kind of seems like it lost all genuineness.

  11. Rachel Ripley We are taking Lily to this.... we watch the first one all the time!

    😂😂😂 @ the bunny pancake scene

  12. Salina Zamora Bernal Reyanne Garcia Rey I’m not waiting for you this time for a movie so you guys better be ready

  13. I just want to say that technically Ralph just commit murder or manslaughter 😂

  14. One question. How do arcade machines get access to the internet?

    Also, seeing this I get emoji movie vibes 😭

  15. Awesome! I was wondering when they would have a second Wreck-It Ralph movie. This looks great!

  16. Sadly no sonic no bowser no ryu no pacman

  17. FW Murnau Let's hope it is not awful..the first one was perfect.

  18. I actually love wreck it Ralph. I'm excit3d for this

  19. oh booga hasnt watched wreck it ralph Corina Padron

  20. I loved the first one, I'm sure I will like the second as well. I hope there is just more Sonic!

  21. Sheena Payne you do animated movies? I’m a big kid If you haven’t noticed by now.

  22. Mélissa Pilotti ça m'a fait penser à toi 😊😊 c'était ensemble qu'on avait vu le premier non?

  23. I hope they dont open the dark web

  24. 30% of the internet is porn...just throwing that out


  26. Force feeding and inflation fetish are just some of the fetishes they will encounter on the internet.

  27. We already have a Wreck-It Ralph 2 coming out. Ready Player One. 😂

  28. Todo Latinoamérica les pide ... que no le pongan la voz de la Chilindrina en el doblaje de nuevo ... por favor y gracias.

  29. Did anyone else notice that the little girl is moana?

  30. Shiba jsjxjdjcfj conejo culiao se reventó xddd

    Se ve wena ewe

  31. Can someone tell me why on the mobile app the video starts halfway through?

  32. And it shows an ad within an ad .... Wth is that about

  33. Easter Egg: That little girl playing that app, is Moana as a kid.

  34. Whats the actual release date? How am I meant to know when Thanksgiving is when I'm not american

  35. Please Stephanie Tousignant. Je veux aller le voir au cinéma. C'est mon film d'animation préféré.


  37. Is nobody gonna talk about how the little girl is Moana ?

  38. Omg baby moana is in wreck it ralph2 😱😱


  40. At first i thought its emoji movie and it really is Part 2 Trailer

  41. Lauren Flauto ok, this will hold us over until Secret Life 2!

  42. So new games to appear

    Candy Crush
    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition
    Bit Runner

    Um any other game for this movie?

  43. Super excited 😍
    Want to watch,want to watch,want to watch 😍😍😍

  44. Never got to see the 1st one at the cinema I was to poorly xxx

  45. What part of the internet is he going to 😉?

  46. The Emoji Movie all over again. Promoting ads ads and more...ADS.

  47. Jesse Vargas yessssssssss I'm ready

  48. Jyedith Benavides García hhaaaayyyy. Qqqquuueeeee iiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯😦😮😮😲😯😦😧😧😲😬😐😯😦😧😮😬😵

  49. Justine we gotta watch this too

  50. Hey Alexis, the little girl playing the game on her tablet in the preview looks like Moana!

  51. lol. he killed the bunny. too many pancakes poor bunny that movie is gonna be hilarious

  52. Armando Mercado look!!! Part 2 of your favorite movie!!! 💕💕💕

  53. I wish That they can go To the FNAF world hahaha!!!!

  54. Kirsty Hughes I know a little lad who's going to love this cx

  55. Ge Germain ahahahahahahhwha la fin avec la petite fille, j'ai tellement rit!

  56. Well... now I feel like watching the first one again

  57. Papa Van Aries . magugustuhan to nila vance & vince may part 2 na haha

  58. Amy-Louise too many good films coming out this year

  59. Awww! Babe we neex to watch this!! Please!!! ❤️ Alexa Nica Fajardo

  60. Is it the same voice actor for Ralph as he sounds different

  61. Michelle He moanas in heres!!! Also the called ethernet wifi lol

  62. I guess this is an apology for the Emoji Movie?