Could LeBron James and Kyrie Irving reunite in Boston?

Could LeBron James and Kyrie Irving reunite in Boston?

Could LeBron James and Kyrie Irving reunite in Boston?

Posted by ESPN June 13, 2018, 5:53 p.m.

Could LeBron James join the Boston Celtics?

Jalen Rose is not a fan of that. (via Get Up)

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  1. I hope kyrie goes to the cavs with the same cavs team and LeBron goes to this Celtics team and kyrie beats LeBron. That would make my day.

  2. It doesn't matter this year it's his sons choice as long as Savannah agrees with bronny and Bryce LeBron has already made it clear his family is a bigger part of this decision than they have ever been

  3. Bron needs that ready-made dream team. If he loses more finals with more dream teams, his legacy is down the drain. Seems he can't win with talent and he can't win without it

  4. That scum bag Kyrie do not like that ideal just check out his body language and how he answers the question. It tells you everything you need to know in my opinion.

  5. I'm a fan of it of course that's because LeBron is my favorite player and he would be playing for my favorite team

  6. If I was Kyrie and I heard he’s coming I’d run to the warriors. I’m sorry but Lebron is nothing but a greedy flop

  7. Hmm...every time Lebron loses at the finals, the media spreads trade desires. Yet, neither he nor the Cavs say anything.

  8. Jalen Rose is an awful sports anchor

  9. Kyrie Irving going to the New York Knicks MSG

  10. Sure it makes sense, LeBron is a ring chaser and he saw how much trouble a Celtics team without its 2 best players gave his Cavs and forced a 7 game series. If he feels Boston can bring him a ring, he'll go there

  11. He’ll get his first 3 peat and tie Jordan. 12 Finals. Constructively. He wants rings ? It’s Boston. He wants to control a team. It’s somewhere else cuz Danny will tell him you have NO say who comes and goes. Listen to Stevens. You’ll be a 6 time champ. All Celtics fans saying hell no. Stop. Just stop. How was kyrie in the playoffs oh. He wasn’t there. Never played 82. Lebron just did. Lebron has 3 more of these types of seasons in him. Pair that with horford. Tatum. Rozier or smart. One will have to go. And brown ? Sign n trade Hayward All set. Get more lottery picks if kyrie Dosent wanna play with him. They already have the Kings pick in 2019 for Zion or Barrett lol. They might trade Jaylen to Dallas. For the 5th pick for bamba. Danny is already ahead of this.

  12. Jalen Rose has NO RINGS, since when did his opinion matter?

  13. Kyrie do not want to be in LeBron's shadow any more!

  14. I’m not a fan of hearing Jalens voice sooooo we are even!

  15. Didnt kyrie leave lebron? Why would he want bron to be a C?

  16. ESPN, enough LBJ talk already.

  17. If he went to Houston he would have a good chance to win a championship.

  18. Hes stayin in the East... it guarantees him an easy ride to the Chip.

  19. Justin, you're dream scenario, right?

  20. Kyrie had a problem with cavs owner & mgmt. never with Lebron

  21. Sign and trade lebron for he can still carry a team

  22. no no no no no. If James comes to Boston, say goodbye to Tatum and Brown

  23. Kyrie's voice is so pure. Sounds like a white guy haha.

  24. If that happens Kyrie going back to Cleveland 😂

  25. He going to LA with another max player.

    It’ll be LA vs Boston in next years Finals

  26. Your not okay with that? How the heck else do you compete with the all-star team assembled in GS?

  27. Nobody has said the pelicans but I think that is where he should go the would be the super duper team!!

  28. Could you guys tell Jalen to unblock me on Twitter so we can talk about this?

  29. Durant joins a team he can't beat and people are mad. LeBron could join a team he always beats and people are still mad.

  30. Hi #Bronsexuals 😁😁

    Don’t forget Free (Doritos Locos Tacos) today from 3-6 Pm 😊😊

    Thank me later 🤗🤗

  31. Kyrie coming back next year..Lebron staying til he retires and CAVS will be the NBA Champs til 2025

  32. Jeffrey cancel xmas is he goes to Boston

  33. Hahahahaha jack sparrow (LBJ) coming to Boston

  34. So who cares j doesnt like that

  35. This will happen goodbye Kyrie

  36. Wowww he didnt embrace lebron 🤣🤣🤣🤣... he danced around the question. Anibal Hz

  37. Aaly Jose Xavier y'all all laughed

  38. If you always beat them, join them?

  39. Boston is not trying to have a team full of blacks. FOH, the most racist city in the world outside of Indiana