Elin Nordegren Busted for Speeding By Flying Cop!

Elin Nordegren Busted for Speeding By Flying Cop!
Image from: TMZ

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the cops, busting Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren!

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  1. Feeling the need to tie Tiger's name to his ex, who's received a speeding ticket, to make a headline? Slow News day indeed.

  2. Shouldn't you have some Kardashian news to post about?

  3. Then later: In other news, Lindsay Von wins Gold🥇

  4. She must still be chasing Tiger’s cheating ghost

  5. Damn! A $356 fine is like $10 million to poor ppl

  6. I'm sure she can afford the ticket lol

  7. This woman has bothered no one - leave her alone.

  8. Didn't know woods swing both golf sticks.. 😱😱 That's a dude right?? 👀👀

  9. Is she a US citizen? ICE will be coming for her next

  10. I think she can afford it

  11. Somewhere Tiger is smiling😉

  12. Well damn her, how could she?

  13. Who cares she's a coal burner anyways

  14. She looks like Ava from Justified.

  15. Still hot unlike the useless thugettes usually here.

  16. She can afford the ticket

  17. Lady looks like a dude or vice versa.

  18. https://www.tenor.co/Khln.gif