Eddie Royal on Josh McDaniels

Eddie Royal on Josh McDaniels

"[Josh McDaniels] is one of the best [coaches] I've ever been around."

Eddie Royal joined GMFB to weigh in on his former coach.

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  1. If he was one of the best coaches, he would want to prove himself instead of being a scumbag and backing out of Indy.

  2. Yea he did wonders for the Broncos as HC 🙄

  3. He also said he tried too hard to be bill belichik and”lost his team” mid season... as a pats fan that made me very nervous if he is indeed bb’s heir

  4. Failed miserably in Denver and backed out of the Colts job after telling them yes and having them hire staff for him. Yep. He sure is a great coach

  5. Yeah he’s best at backing out of multi million dollar contracts, oh well didn’t want him in Indy anyway

  6. Isn't he the same guy who destroyed Denver's team

  7. I watched that this morning. He said football wise with the X and Os. Not so much the dealing with players part

  8. I like how they chose the one positive thing he said about him to be the caption of this video. Why not Josh McDaniels “lost locker room” in Denver?

  9. Hey, if you can’t get McDaniels, go get the guy that beat them!!

  10. I rather be a decent human being than a good coach. Dudes a snake

  11. I'm guessing Tim tebow didn't say that

  12. One of the best lol look at his truck record not very good.

  13. He was crossing his fingers behind his back when he said that. You just know it lol

  14. Thats why he tanked in Denver...cuz hes great 😂😂😂

  15. Haven't been around many coaches I take it.

  16. Pagano is a better man the He will ever dream of being.

  17. Josh had a spygate in the Colts Facility 😂

  18. Orton musta thought same way( best Headcoach ever !) 🤔

  19. Nope he’s saying we got Business to take care of next year.

  20. Not a broncos fan but Eddie royal is intelligent.

  21. Eddie is correct when it comes to x's and o's McDaniels is legit.

  22. McWeasel is a coordinator period! He has no human relations skills.

  23. He’s a great OC but he’s not a head coach.

  24. Alex Doyon Josh "mcterry" bellichick

  25. Another fine, upstanding member of the National Felons' League got arrested for beating up a woman--Kansas City's Kareem Hunt. Isn't it cute that they're so big and strong that they can take it out on these women--with NO CONSEQUENCES FROM THE NFL... And I'm sure that they'll kneel for all the oppressed blacks who suffer so dearly at the hands of police. Right!