Fact Checker, from The Washington Post

Fact Checker, from The Washington Post
Image from: Washington Post

The latest episode of Fact Checker, from The Washington Post examines President Trump's tough talk on trade. His numbers don't always add up.

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  1. FOR SALE: One republic over 240 years old. Includes one democracy, a federal government, a Republican congress, all institutions and an executive office. Sold as is. All reasonable offers considered. Contact: DONALD J. TRUMP, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, (202) 456-1111

  2. Hey he is the Liar in Chief and seems to lie about every issue .He seems to live a life of DEEP DENIAL .

  3. He’s a pathological liar. But what’s another stripe for a zebra

  4. I'm a tough talker. Watch my fist pumps & exclamation marks I give myself. Watch me fire my own party by tweet.

  5. With Trump, you must remember one thing & one thing only: Everything Trump does is for "show". His whole vile corrupt life is one giant publicity stunt. There is nothing, NOTHING genuine about the man. Nothing.

  6. Too much does not add up when it comes to Trump and co.


  8. His numbers, facts, or knowledge doesn't add up!!!

  9. I'm going to sit here and pretend that I trust the WaPo to do an HONEST assessment of ANYTHING relating to Trump, Republicans, or conservatism.

  10. So sick of this stable idiots lies and grandstanding!

  11. He is a Shultz,, "I know nothing " is his line,,

  12. Fact checking is becoming almost irrelevant. Sixty percent of us do not believe anything Mr. Trump says and thirty percent believe everything he says. The rest are not paying any attention.

  13. we import more than we export because so many "US Products" are actually made overseas!

  14. Well. This comes as a shock. *yawn*

  15. His mouth is always dry. Bad meds.

  16. Couldn't tell any more lies than Obama and Hilary

  17. He wouldn't know truth if it came out his azz