Danica Patrick's NASCAR career ends in violent crash that collects Chase Elliott as well | 2018 DAYTONA 500 (VIDEO)

Danica Patrick's NASCAR career ends in violent crash that collects Chase Elliott as well | 2018 DAYTONA 500 (VIDEO)
Image from: FOX Sports

Danica Patrick's final NASCAR start ends in a #DAYTONA500 crash alongside Brad Keselowski and Chase Elliott, among others.

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  1. Was it really a shock? She made a career out of doing this

  2. Keselowski is a joke...... NASCAR is a joke ... stage racing . Brian France I hope your proud of the garbage you have produced. YOU AND YOUR NASCAR CRONIES HAVE RUINED A SPORT I ONCE LOVED. You will never again see a penny of my money. I never used to miss a race!!

  3. Why does NASCAR allow this. Blocking is going to get someone killed. Indy has rules against blocking, IMSA has rules against blocking. NASCAR needs to do the same thing before it costs someone their life.

  4. Different number this year, yet same result. Kasey Kahne victim of other drivers aggressive driving too early in the race. Car was looking good.

  5. While I like him, Chase isn't nearly as good as he thinks he is. Gets in over his head and expects others to back off for him. Not going to happen.

  6. There are so many screens, commercials, and in car shots, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Please just show the race.

  7. Hate her all you want. She accomplished so much more than hundreds of thousands of race car drivers ever did.

  8. Just like most every other race Danica was in.

  9. Wow what is the excuse for all the Danica Haters on all the slow reacting Drivers who didn't miss those wrecks today.

  10. How many times has Danica won a nascar race? I feel like she's crashed more times than she's won.

  11. Hey Fox, how about moving the scoring back on the top of the screen The new scoreboard on the left is terrible

  12. How about fixing the graphics? Can't see the positions on the left of the screen

  13. Why would this race be any different than the rest of her NASCAR career.

  14. All Blaney driving like his dad blocking and wrecking anyone trying to pass.

  15. Choke Elliott should be banned from nascar!

  16. One last crash..thank you for the show!

  17. Kesoloser can't check up so he wrecks everyone. Not a chase elliott fan just stating facts.

  18. Yeah, but it wasn't her fault, she just got caught up in someone else's mess

  19. Way to word the heading to be well somewhat misleading .

  20. It's like you wanna say" bitchez ain't got no place on no race track"!" and put a lil twang in ur voice

  21. That's ok, I am sure Aaron Rogers will make it all better later

  22. Wow! I just read a post earlier, someone was taking bets on when she would crash. Haha way out!

  23. Would be nice if all were interviewed you forget about the 95 team

  24. What a surprise ! Haha like every other race she entered

  25. I couldn't believe it took her that long to wad it up....

  26. That’s what happens when you kiss Rodgers. He’s bad luck

  27. FOX Sports give some info on the rear of the field!!

  28. good get her out of there. only thing she is good at is powder puff durby.

  29. So she went out her typical way

  30. Kind of ironic how she went out considering that that's her nature to crash out

  31. I wonder when someone will start a hybrid racing league.

  32. Wow never would've imagined that.

  33. Maybe she should do go daddy commercials again

  34. So glad she done. Wrecking others. Sad for chase

  35. Well, there goes Danica PATWRECK...

  36. Man. Story of her Cup career right there.

  37. It didn't take long to find Danicas fan boy in the comment section

  38. She had nothing to do with that wreck. She got caught up in the GOOD drivers mess.

  39. Always caught up in somebody else's deal (Danica)

  40. Would it seriously have ended any other way?

  41. Come on FOX SORTS show the cars in the back of the field a little!!!

  42. Now she can go sell stuff using her brand.

  43. She want be getting a safe driver check from All State😂😂😂

  44. Way to kill two birds with one stone.

  45. Will she say Go Daddy to Aaron?

  46. okay perverts.. defend her now

  47. #downalapicaisdone

  48. Left turn, left turn, left turn