Posted by Fox News April 5, 2018, 2:42 p.m.

"I came to this country 45 years ago with me and my mother. Okay? 45 years ago we were not offered sanctuary... We were told you have to be an American citizen and here's what you have to do - and we did it."

Residents in Escondido, California voiced their opinions at a heated meeting last night before the city's council voted to file a legal brief supporting the Trump administration's lawsuit against the state's sanctuary law.

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  1. My sister-in-law came into the US from Bolivia. She worked with the system and followed all of the requirements to become a lawful citizen.

  2. YESSSS!! I was born in Mexico and my dad brought me here the legal way.. if you have been here your whole life there is no excuse for you to still be illegal!!! #MAGA

  3. Just like most of us, he is tired of the entitled, coddled, lazy, ways of ILLEGAL immigrants. You work for what you want, and don't expect anything to be given to you. I applaud this man and his family, you are what America is suppose to be about.

  4. I live in Escondido. I know lots of illegal immigrants. When asked why they don't obtain there citizenship, they say it's too hard. Sounds like an entitled millennial' s response.

  5. This guy represents the MAJORITY of SO Cal. residents. He also represents the vast majority of immigrants. THANK YOU SIR for speaking up!

  6. Why do Democrats and California Democrats in particular, think it's fair to allow Illegal Latino Aliens to "cut the line" while MILLIONS are waiting LEGALLY, around the World???

  7. Actually sir, you are incorrect. Dreamers currently have no pathway to citizenship hence the reason congress is wanting to pass a bill that will grant them a green card. What worked for you and your mother might not work for other immigrants. 45 years ago our immigration system was different. Today it is broken.

  8. I came 40 Years ago legally I had to wait for 5 years to get my citizenship, but I did it . Why are we catering to all of them? Only because of a vote for the Librial Party? This needs to stop . Build the Wall.

  9. Cities are finally standing up to the Democratic control of California!

  10. This guy speaking here is 100 percent correct! Good for you sir to come to that meeting & voice your LEGAL immigrant story.

  11. It’s not complicated and I love the passion this guy speaks with...why because this is a real immigrant who came to America with the intention to respect our country and become part of this country LEGALLY

  12. I love this mans passion!!! When you work hard for something you appreciate it! You respect it! And you love your country!!! THIS IS WHY!!!

  13. (Cathie). Also came to this country legally. There were no short cuts. We were also told what needed to done to become American citizens and we did it. Proud American citizen..!!

  14. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  15. Yes, that is how it is done! And that's how my grand parents did it when they came here!

  16. It's clear the Democrat party doesn't care about legal citizens. They wanna transform America still. And flooding America with criminals and radicals is exactly what they want

  17. It's people like this man who should be furious about people being let in here for free at no expense to them,I can't I imagine how one would feel about this,I'm born and raised here and it makes me mad 😞

  18. That's the way my mom and paternal grandparents came too .... mom learned to speak English within a year by reading the Reader's Digest, talking with bilingual neighbors, and English only for the first hour when dad (a teacher) got home from work each day .... and mom became citizens as soon as it was possible. That's the way all immigrants should come, period !

  19. Thank you sir for coming here the right way. That’s all we ask 🇺🇸

  20. Man STFUU and sit down somewhere. He still doesn’t like you. Wearing that hat won’t help either.

  21. My momma did it for 4 kids and herself and brought us legally. This is ridiculous. California and other states like it should not receive any federal $$ for their lawlessness

  22. I know many immigrant citizens who feel the same way as this man ! They waited in line and paid their fees and are proud to be Americans! They don’t wave a foreign flag!

  23. Thank you to this man for speaking out against mainstream opinion. If he and millions of other AMERICANS had to work to EARN citizenship, so should everyone else! God bless you and America good sir!

  24. This is my City and I'm proud that our Mayor is opposing sanctuary cities. Mayor Abed is an immigrant himself who came here legally. If illegals want to live here, fine, sign up and go thru the immigration process. Moonbeam Brown is destroying our state , and it's beginning to look filthy! If we don't take our state back, it will be just like Mexico, the rich and the poor. And this is what liberals want? I want to feel safe in my sanctuary, what gives criminal illegals that right over me?

  25. Yay! One city at a time. Legal immigration is what we endorse and want. Thank you for speaking up. We appreciate you being here and sharing your culture.

  26. Finally some of these cities in California are going to speak up against sanctuary cities. Jerry Brown needs to go so bad. California is a beautiful State if it wasn't for the liberals running the show and destroying everything in the State.

  27. Good for you sir! Thank you for speaking the truth! Why can't the rest of America see what is going on? God Bless You and your family.

  28. And that is all we in America are asking for Immigrants to come here Legally. Go through the system and if you are a hard worker welcome. If you are a Criminal with intent to join other Criminals we don't want you.

  29. This year marks 20 years for my family and I in America. We all became naturalized citizens about 6 years ago. It was quite a process but we worked and worked and then worked some more for it. There were lots of applications, interviews, background checks, and more interviews and even a US History exam at the end lol. We're firm believers that the American Dream is still alive an well--for those who want to work toward it.

  30. Wow! Good for him! Someone who knows the value of becoming a citizen of this great country. Pres. Trump needs to send him on a speaking tour around the country.

  31. And THAT is the kind of immigrant I want coming here! I don't mind immigrants, but if your first move to becoming an American is breaking the law, that's not a good sign. Legal immigrants are welcome. Illegal are not. The Left needs to stop conflating the two because they are NOT the same

  32. The democrats do not care about these people,they only care about fighting President trump and getting more votes ,even if its not legal,what has happened to our country ?

  33. Primary responsibility of our President is to protect America and American citizens. If doing so is considered being racist...then so be it. We are a country of Immigrants and laws. Laws on the books that need to be enforced and respected by all. No one is entitled to come here. Not everything is "FREE" in America. Well not for the hard working taxpayers at least.

  34. I paid almost 4k in processing fees for my wife to be legal here in the U.S. its complete BS that people here in the US can't go through the same legal process as us. Yet politicians think that its ok to ignore these laws which they swore to uphold. Everyone should be refunded of their money if this is the new procedure.

  35. Good for them... Gov Moonbeam, Lt Gov Newsom, the AG and the Democrats in power are WRONG... ignoring settled law just makes them lawless fascists, no longer worthy of being called Democrats.

  36. I love this guy! Just as our ancestors did, they got sponsors and filled out the proper papers. Anyone and everyone is welcomed, but you need to be vetted and go thru process, why is that so hard to understand?

  37. Thank you for speaking up sir! It’s sad that this man came here legally and is being screwed by those who choose to break the law and Demowits willing to help them get sanctuary status! RIDICULOUS!

  38. My family and I came to this country 49 years ago. First in our communist country of origin my dad had to work in a concentration camp for 2 years to keep our eligibility available to depart to America. We were looked as outcast because we didn’t want to remain in that country. When we arrived to freedom in America we follow all the rules and laws to become a U S Citizens It took me 15 years but our dreams have become a reality. I’m thankful to God and America for the privilege of residing in this beautiful country called America! These young people now just don’t know all the struggles we went through just to be an American and they take it for granted.

  39. Exactly what I keep saying. Americans are not the ones who should be up in arms about this immigration thing. The ones who spent the money and time to do it correctly are the ones who should be mad about this mess. Do not make it easy for illegals. Make it easier for people trying to do it the right way.

  40. I am an immigrant myself and I did it legally.. There was no sanctuary offered but it's okay, the legal way is the right way.

  41. My grandfather followed all the rules to come here from Greece. As a result he was turned away twice before finally getting in. God bless him for giving us a wonderful and legal life.

  42. My mom did it! And she is from Tijuana Mexico, she also did the paperwork to become legal citizen for my Abuilita and Tia. And they all became legal American citizens. So if they can do it, so can everyone else. Its paperwork, just like everyone needs a driver's license to drive. ❤

  43. Preach 🙌🏼 these so called 'dreamers' need to get in line behind all the immigrants who have been waiting patiently to do it the right way. California can't even make taking care of their homeless a priority! But nooo, they need the liberal votes and the legal Mexicans feel the same way this guy does so they vote Trump 🇺🇸

  44. From what I’ve seen the angriest person on this issue is not the natural born citizen or the person who came here illegally. It’s the person who immigrated here to assimilate to American culture who’s now being told it was all for nothing.

  45. I salute that man telling it like it is you made the effort to get here now make the effort to stay or you're going to have to leave

  46. He is so right! I have friends that applied for the legal right to enter this country from Mexico, waited and when the time came entered legally and became citizens.

  47. Two thumbs up for this man !!!! People need to do it the right way and not come here and take away from the Americans tax monies for free medical, food stamps etc... You know what haven has ? A Gate, a Wall, and extreme vetting process. Not even Jesus is letting everyone in who does not come out the right way.

  48. Anything worth having is worth fighting for! Good for you for standing up for Our Country! If we give citizenship to everone, it will loose it's value.

  49. I'm a first generation American on my mom's side. She came to the U.S. at age 9 with her immediate family, from Colombia, and it took her many, many years to have the opportunity to become a citizen. But she did things the right way, passed her citizenship test, and has been a U.S. citizen for over two decades now. It's a time consuming process and there's a lot to learn to pass the test, but if you want to call the U.S. your home and be a part of the greatest country on the planet, just do it the right way! It's not that hard.

  50. Please share this to everyone. He represents all of us came to U.S. legally we don't want pay tax for illegal and sanctuary. We need Rahm Emanuel down.

  51. My family had to wait 12 years on a list to come legally to this country. I know it’s a long wait, but if someone did it, why others can’t do it? Why we have to allow someone that broke the law, cut in front of others that are compliant with the rules? It’s not fair 😡

  52. Yes they can but when California is spending 23 Billion dollars on illegals why become legal when you get more benefits as a leech. I see people getting tired of the BS that people Governor Brown, Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein and others are doing to make this beneficial for illegals while regular citizens get screwed. Prime example the homeless crisis in California. Politician's are more worried about freaking illegals then homeless citizens.

  53. Any city,county,or state that chooses to become a sanctuary to any criminal-illegals are criminals also is in violation of Federal Law,and Federal Law supersedes state law-"Article Ten-The Bill Of Rights-Powers not delegated to the federal govt.belong to the states.The Federal Govt.has the power to control our borders delegated to them,and to decide who comes into this country !!!!

  54. My mom, brother and I came from Mexico more than 60 years ago. We did it the right way. We became naturalized citizens. My parents worked in a factory. No food stamps, Medicaid or housing.

  55. Absolutely right. He understands. Doing the right thing. Being illegal is definetky tge wrong approach if you are serious about citizenship.

  56. I'm PROUD of the Citizens who were immigrants & who are speaking out and standing up for what is right! I'm PROUD they came into this country legally. I'm PROUD to know and be friends of some of these Citizens who were immigrants from other countries. We HAVE to have all of our states and politicians and people abiding by our laws!! We must enforce our laws. We MUST crack down and have stricter immigration laws. We MUST or our days as the United States are limited.

    Sanctuary cities and states are going against our laws and those that are going against our laws should be punished and they sure as hell should not be in office!!! Arrest them and remove them from office. We need laws that will remove anyone from office that is not following our laws period!

  57. Actually I have many friends that immigrated here from Mexico to California that are Trump supporters that feel this way.. I actually listened to them and their story of sacrifice .. so I am not surprised at this at all..and they love this country!

  58. You'll never see this on any Spanish speaking station or any leftist news outlet, and before you call me racist, my husband and his family did the same thing as this mans family did, they immigrated not expecting anything more than the opportunities this country affords, the chance to work hard and better your life and ultimately become a citizen.

  59. Dreamers: wait in line like everyone else. My family did, we came across according to the laws of the land and we prospered! With out handouts or liberal control! We prospered with hard work, grit and determination!

  60. My husband came here 15 years ago we have followed every rule now we Finally got the letter he goes for his citzen ship if we can do it any one can quit whining and go and come back legally if you blame any one it should be your parents for coming here illegal.

  61. I LOVE this. My dad came here with his parents in 1903, and they were NOT given any "handouts" either. They came in a ship ( The Brenen) that was not at all a luxery liner.

  62. Parents knew what they were doing. Some took the proper steps to correct it; others didn’t. Obama’s admin did nothing to help. Trump was open to it and the dems again did nothing but blame. The dems don’t want to fix it.

  63. I have no issue with people coming to our country legally and doing what it takes to become a citizen! Don’t come here illegally and take residency in a sanctuary city and think you are safe from deportation and can get away with anything!!!!

  64. Me and my family too! Do it right and abide by the law of the land! I am tired of entitlements and favoritism in exchange fro Democratic votes.

  65. My mother is a legal immigrant and she feels the same as this man! California is treating the legal immigrants who followed the rules as second class citizens while putting illegals in front of the line because they will vote for Democrats!

  66. The Dems have run out of ideas on winning votes. Bringing Illegals in and supporting them and giving them a Drivers license is their only hope. They care less about them or us. Fact is fact. I will no longer vote Democrat .

  67. We The People are feed up with these commiecrat policies that DONT and never will work,......simply cause it looks good on paper,....dosent mean that it will work in real life,......just like communism.

  68. There are multitudes from Mexico just like this man who feel the same way living in California. Democrats have unfortunately pulled the wool over the eyes of many who continue voting in these liars who control our California government. Either that or it's blatant voter fraud gone undetected all this time. It's infuriating!

  69. Yes Sir that's what everyone should do. But what we have are illegals and criminals and Democrats that are helping them break the laws of our Country. That's why we need to take our Country back and Deport all these criminals and anyone who helps or stand with them! !!!!

  70. Why don't we give California to Mexico - for the expense of the wall around California and the southern border. Sounds like a winner to me!

  71. God bless all of the immigrants who have come into our country and became Americans legally. That is how this country was founded. That is part of the dream. 🙏🏻