Delta, United join list of companies to cut ties with the NRA

Delta, United join list of companies to cut ties with the NRA
Image from: CNN

JUST IN: Companies that have abandoned partnerships with the National Rifle Association of America include
■ Delta
■ United
■ 6 car rental companies
■ Cybersecurity firm Symantec
■ Insurance company MetLife
■ Home security company SimpliSafe

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  1. I've got an idea. Why don't NRA members volunteer to patrol our schools? They already have the guns, expertise and all the answers why burden teachers? Are they willing to put their lives where their mouths are??

  2. Please keep me updated so I know which companies not to use. All Symantec products will now be removed from all our company computers.

  3. Thank you CNN for listing the companies I will never do business with again. I appreciate it.

  4. I'm joining the NRA because I am a law abiding citizen and democrats will not take away my 2nd amendment rights! - Signed a conservative New Yorker.

  5. I'm a Florida public high school teacher. We need you!!!
    Bombard the companies who are maintaining their relationship with the NRA with messages demanding that they break ties.
    Tweet at them like crazy! Keep this momentum going!!!

  6. How many children had to die before we got even this far! The answer to bullets whizzing past your kids head at school is NOT MORE bullets whizzing past your kids head at school. Thin out the guns! Kill the loopholes!

  7. Thanks for providing a list of businesses NOT to do business with.

  8. From what I understand the NRA USED to be a decent reputable organization, but not anymore. I listened to the two speeches of the NRA at the CPAC and frankly they frightened me.

  9. And how about cell phones? Texting while driving is the leading cause of teenage death in our country. Should anyone be allowed to own such dangerous devices before they’re 21, maybe in their 30s?

  10. To all the people saying they are now going to boycott these companies...

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. CNN now trying to make a point with the NRA, but again there are other scandals to report... you are fake news for many of us.

  12. Yessssss. How can we get a list of those who still support them! Need to know who they are so that we can reach out and convince them to abandon the NRA too!!

  13. This list needs to be a lot longer, but this is a good start.

  14. While this is welcomed news, it is clearly long overdue. It’s sad that it had to take such a tragedy and the absurd attitude taken by the NRA and its followers for this kind of a decision to be made by these companies

  15. Russian Bots are our in full force on this one!

    Thank you to these companies for doing the right thing! There are far more other causes organizations they can support.

  16. All this does is confirm one thing: At only 5 million members, the NRA is not as big and powerful as liberals think it is. And, at only 5 million members, companies don’t think there is a big financial risk in alienating these customers. The joke is on liberals, and they don’t even realize it!

  17. You know who made this happen? Teenagers. While everyone else is complaining and pointing fingers, they're taking action. As a former middle school teacher, I couldn't be more proud of these teenagers. I'll be organizing with some former students, and we'll be on the march on March 24th! Just watch what these kids can do!

  18. Nra made huge mistake letting lapierre speak. I thought he was calling for his 5 million to raise up arms against the other at least 190 million if us. He appeared dangerous and mentally unstable.

  19. When Target was boycotted because of the bathrooms, it was the most relaxing shopping experience imaginable. I'm so excited to see the amount of people who "say" they will boycott these companies and I can't wait to become a bigger patron. Thanks for the update.

  20. This is Awesome ! These kids have started a movement and I’m proud to follow them ! They will be the generation that will take down the NRA and finally get these weapons of war off the streets !

  21. After the murder of 17 young adults even Corporations start to see that the NRA only care about the 2nd amendment and not the rights these people were denied to live a safe and long life because there is no reason why any weapon should be able to fire 30 + rounds without reloading.

  22. Thank you companies... welcome aboard... your willingness to support the prevention of these massacres is overwhelming!! Thank you!! Kudos to you all!! Hopefully more and more will follow your excellent example!!

  23. A captain for united lost his daughter that day. I’m glad they are standing by their employees. Good for you guys!

  24. Good for them. The NRA used to stand for something useful to the community. Now they are just a bunch of radical gun owners who will fight tooth and nail to arm themselves with whatever they please no matter who it hurts.

  25. The majority of Americans are FED UP with the NRA's hooded boogeyman b.s. Enough is enough of their racism, fear mongering and anxiety peddling. Finally the tide is shifting in favor of reason, truth, calm and peace.

  26. 4 deputies with guns STOOD outside while kids were bleeding out inside.. the Peterson guy RAN OUT!! But more guns in more untrained peoples hands is the answer???? Are you insane? If the cop couldn’t do it, what chance does a teacher with a hand gun have???

  27. I was looking at flights just this week. Was between American and United. I will purchase the United flight today now, even though the flight time is a little less convenient. #dumpthenra

  28. Duly noted, and I will consider other companies to take my business to. Thanks for sharing this information with the public, so we all know who not to support with our dollars.

  29. It's not about taking away your 2nd amendments rights. It's about getting rid of assault rifles. There are no good reasons for anyone to have these weapons. They're not for hunting, if you need one if these for self defense then, well, you must be in some big trouble.

  30. Finally the tide is turning, perhaps when the NRA fanatic grip is loosened we can start to have real bipartisan conversations about sensible gun regulations.

  31. Great! Now if only Repubs and fanatic Repubs cut ties with them. I am a gun owner who supports the Second Amendment but never again the NRA. No innocent blood on my hands.

  32. I believe in the second amendment, we have guns at my house, but my family realizes the NRA isn't the best organization in the world and we don't belong to them.

    Nobody wants to ban guns, we only want regulations. Nobody should be able to buy mods that make their guns autos or buy high powered assault rifles.

    We also want to close loopholes that allow people to get their hands on these weapons without getting a proper background check.

    Anyway, respect to Delta and United for realizing the NRA isn't primarily about gun safety anymore.

  33. The battle over gun rights aside, it's so bizarre that the NRA has the influence that it does. To quote someone more eloquent than myself on this

    "How is it that we live in a society in which one of the most compelling interests is gun ownership? Where is the science lobby? The safe food lobby? Where is the get-the-Chinese-lead-paint-out-of-our-kids’-toys lobby? When viewed from any other civilized society on earth, the primacy of guns in American life seems to be a symptom of collective psychosis."

  34. This is pathetic. 100% of the NRA members were working and caring for their families and companies like those are hitting on them for an unrelated event. Shame on those companies and guess what, my money is going to your competitors for hitting the wrong nail.

  35. No one is demanding the dismantling of the NRA. No one is even really demanding businesses to cut ties with the NRA, but this is what happens when you don’t listen to the people as an organization. The NRA had two jobs this week; to be empathetic to the American people and listen to them. They couldn’t even do that....

  36. the NRA donating funds to the republican blood party has consequences and let me explain you guys in simple words by the private companies its over! if you belongs to this group shame yourself no more support in any way in any means to republicans politicians & NRA this nation it's going to change!

  37. No one is taking away your 2nd amendment to carry a gun but no one except the military and law enforcement need to be able to buy automatic weapons and body armor. All of these mass shootings would have had less casualties if the shooters were only allowed a handgun instead of an assault rifle. If they will allow this ask the NRA if they will foot the bill for all schools in America to install metal detectors so their members can carry a gun. Officers don’t stand a chance with their pistol and a shooter has an assault rifle. Wake up people until a politicians or NRA executive family member is hurt or killed in a mass or school shooting it won’t matter to them.

  38. Thank you,thank you to Parkland kids you are waking us up,we have the power,you have shown us this,you are our leader not our unpresident

  39. I'm a responsible gun owner,,I believe in the 2nd amendment...I am not a NRA member...I believe that the NRA has went from working on gun safety to being a political lobbyist..they have left the middle of the road to leaning to the far right...the contributor of millions to republicans to farther their agenda..the protection of gun owners not gun victims...if you don't believe this...think..30 million dollars donate to Trump's don't give anyone 30 million dollars without getting something back...what they got was his other words he was bought and paid for..will Trump give us any meaningful gun control...not ripping your guns from your hands but some real reform...I doubt it... remember he is loyal to his money

  40. Love it! We should boycott every company and every person involved with the evil and greedy NRA. 2 Amendment remains and should only allow hunting rifles and some handguns for home protection.

  41. Thanks for posting that the NRA is being left behind. We will be sure to give our business to these companies that do not support the "gun happy" people that support killing kids and innocent people. It is time for a change.

  42. So proud of the next , and upcoming, adult generation that has knocked on the door so strong..!!! ❤️🙏❤️

  43. Dear Conservatives.

    Facebook does not support the NRA and Zuckerberg endorsed Hillary Clinton. Please kindly let us know which conservative social media platform we may find you from this day forward, so we can continue intelligent conversation.

    Of course leaving liberal Facebook is so darn inconvenient, is it not? ;)

  44. It is amazing how many "faux noise" trumpasses troll CNN. I guess they really want truth rather than unfair, unbalanced drivel. I hope more corporations break with nra. Instead of maga, we need #MASA. Make America Safe Again.

  45. The NRA is the PETA of guns. I'm all for my second amendment rights as I'm all for animal rights, but organizations who lie, cheat and steal are not organizations I want to be a part of.

  46. Yes hit them where it hurts. When that boy kill all those babies in that school this is what should have happened then. Smh everybody need to drop them. And vote out every republicans out of office. Omg I can’t imagine what these family are going through😭😭😭😭😭. May they find comfort and peace.

  47. When comments don't make sense, just keep in mind that It sometimes happens when you use Google Translate to translate from Russian to English.

  48. If you listen to the chief of NRA speak he blames everything other the gun I never saw people so stubborn hanging onto the romanticized gun culture over anything else. I know that some areas rural & such should have protection not automatic weapons to protect them police too far but I'd ban sale of all machine gun style weapons pay for weapons turned in give policing back to police it's not for ordinary citizen to go walking around like they are militia.

  49. Unfortunately, Mr LaPierre’s speech at the CPAC was a disaster. Of course, NRA members and many gun owners won’t see it that way. But, let’s be honest, he left the impression with all the fallacies said of being a man with an unstable mind instigating fear and insinuating that gun ownership was a fight for survival by painting our society as an ugly and dangerous place. It made obvious that what is dangerous is the line of thinking of the NRA. “Love is what the world needs”.

  50. From my military experience it sure is fun to fire an m-14 or m-16 but a 45 is best from really close range. Lets face it unless the victims of violence are someone really important nothing will change. An AR-15 to a NRA member is like having a bigger cock to replace the little one they have.😀🤑😝🤩🤗

  51. CNN.........your fake show with the kids the other night was just one big scripted lying rally against law abiding people. Your channel is a socialistic lying propaganda machine, and that's about it.

  52. Excellent!! The nra is nothing but a weird cult. These companies are finally starting to realize what a disgusting bunch of brainwashed, scared cowards the nra actually are. Change is coming!

  53. Their spokesman didn’t help their cause . They shot themselves in the mouth basically. You attack a party and you attack a news channel. And then you debate with children who have just witnessed a shooting on their campus. Instead of trying to work with them to work a solution to make them safe. Tells much of what the NRA stands for is basically MONEY not the safety of children in schools

  54. Keep adding to the list. I want to know which companies I will ban. So far - I will no longer fly Delta or it's partner KLM. United is off the list as well.

  55. So typical. The gun lobbyists say they are in danger of losing their guns. What is it about gun reform that people think it means a gun ban? To fix a problem, people have to brainstorm ideas on what can be done. There are three huge loopholes in buying a gun but we can’t do anything while the NRA is always quick to say no. If this had been any other lobbying group, people would be in an uproar.

  56. Is this a joke? This list is so weak! NRA does not need corporate America it stands with rights not corporation greed.

  57. Ok, I believe in the second amendment. I believed my right to protect my family and my right to hunt for food. The logic of being able to protect yourself from the government in this day in age is outdated. The government has nuclear weapons and the police have tanks. I use to read the NRA newsletters because my late father was a longtime member. It was pure and utter propaganda. It is unbelievable that people took it serious. Citizens untied made it possible to buy elections and that’s what the NRA does. They are a special interest group that is solely focused on gun sales and not the second amendment. We have zero use for military assault rifles, extended clips, and bump stocks. There should be no way an eighteen year old should be able to get theirs hands on this unless they are in the service or police force. We need to close gun show loopholes. We need to protect our children. Common sense gun laws. I do not want our pistols our hunting rifles taken away ever. I hope I am clear.

  58. Keep going! Next tax them as a for profit company (because they are) instead of at their non profit status. This is not the same group that stood for gun owners, they stand for a right wing agenda and the politicians they buy. Research, the answers are at your fingertips, literally! While you are researching, you might discover they are just lobbyist funneling dark money.

  59. Let’s be abundantly clear about this. Delta, United, Symantec, MetLife, and the other companies that cut ties with the NRA only did this for the sake of business. These companies could care less about mass shootings. If the affiliation “looks bad”, then that’s what causes them to end partnerships. Don’t start thinking that these companies care about our children. They only care about money.

  60. Thanks, CNN. I will cut ties with those businesses and increase my donations to the NRA.

  61. Well if they do not want to back the NRA as they did for years, they should gave no guns present on any of their businesses. Pilots not aloud to conceal and carry, no security guards with guns either and insurance companies, no reason to have the security that you have in place in your establishments if you think that you are safe. Hippocrates!

  62. Crazy how divided we are as a country. It’s always us vs them. Me vs you. Liberal vs Conservative. Democrat vs Republican. Russia, China, and the rest of our enemies are probably eating this up. It’s sad when you think about it. Both sides seem to think the other is somehow un- American..... sad and scary at the same time.

  63. I just renewed my NRA membership and will avoid to do business with companies in that list!!! Thank you CNN

  64. I will be using all of these companies! Thank goodness they are doing what is in the best interest of our country! The people are not going to be bullied by the NRA.

  65. Thank you to these companies. Certainly the NRA has "never killed anyone". That is too simplistic an anwer for this issue. These companies will thrive regardless of NRA leaning individuals who intend to boycott....kinda like boycotting Starbucks.

  66. Good job done by these companies. Seems like there has been more done after this shooting then any previous one. Keep it going until gun laws start changing.

    Oh and a big F U to the NRA and all those who like and value their guns more then kids/peoples lives.