Deer in Dunkeld, Scotland

Deer in Dunkeld, Scotland

Deer in Dunkeld, Scotland

Posted by BBC News Feb. 28, 2018, 1:20 p.m.

These deer were spotted walking down a snowy street in Dunkeld, Scotland in the early hours of the morning... ❄️🦌❄️🦌❄️🦌🌨️ (via BBC Scotland News)

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  1. Live updates on the UK weather here:

  2. Enjoying the snow?! What a stupid comment, they are wild animals searching for food. A bit of empathy please

  3. They are not enjoying it, they are hungry and looking for food 😡

  4. The poor things are hungry and desperate

  5. Please be careful everyone. We had bone chilling freeze mid December, here in New England USA. Check your home water pipes are closed and unscrew any outside hoses from the buildings. Watch for pets and the homeless. Maybe visit a neighboring senior who is living alone. It was minus degrees here. Very urgent. (Real fur - this time - is an ace in keeping warm)

  6. They are looking for food. That's the only reason why they are coming into our towns. Desperation not cuteness

  7. Only because there are no ammosexual gun nuts in Scotland to take them down. In America it would’ve been a different picture.

  8. Somebody at the beeb hasn't a clue about writing headlines - these poor things aren't 'enjoying' the snow, they're probably looking for food because they're hungry

  9. Not the best use of a headline .. Harsh winter weather puts wildlife in danger as food and water availability is greatly depleted.

  10. Are they enjoying snow or searching for food !!!!!

  11. so to get bread and milk before the shelves are empty.

  12. I don't know how much snow Scotland usually gets, so if the deer are hungry they may also be a little confused, and looking for food.

  13. Enjoying the snow?! They're obviously hungry and risking their lives to find something to eat in human turf!

  14. They are not enjoying it they will be looking for something to eat. I have a few that rob my bird feeders.

  15. They obviously are in need of food. Hay n water should be put out. I know they wild animals and shudnt be fed but they'll die in this weather. My opinion anyhow

  16. Deer is allowed in the streets but wolves are not!! is kind of nature that you need to be save and things going to harm you, you will harm in first!
    That is why we dont need Westerners involving in our way of living and that is why they are always involving before we do to them.

    And that is game of survival and superiority.

  17. Katy Yuen I dunno why I can't find back your comment tho I read it already haha but yeaaaaaa even they can enjoy!!😭and deer+snow+scotland are enough to make me wanna get there SO MUCH!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Deers can smell food through the snow, they shift it by using their hooves, they can survive long enough in bad weather as they have since they have been around, doesn't anyone watch wildlife shows or are you too busy watching TOWIE? 😂😂

  19. ....I was waiting for them to commit a burglary or something. But they are quite lovely. I need to remember that every time deer walk around our streets and not just take it for granted. Janet Mafile'o Tipaleli Christine Stacie Lindsay Welcome everyone. Welcome. Look at these lovely deer and rethink how you chase them away from your gardens, impatiently slow to a stop to let them wander across the street, or have to walk through their doodoo when you exercise. They pretty.

  20. So much negativity and anger in many online comments. Maybe we should be looking inside at why we are so angry and whether we want to turn into that. It is good to vent frustration; and if you allow it to consume you- you might be becoming that angry mean guy rather than the whole loving person you really are.

  21. They don´t enjoy the snow, they are f***ing hungry and looking for food! Feed them in the forest instead shoot them!

  22. Brilliant - on a day when you actually need up-to-date weather info, your weather site has gone down. Or at least, every location I've searched for/bookmarked has "Sorry, we couldn’t find that forecast". First time I've ever seen the BBC Weather site be unaccessible. I really hope your new partners are pulling their weight.

  23. Luna just tagging you , coz recently you're the first one I think about when Scotland is mentioned :D

  24. I believe animals are superior creatures. They can survive the elements all on their own with what they have and we can’t. We would die and they carry on in the worsts of conditions. They are amazing to behold.

  25. Dasher, Dancer and Prancer, out in search of Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blixsen (and Santa & the sleigh, of course).

  26. Meanwhile in deer news, “A group of hungry deer get lost in the city, useless human sees us and shows 45 million other humans”.

  27. Ellos no están disfrutando, ni se están divirtiendo, están es hambrientos, se arriesgan a ir a las calles para buscar algo que comer por que toda la vegetación que es de lo que ellos se alimentan esta cubierta de nieve o no hay por el clima, acá en Suecia les ponen sal, para que ellos logren pasar este fuerte invierno escaso de comida para ellos, bueno y muchos otros animalitos.

  28. Or rather they're starving and that's why they're having to wander into town in search of food... it's hardly a natural sight is it???

  29. We had to stop in Epping forest on Saturday evening to let about 100 deer through from one side of the forest to the other side🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌❤️❤️❤️❤️🦌🦌

  30. Roxanne Eddy, Lelia is in Oxford, England and says it is very cold there & snowy as well. But she didn’t say deer were walking down the streets. 😀

  31. Silly question, but I have many deer around me and I would occasionally like to leave them something - what is best to leave them - rabbit food pellets? They tend to drink my dogs water out the bowls.

  32. The deers are fighting back.
    Obviously encroaching on human habitation because humans stay in doors in weather like this.
    We encroach on their habitat in good weather, this is their chance of gaining world domination.

  33. Wow, and I thought my fellow Americans were whiners...can't we just see it for a nice video of lovely deer walking through the snow? 🙂🙂

  34. Very common where in live in upstate NY, deer on the driveway and on the lawn at dawn and dusk. One morning the dog barked so sharply I had to look. A baby bear!

  35. Shannen : Feel like Santa will soon move to London or Paris! With their -100°, he'll feel fresh and nice enough there! 😂😂😂

  36. You know we are intruding on their fields and now they have to come into town and find all those good plants and flowers to eat.

  37. Great. Now you need Onions, garlic and a bit of rosemary. A strong red vin de cuisine would go well in the sauce.

  38. Enjoying the snow? 🤦🏼‍♀️ The only reason they are coming into the city is because they are desperate for food. This is sad, not cute!

  39. 😱, macho no habríamos podido ir a las tierras altas. Definitivamente el momento fue el perfecto. Y tenemos que volver el otro año pero para hacer un recorrido de más días por esas tierras. 😁😁

  40. If you can put out Fresh water in the morning - after the frost so animals can drink -- any green vegetables will help them -- for the birds fat plus seeds if you can -- god bless

  41. I love this. We have a deer family that lives in our front yard and my kids get a kick out of seeing them every.single.time. Makes me stop and enjoy too. :)

  42. we get a regular couple visiting the town square for food each winter...
    But then, winter here looks like that for 4 months of the year..
    Lovely gentle creatures

  43. All hungry looking for food!!! Who knows how many will die. Don t the hunters supply food for these wild animals???

  44. Alex Briggs remember when those tourists were freaking out over deer when we were hiking red rocks and we were like um yeah.... we're from colorado lmao

  45. The poor creatures are looking for a solution in the human sphere ; they must be taken care of seriously and immediately !

  46. Rumor has it, they were all confused and looking for Santa. Incidentally, I hope they find food and shelter if needed

  47. Just add moose, grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, badgers, and wolverines and you would be in Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  48. Severin Stöckli Joël Gloor Adrian Grossenbacher Syn Drone so wird ich, wenn i mol alt bi: ab 0:14
    Howdy folks, keep going, keep going bois, weeeeeeeee XD

  49. Mean while in the city I live near in Canada we have issues with wolves coming into town to eat the dear.

  50. What happens with ‘snowflakes’ that live and work within the M25 thinking that animals looking for food and thinking they are having fun! These muppets work within our national media organisation that costs a Massive £5 billion a year to run and this is the standard you get🙄

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  52. And THEN boys and girls, the big bad wolf suddenly JUMPED OUT and gobbled them all up gone!
    The End

    Jane Partridge
    Olga Barnes
    Charla Crist Sutherlin Zei

  53. It's a good job that there wasn't any vehicles around the driver could have been accused for thinking he's had too many beers xx 😉

  54. Has Santa had to eat the rest of them?
    Run Rudolf Run!!!

  55. What a stupid thing to say. Typical BBC animals wre just hungry an desperate for food

  56. Makes me think of the movie, I am Legend...

  57. Tina Loving the snow----or looking for shelter!

  58. What an unusual accent Scottish deer have.

  59. Maria Rebecca it is that cold in Scotland they have moved habitat !!!!

  60. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea. 👀👀👀

  61. I don't know about the enjoying bit, they are probably hungry !

  62. If they were spotted on the streets of Accra like they will end up in the cooking pot

  63. Jessica Brace yourself for Scotland XDD

  64. Marina wow you have deers walking on the streets in scotland? that’s so cool 😂

  65. Why do you think they're enjoying the snow? Poor things are probably looking for water and food...

  66. Jean Edouard didn't know you were back in scotland

  67. Doubt that, winter is not kind to animals loss of habitat and food stresses many.

  68. If this was in Scotland, shouldn't it read "wee hours of the morning"?

  69. This is sad. Please don't mislead people. It is far more likely they are searching for food.

  70. Scotland looks more like Minnesota!

  71. So what ? Is that news.. I'm sure ur aware u have DEERS in Scotland. Next news