Each NFC North Team's 11 Greatest Players of All Time

Each NFC North Team's 11 Greatest Players of All Time
Image from: NFL

No. 1 for the Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?
No. 1 for the Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson or Randy Moss?

Ranking the 11 greatest players for every NFC North team. (via Adam Rank)

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  1. I love Devin Hester, but in no way is he the 5th best Bears player ever. Also, where’s Jay Cutler on the Packers list? He’s got to be top 10.

  2. Favre for sure. The league didn't protect him like a princess like they do for Rodgers. Rodgers couldn't carry Favres jockstrap.

  3. Is reggie white bout to make the list on two teams because i know he deserves to be in the eagles top 11 as well

  4. Not even close Bart Starr. Five titles in six seasons. Not even my 1970's Pittsburgh Steelers can boast that. End of discussion.

  5. I wound not put Rodgers above Favre or Starr at this point. Maybe when its all said and done but not yet.

  6. Favre was tough but I'm handing it to Rodgers. Aaron's TDS make up for all the ints favre threw over the years

  7. What you think David? Rodgers or Favre? I think you'll say Favre but it's becoming a tough call man.

  8. Bart Starr won back to back Super Bowl's, and although the gaudy stats ain't there, he's ranked at only #3? Oook.

  9. Adrian Peterson because of his MVP year. Randy Moss because he Mooned the Packers and made Joe Buck go nuts LOLLL

  10. Brett Favre can win the best player on a Vikings team he barley played for😂

  11. Christian Ponder for the Vikings for sure

  12. I'm sure I am in the minority here BUT Rodgers is WAY over-rated.

  13. Farve should be above Rodgers and moss should be above peterson

  14. Career wise Rodgers is not ahead of Favre

  15. Randy Moss without question is the greatest Viking of all time.


  17. No complaints with the Vikings list. No Superbowls but we've had a lot of all time great players.

  18. How is hester ahead of urlacher? The should be switched. Then im ok.

  19. i don't know i have to ask Janet Jackson Randy Jackson

  20. Awful lists not only in who was left out but the rankings themselves

  21. brad johnson #1 vikings saved you a click

  22. Three NFC greats all in one picture.

  23. Farve was much better than Rodgers

  24. Not kidding; where is Gary Anderson?

  25. Oh number one for the Vikings- Favre! Destroyed the fudge packers twice! 😂

  26. Joey Harrington #1 saved you a click

  27. "I was never as good as him."-Favre #AR12GOAT #THEREAL12

  28. How about Bart Starr or Fran Tarkington?

  29. I would say Adrian Peterson because he was still doing insane things in a league were passing is more important than running. Randy Moss was a beast but rushing for thousands of yards consistently in a modern offence is incredibly difficult.

  30. Bears #1s - The 78,945 QBs they've had over the last 30 years

  31. Juan Pablo Atondo peterson o moss

  32. Vikings #1 Geoff George QB.

    Saved you a click.

  33. Stupid and impossible contest. Many are greta!

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