Eagle lands on James Paxton

Eagle lands on James Paxton

Eagle lands on James Paxton

Posted by MLB April 5, 2018, 10:06 p.m.

The Eagle has landed.

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  1. The eagle just wanted to make sure James Paxton was at his beak performance. :D

    I'll see myself out.

  2. Hopefully Randy Johnson isn’t pitching.

  3. That moment when a Canadian baseball player shows more respect for America than the privileged dirtbags in the NFL.

  4. Paxton is Canadian. Our bird don't like their kind.

  5. This eagle needs to find an NFL game and claw the kneeling disrespectful thugs to death for disrespecting Veterans like me.

  6. He found the closest maple tree

  7. And still did his best to maintain standing up. That’s respect.

  8. Lol I mean come on Paxton! That majestic bird accepted you as his perch. Let him land on your shoulder and bask in the glory #MERICA #EFFYEAH!

  9. Am I the only one who sees the rip marks it leaves?! Had to have cut him pretty good, unless Under Armor has stepped up their game.

  10. Paxton is just like “.... really, this again?” Like having an eagle chose you for its post is an everyday occurrence. 😂

  11. He handled the situation perfectly! Most people would have swatted at the eagle

  12. I'm glad he kept calm enough to not flail his arms about while a giant raptor tried to settle on his shoulder. Baseball and hockey players are my favorites.

  13. Best all-American thing seen in the outfield since Rick Monday saved the flag from being burned

  14. Christopher Nell Steve Nell he seemed pissed, I'd be so pumped, can't get more MURICA than that. Are you kidding me an eagle landing on your shoulder when your living the dream playing ball for a living!

  15. Chris
    Eagle couldn't leaf Paxton alone...
    Maybe the bird shoulda sang, "Hotel California or Life in the bird lane" with him...
    Or maybe he's not an Eagles fan 😡😡😡

  16. As Negan would say, I need my peepee pants on. I could see the trainers straps on the ankles, but still. I have a 13 inch parrot, but this would have freaked me out.

  17. Any American would love for that to happen. Most American thing ever right here. Too bad it was a Canadian though. 😂

  18. thats incredhble truly. I could only wish and hope for that. AND I AM AMERICAN. Even tho im sure theres plenty a eagles in canukville

  19. The eagle attacking a Seattle liberal jersey. How fitting. I feel bad for the Canadian that had to wear that jersey

  20. I wonder if during the game he told his teammates "That was the most Amercican thing I've ever done"

  21. It’s amazing how calm he remained. Probably the reason he wasn’t hurt as badly as he could have been.

  22. When freedom literally rings right in your ear!

  23. That would be so awesome to be that guy.... how cool would it be to have an eagle land on your shoulder. Sweet !!!!

  24. Wow those claws must be like razors! His shirt cut so easily.. i am surprised he wasnt oozing blood!

  25. The eagle knew Paxton was a Canadian! #Merica

  26. Those talons ripped his sleeve!

  27. Good thing it wasn't Randy Johnson pitching today... 👀👀👀

  28. Classic Paxton, showing zero emotion.

  29. Just let it happen. Apparently you needed some freedom.

  30. Bird was confused. Thought it was going to a Seahawks game. 😊😊

  31. I think the eagle was trying to carry him off as food - lol!

  32. Kevin Jensen, Chance Elam America has chosen: Seattle Mariners will be World Series champions in 2018.

  33. Mariners taking it all this year.

  34. He was much calmer than I would’ve been

  35. Would have been so epic if it just perched up on his shoulder

  36. That's Murica' giving you a taste of freedom.

  37. Matt lol the Canadian is like meh its all good

  38. Now if this was the NFL this wouldn't have happened bc the player wouldn't be standing during the national anthem🤣

  39. Paxton is just so calm about everything

  40. I would have absolutely lost my mind. And fainted afterwards. Margaret Hudson

  41. Keith Brenda hahaha, “he’s Canadian, eagles don’t like them”

  42. That Eagle just wanted to be friends.

  43. That’s a heck of a story, American as can be, MLB player with a jersey shredded by a bald eagle!!

  44. I’m laughing too hard at this..

  45. Paxton [seeing the eagle come back towards him]: clever girl....

  46. It looks like the Bird needed help, looks like something was hanging from his foot...

  47. If this isn't proof that baseball is America's game, idk what is.

  48. I would have been a tad freaked out. His talons alone....yikes.

  49. Why did he have to attack a Canadian like that?

  50. That is awesome! What a trooper that Seattle player is!💙⚾️💙🦅

  51. Darren Swan i'm not taking this lightly if i'm in the pitcher FOH

  52. Where's Randy Johnson when you need him?

  53. The eagle just blessed him Jay lol

  54. Typical Eagles... Win one SuperBowl and still rubbing it in everyone’s faces... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  55. Some of the comments are priceless lol

  56. His tallons ripped his shirt. Lol That must have hurt!

  57. Kim look at how easily that eagle cut thru the jersey😥

  58. Amanda props to him for keeping his cool lol

  59. Just got back from this game and that was one of the funniest things I have seen at a Twins opener.

  60. Jeremy Pickett, when you need some random America!

  61. Eagle was like I dub thee American now.

  62. Nick 😂 omg I would have freaked out so bad 🦅

  63. Darrell William Zack bruh I don’t understand how he was that calm it even ripped his jersey at the end

  64. Nolan you’re not truly a red blooded American until an eagle lands on your shoulder.


  66. Rico Flores Raygoza get your boy ...why he trying to land on folks

  67. The eagle has spoken. Paxton is America.