"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Drops First Teaser

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Drops First Teaser
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Merlin's beard!

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  1. Jude Law, Johny Depp and Eddie Redmayne. Solid cast right there.

  2. For a moment I read "Fantastic Breasts". I really need to stop fast reading.

  3. Did They apparate in Hogwarts grounds...? FLAW

  4. So excited to learn more about the whole Dumbledore and Grindelwald story. Jude Law seems OK as Dumbledore but I'm still not happy about Johnny Depp as Grindelwald (I love Johnny but he just doesn't fit)

  5. Hmmm this movie will probably focused on Newt's school past and probably revolved around Ariana's death with Grindewald mixed in. And also some cool spell of course :)

  6. Avengers theme song..just a little bit right at the end ..whyyyy

  7. Looking forward for dumbledore vs grindelwald battle.

  8. I never thought I'd say this... Dumbledore's hot

  9. Marian Külaviir Kas oled juba näinuuud??? See on vist ainus põhjus, miks üldse novembrit oodata :D

  10. Jennifer!! Get your nerd on! Samen gaan? 😁😄 duurt alleen nog ff 🤔

  11. Will we finally find where all the Rum went Luv?

  12. Michelle hab dich letztens noch gefragt ob es schon ein Trailer gibt 😆

  13. Aver Harvey It's time to put Johnny Depp in Marvel Movies as well👍🏻

  14. Omg die trailer is geweldig Denise Dylan Jonah

  15. It even has the same music remix as the milked pirates of the carribbean. XD

  16. Hufflepuffs getting the glory even before Harry Potter and that of Cedric.

  17. Hi Nath we will watchy this no matter what okay?!

  18. Áuch wenn ich den Trailer nicht geschaut habe und du sicherlich auch nicht, aber ich WILL ihn gucken! <3

  19. Konei SuLo I'm pretty sure you've already seen it but just in case...

  20. Katie Millar you’re coming with me when this is out 🙃🙃

  21. Tina Carmona., Jude Law is Young Dumbledore!., 😍😍😍

  22. Adrian Scheid im November geht es wieder ins kinoooo 😊

  23. Dumbledore takes it in arse
    Thats a fact for you

  24. It's time to take a side, bottom or up?

  25. Haralampos Leana 16/11/18 , εχουμε ακομααααα

  26. Lisa van Gaalen nu wil ik er helemaal na tor

  27. Tin Jurković taman sam u 11.mj doma ! 🤗🤗

  28. Fantastic Beasts who love GoT graphics

  29. Sarah Schmidt - kino vielleicht ?! Im November? 😂

  30. Sarah Kosel was am Jahrestag stattfindet ist dann wohl klar 🤔

  31. Kimberly Buyse nize, jude law is ook goe bezig toch

  32. Laura Nash I’ve got goose bumps x

  33. Pontus Ga Gabrielsson denna ser ju sjuuukt lovande ut 😍😍

  34. Chloé Labo faut y aller ensemble manz!!!!! 😍😍😍

  35. Marie-Christin da ist der richtige 😅

  36. Γιώργος Γεωργιλάς tag κι εδώ because reasons <3

  37. Ellie O'Keeffe thiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss

  38. Laura Pascali amo das müesse mir gah luege😍

  39. Teaser? That was a full trailer

  40. Fabulous is not enough though ! 🤷‍♂️❤

  41. Benas oooommmggg yes yes yes 😲😲😲😲😍


  43. Marleen Vink Kan niet wachten man

  44. Katrin Joana Jarolim Laura Kronlachner *screams internally* *screams even more externally*

  45. Nezly Akl ooooh ça va être tellement cool !!!!!

  46. Tan tan tan tan Fernanda Malburg Raphael Alves Raquel D. Sarafian Luita Vieira Juliana Calvão Gambaré