Customer goes on racist rant against Spanish-speaking server

Customer goes on racist rant against Spanish-speaking server
Image from: New York Post

“If you intend on running a place in Midtown Manhattan, the staff should be speaking English, not Spanish!”

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  1. I work a block away from this place. Another block away, on 41st Street, is where I get my breakfast every morning. The Hispanic cook greets some customers in Spanish and others, like myself, in English. This dude is pissy for no reason.

  2. I guess he wanted cheese in his salad and they gave him queso.

  3. Guy is apparently a Manhattan attorney, Aaron Schlossberg. Shawn King helped identify him. Can't see how he's an attorney, since he doesn't know the law.

  4. Ummm, you actually should be speaking English in a business that caters to English speaking customers. I’m just saying ..MAGA

  5. Well I know how he feels. Went to McDonald's one day and the person could not understand a word I was saying and I sure as heck didn't understand her. Even the dang manager was speaking Spanish...ugggh

  6. This guy looks like he buys weed for 35$ a gram.

  7. See
    When you go to a Dunking Donuts 🍩, the employees are from India, most of the time. They speak in their language and it doesn’t bother me at all.
    When you go to a Chinese Take out, you make your order, they speak in Chinese it doesn’t bother me at all.
    When you go to a Pizzeria, you have Italians and Mexicans who work there, it doesn’t bother me at all because I can speak Italian and Spanish.

    My point is , that man it’s frustrated because he can’t speak only one language and he was hungry.

    Don’t tell me this is America!
    America it’s a Continent not a country

    A country created by INMIGRANTS , yes Inmigrants
    Who came for many reasons
    For the same reasons his ancestors came here, fleeing from the Nazis

    It’s really sad to see this still happening

  8. French Quebecers can relate very well with this enraged customer. Try growing up speaking English in Quebec...not fun

  9. My grandmother only spoke Yiddish so pertaining to his rant
    She should never left her home

    The deli I go to they speak Chinese, Spanish
    But when they ask me for my order it’s in English

    People are bilingual
    Wish I was

  10. I’m Hispanic and Agree you come to country to live and work and refuse to learn the language they speak here is completely ignorance. What if Americans came to Mexico to live and work and refused to learn Spanish?

  11. The staff speaks English and some of them speak Spanish just in case, you know, on that off chance that a Spanish speaking tourist might be visiting midtown Manhattan. How often does that happen? Lolz

  12. Even though the United States does not have an official language, the primary language is........ ENGLISH!!!!! That is the language that you must first start with and then go on to Spanish if the customer does not understand or speak English

  13. In this country, in most settings you have Zero right to require people to speak a one language or another unless you are being spoken to. In this case the waiter was speaking to a customer.

  14. Mr. Schlossberg's approach has always involved creating advantages for his clients through utilization of a detailed knowledge of the law, extensive trial experience and a creative approach to disp
    ute resolution. By excelling in these three areas — knowledge, experience and creativity — he is able to resolve even the most complex disputes.

  15. Someone knows who this racist a hole is....time to name and shame him.....This Behavior cannot be allowed to keep happening

  16. What in the hell is wrong with people!!!!!??? Acting like a foolio!!!!! People are losing their GD minds!!!! So ridiculous!

  17. I love the double standards...when you're from the United states you have to learn the language wherever you go...but when they come here.. you have to acclimate and be tolerant. Also learn their language...if not you're racist

  18. He needs to lay off the amphetamines .... he is making a mountain out of a molehill. Seriously? The sandwich makers probably make minimum wage....get your sandwich dude and move on!

  19. The manger there should of told that arrogant trumptard douchebag to ether sit down or get the hell out..

  20. I don’t mean to be a killjoy here but the guy does have a point. He is out of line on language but it is indeed ,his money, his country, his land his wealth his Spoils his rules and his guest. As they say “to the victor goes the spoils” and Its from the victors table from which the people that lives here eat from. It’s not as he is completely coming out of left field. The person may not know English but if they know it and refuses to speak among the company of English speakers then that could be see as bad manners.

  21. I have no problem with them speaking what ever language they want. But if they work there they should at least understand my English. I was in a restaurant asking where their restroom was and non of the servers understood what I was asking. Finally the owner had to come and help.

  22. And the tourist.....people who does not live here...but...came to see our beautiful....landmarks...and shopping.......????.....they speak other languages as well......

  23. But if he pays for them to be in the country and their welfare, why are they there working?? They have no need🧐🤔

  24. He's wrong about being so rude ... but if people want to live and work here ... learn English.

  25. Last week was black race baiting, yesterday was Muslim Arab race baiting, today it is Hispanic.

    The left are desperate.

  26. Where is the lighting when is really needed🙏. He should be struck by one .

  27. Get used to it bro, English is basically a second language now in NYC!!!

  28. He has the right to his opinion

  29. This guy just ruined his career

  30. Hes not wrong its just the way he went about it.

  31. Looks like the typical douchebag who shops at abercrombie & fitch

  32. I'm Hispanic and yes! They should speak English.

  33. Why is it racist to speak English in America??

  34. It's customary to speak in Spanish to people that speak Spanish. What's this guy's problem?

  35. If you live in this country , you speak English. If you don't want to learn English, go back to your own country!!

  36. As long as they speak English to the customers, theres nothing wrong with a whole Spanish speaking staff...

  37. God forbid people actually assimilated anymore. Considering that was the point of coming here

  38. This is America. I expect my server to speak English.

  39. People are really getting bold.

  40. I bet he won't pull that stunt at Chinatown 🤣🤣🤣👊👊👊👊👊👊

  41. I think he has some video tapes to return

  42. Everyone should flood the New York City Bar association with calls to have this guy revoked.

  43. People are really saying America doesn't have an official language? Isn't it English?

  44. Someone will be loosing his Job in 3..2..1..

  45. Spanish is the new English. A whole different world today..

  46. The United States of America has no official language. We are a melting pot and I love learning about new cultures. I've picked up a few dialects along the way. The only thing that pisses me off is having to sit through other languages before I'm allowed to press 4 for English. The majority of the country is an English speaking nation so why can't English be first on that list? Also,why tf is there braille on places where blind people shouldn't be? For example on my steering wheel.

  47. It's my country! Shut up! Part of your country used to belong to México.

  48. The narcissism is out of this world!

  49. We need to find out who this guy is make him famous

  50. So little the mind is, that someone speaks a different language does not illegally make.

  51. His grandparents more than likely spoke little or no English. I cannot stand pissants.

  52. That is horrible. Racism makes a person look small.

  53. He sounds foreign himself and on top of that he’s Jewish? Holocaust ring a bell?

  54. So it's racist in America to expect people to speak English?!?!

  55. This is NY..where is the love??

  56. Congratulations A-A-RON you played yourself!

  57. He apparently offers to speak Spanish (and Chinese) to his clients on his website

  58. Arturo Dont speak spanish in midtown bro

  59. Maybe you should be hit by a car 🚗 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Merritt Birney

  60. Typical assh*le, who thinks he is better than some one else.

  61. Freeloadersall on the taxpayers back $$$$$$$$$%%

  62. It's not ur country trumpeter. ..why can't we love one another like Jesus did

  63. Omg, read what you are posting before you post, if you did you'd realize how hateful you all sound, America survives because we have new people coming into the country trying for a better life. If you want to isolate yourself, join a feaking country club where you can spew your hate in private not a public restaurant.

  64. This douchenugget has a more punchable face than Jesse Watters and that is really saying something.

  65. Those condemning this guy try to buy any groceries in Chinatown from a "local" fella.