Europa Lander Mission Shut Out Again in 2019 NASA Budget Request

Europa Lander Mission Shut Out Again in 2019 NASA Budget Request
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Europa Lander Mission Shut Out Again in 2019 NASA Budget Request

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  1. >finally puts money behind going to the moon and mars
    >everyone complains that we're losing science progress

  2. Does this congress not want to find life on other planets?? I'm guessing not, that may run against their evangelical base. smh

  3. New story, old news... nasa still studying the concept even without budget for the last 2/ 3 years... theyll find the way to have the study done and then maybe the'll have budget for it in the 2020's?... i like the lander idea... but why bother if you already sent your orbiter before, double launch?? Seems expensive

  4. Well nothing has been agreed yet but I think NASA needs to be clear of its goals. Personally I’d like to see SLS scrapped, funding for the ISS phased out around 2025 & a focus on deep space missions including the Europa lander

  5. Come on NASA make it happen. Counting on you. This and the Enceladus fly by have to be huge priorities... to begin to answer that colossal question. You guys are amazing. You can find a way.

  6. Our future is in the stars, not remaining here on Earth bleeding its resources. I hope I live to see the day that the entire human race realizes this and we all shed our differences for one common goal for the good of our race. That will truly be a sight to see.

  7. Hard to set priorities when Congress and the White House changes funding and goals every few years.
    Think of it like college. Now every year someone else decides to change your degree, and how much money you get.
    Then when your degree is changed, and previous work you did on the other degree is wiped out. So if one day you are on the same degree again you have to start over.
    This is what NASA has been dealing with for decades.

  8. Anti science folks are always screaming about when we'll find life outside earth. Well, Europa is the highest probability. I'm sure we'll put the money to good use bombing poor brown people somewhere.... :(

  9. This is a mission that should be considered, but it is hard to know if it is too early. Is there a secure way to keep the lander from contaminating Europe? How can they keep any Earthly DNA off it?

  10. This is probably good, because, "All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landings there." Simple, straightforward directions.

    Except that it doesn't really give a timeframe. Like, attempt no landings this year? The next 100 years? Til July 4? So, yeah.

  11. Hey NASA, can we not have a wayward rocket accidentally hit Congress and Washington? Would save the country!

  12. Imagine if NASA got the military budget for a year... How amazing would that be...

  13. We're not supposed to land there anyway.

  14. It must be because those deficit-hating Republicans need to make budget cuts.

  15. NASA is too political, which inhibits space science.

  16. All these worlds are yours
    Except Europa
    Attempt no landing there

  17. Elon Musk are you going to help them out? Jupiter's moon, Mars.... both hold great potential.... :)

  18. Come Europe, get in there!

  19. I don't want a moon base as much as I want this

  20. No way Gees , we need to get that there !!

  21. Give up on NASA and this administration. Maybe ESA will do it.

  22. What's the deal? They won't send the bombs and they won't explore we stuck in a terrible malaise

  23. Tell Trumpo Europa is a great place to build a golf course, he will jump at the chance.

  24. Instead we put a car into space for fun. Sorry Elon, I love what you’ve done so far but...

  25. God doesn't want to find life on other worlds.

  26. Seem people have been leaning towards Enceladus anyhow. From shows I've seen it appears they want to go there more now than Europa.

  27. Lets go back to the past and screw the future

  28. Can NASA do a kickstarter?

  29. we cant land on jupiter its a fantasy

  30. Trump is a liar. He said he supported this and obviously he just lies all the time.