Eagles Float Down Mississippi River

Eagles Float Down Mississippi River

Eagles Float Down Mississippi River

Posted by Fox News Jan. 26, 2018, 2:09 a.m.

EAGLES ON ICE: A few bald eagles recently decided to float down the Mississippi River and take in the view of America. http://fxn.ws/2n83jYw

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  1. Probably tired of the illegal immigrant birds invading their land

  2. The American eagle is pleased with so much winning 🇺🇸

  3. Because of global cooling there is no more land for this eagle to land on! Ha ha ha it just reminded me of the climate change whackos that take a picture of a polar bear and make all kinds of wild claims.

  4. I love Trump and all but, does everything have to be political here? Let’s just enjoy the beauty of nature and leave everything else out of it?!

  5. That means Eagles are going to win SUPER BOWL!!😉

  6. They're just sharing the gospel of MAGA. That's all.

  7. How beautiful, our national bird just floating down the Mississippi watching America be made great. If only there was a Corvette in the background this would be heaven

  8. Global warming is separating him from his family.
    Soon the ice is going to melt and he is going to drown.
    No, wait. Global Warming made him evolve and grow wings to fly.

  9. Noticed several floating on the Illinois river near the Lacon bridge on Tuesday. Breath taking beauty.........oh, and proud to be a deplorable from Illinois.

  10. Bald eagle just checking out the global warming situation.

  11. They are happy America is great again

  12. Even the eagles are demonstrating where our country was headed during our past administration. Now they're proud to fly away from the slippery current of liberalism and globalism, back to freedom, power, and pride as the symbol of strength of the United States of America.

  13. I'm a sucker for anything bald eagle! watched a nest in the wild grow up after hatching! went out there for weeks!

  14. I think it was back in 2008 I was in Wood River Illinois working and I was at the casino one morning and watch this Eagle float on a block of ice and then it will take off and fly back up and Float back down it done I watched it for a good 30 minutes it's amazing the Beautiful Creatures

  15. Something about this makes me laugh and wonder if the eagle questions his life choices. Hahahahaha. I love it.

  16. They left Canada to escape Justin Trudeau's policies. Now they're looking to resettle in the U.S. I wish them luck.

  17. Oh my god the ice is breaking up they'll float out to sea and die...............oh wait that was supposed to polar bears,my bad. 😂

  18. Oh no, proof of global warming. Remember how the eagles were able to ride glaciers down the Mississippi just three years ago?

  19. One of my Best eagle 🦅 pics was taken of a beautiful bald eagle on the ice! He jumped up off the ice and spread his wings!!

  20. Seems this Eagle is enjoying surfboarding the ice on the Mississippi River. Guess he is checking out the ice on the river and will report to our President if needed due to the global warming issues.

  21. Let's relate this to the Big Game (I don't have written permission from the NFL to use the real name.) You might think it's a good omen for the Eagles, but if you really think about it, it is also patriotic. Hmmm.

  22. We were in Alaska and saw Eagles do this. Sometimes it hard to fish with them around. They are beautiful.

  23. We see them alot here in the Peoria, IL area in the Winter. They love hanging out near the Lock and Dam on the Illinois River. They are beautiful.

  24. Why isn’t anyone singinv ‘Born in the USA’ Cheech and Chong style? I don’t know why but it just fits perfect for this sweet view of Eagles ‘surfing’ down a river ❤️ I hope my comment has no hard feelings. I think it’s priceless just saying and I personally love it 😇