Eagles' famous 'Philly Special' play should have been a penalty, Mike Pereira says

Eagles' famous 'Philly Special' play should have been a penalty, Mike Pereira says
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"They didn’t line up properly. And it really should’ve been called.”

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  1. Alshon put his hand up to the line judge if he was alright where he lined up and he was fine.

    If you’re going to point fingers, point at the ref crew, not the Eagles.


  2. I saw several holding calls on the patriots that wasn’t called so it’s a wash..... and damn you for making me defend the eagles... now I feel dirty

  3. Ok. So let's put an asterisk next to the Eagles championship season, you know, like all of the Patriots ones.

  4. Yep just like that touchdown shouldn't have counted when the guy on the Eagles was going out of bounds and the ball was still moving...

  5. Omg shut up... anything to give the pats an excuse.. mike pereira is the most annoying person on tv. He doesn't even get half the calls right

  6. lol @ the Patriots held pretty much the entire game against the Jags that wasnt called.

  7. As an official myself, I can see clearly that Jeffery is legally on the line of scrimmage, as he has a foot inside the 3 yard line, and the right tackle's backside is outside of the 3. The rule states that a player is on the line of scrimmage if any part of his body is in front of any part of the body of the nearest player on the line of scrimmage (with the center clearly being on the line of scrimmage)

  8. Love how everybody and their brother wants to make an excuse because they beat the patriots. If it had been say Pittsburgh or Jacksonville I bet there wouldn't be any of this. Maybe it should have been called. Take the touchdown down put a field goal on the board hey wait the eagles still win by 5

  9. For a sport that loves to talk about how tough they are, football sure does have a whole lot of bitching and moaning and complaining.

  10. if you look at it they only have TWO on the actual line of scrimmage..but you know what?? I love my Patriots and there were calls I would have liked to have but at the end the Eagles made 2 HUGE plays ( The 4th and 2 and the strip sack ) and won a fantastic football game

  11. Love all the Eagles fans on here who have their championship but get butt hurt because someone admitted they caught a break (or two) in winning. Your vaunted defense was very leaky. You got help, now enjoy.

  12. Wide out points right to the ref to check if he was ok and the ref gave him the thumbs up, that’s why there was no penalty, the player did his job to check with the official, they can’t penalize the team because they themselves screwed up

  13. just a wee bit late, kind of like people calling in watching golf on TV asking for players to get a penalty. What it does highlight once more is that the other 2 major sports have full-time, professional officials and the NFL still tries to cheap by with "amateurs" who are teachers, lawyers and indian chiefs by day, and do this on the weekend. You can tell me that they put in time during the week, but as a lawyer for 40 years, I can tell you that there are not enough hours in the week to do a 2nd job well. It can never be perfect since they are human, but it is as bad as I have ever seen in and I have been watching NFL games a long time. Just my opinion, yours may be different.

  14. Soooooo, he even said it wouldn't have made a difference on the play and Jefferies confirmed before the play that he was legal with a ref, less than a foot..... Had enough internet today

  15. Wait — Pereira, the guy who gets the plays wrong all the time lol! Gee, patriots didn’t challenge and the td stood up under review. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  16. This was rigged for the eagles to win...I mean by the rule clement TD shouldn't have counted and then blatant PI on last play of game...a guy literally destroys Hogan on the hail mary at the 20 yard line...NFL is and has always been rigged for profit

  17. we lost, no need doing what the loser franchises and their fans do. To go around making excuses is for the average, the Patriots are the standard ....gear up for next year

  18. All I have to say to this fool is #spygate #deflategate #tuckrule and whatever other gate you want to call 😡😡😡 ... I call them the Tainted Dynasty .,,.. they shouldn’t have made it past the Jags but the holding wasn’t called .... so next time NE make sure the check clears before the games start and refs get that cash 💰... Ha Ha!! 😂😂😂😂

  19. Yeah, and J. James catch “should” have been a touchdown giving the Steelers #1 seed, playing the Titans and home field advantage. But it wasn’t and not the reason Pitt didn’t go to the Super Bowl. Give it a rest!!!!

  20. It was an illegal play and shouldn’t have counted but it doesn’t matter what’s done is done, the patriots will be back next year, the Eagles will not be.

  21. How come this is being talked about so much but no one is mentioning the obvious pass interference on 2 pt conversion...answer..

  22. Don’t even try, New England. You guys have been bribing the refs and have gotten away with so much crap for God knows how long. And for the record, James caught that ball. I hate your franchise so much, I hope you and your franchise never see another playoff game again

  23. The pats get every fucking call all season, and they never getting holding calls or pi called against them. Oh well, they missed an illegal formation. Jags should have beat them anyways. There should have been at least 4 calls against them in that game

  24. Doesn't matter, move on, new season stop saying something was illegal or shouldn't have counted after the game, ITS DONE, y'all did this after EVERY game this year

  25. Oh my God! This is so 2 weeks ago! The statute of limitations has run out, as soon as the extra point try was snapped. Get over it!

  26. If anyone could get this call overturned, its the Patriots (who would gladly accept ANOTHER SB Trophy with an *asterisk next to it :-) )

  27. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Need some cheese to go with that whine. Love hearing Pats fans complain about refs and replay calls. Guess the check bounced.

  28. Who cares what Mike Pereira thinks! During any game for that matter! No one needs a breakdown of a review from a has been official.

  29. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 some more why dont ya?! Funny they dont dissect every play the pats ran evwry time they won. Game over, hold this L

  30. Okay let's start looking through all the plays and find them not lined up right . We will find tones of them.

  31. HE needed 10 days to come up with that?But when talking about that perhaps he can also discuss no calls on PIs, holds on Pats?

  32. If they lined up legally and they would've ran the same play, in legal formation and the Patriots still have no clue.

  33. Game is OVER ! Nobody cares what this Guy says, He is wrong most of the time anyways. Must have bet on the Cheaters!

  34. Just as the pass interference in the end zone should have been called on the Pats. Please continue....

  35. Just another article proving sports media, and the NFL play favorites with Robert Kraft, and the Pats.

  36. JUST AN FYI. This Mike Pereira is a former football official and has nothing to do with the New England Patriots organization. REPEAT Mike Pereira is a former football official and has nothing to do with the New England Patriots organization.

  37. Mike Pereira is a moron. The Bears ran that exact play on that exact field a year earlier. Don’t you think they would’ve noticed by now if it was illegal? Shut up Mike.

  38. I didn't care who won the game and I'm happy for the Eagles for winning, but I really do think all the talk of the refs favoring Brady and the Patriots made the refs afraid to call anything in favor of the Patriots.

  39. Yeah yeah and the patriots cheated to win 3 Super bowls so all these haters can eat a lot of moose dick

  40. Nick Foles should've been standing on the side of the offense like a wide receiver. But he wasn't. He just stood in hiding and then went into the endzone

  41. Judgemental call lol what a hunk a crap! If you reviews it on the notebook and you see that only 6 were set up on the line of scrimmage it's no judgemental call it's a penalty and should of been turned back!

    The NFL officiating has become a joke!

  42. Really? Still crying about losing a football game😂