Chiitan The Otter Mascot Kickboxing

Chiitan The Otter Mascot Kickboxing

Chiitan The Otter Mascot Kickboxing

Posted by 9GAG March 9, 2018, 11:33 a.m.

Pretty sure I'd win.

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sehe ich dabei auch aus hab, zimmer ich, ich geh ein sowas brauch ich, das ist der, olha voc, heidi michel, com alguma coisa mas voc braba fica fofa pra krl, wir brauchen das, angry hungry hangry, damit der sieht wieviel, des brauch ich wenn mich bestimmte,


  1. Chiitan the otter is the mascot of Susaki, Kōchi Prefecture
    Follow her daily fail:

  2. When your little sister gets angry

  3. Do not try to defend. Positivity and Negativity are all part of life and nature. If everything happens according to your will, that'll be too unrealistic

  4. Mary Ann Alphonce This is how we should punch all that negativity away. Btw, if you're up for it, let's check how muay thai classes work in ipoh. x

  5. Seroious question: how does he/she keep hitting that thing perfectly? Moving and seeing must be difficult in that suit.

  6. that yellow stand is probably the only thing I could defend myself against. Thank god it doesn't hit back!!

  7. Del Fouine when someone asks for your opinion at work and then say you don’t know what your talking about ahahah

  8. Erdem Doğansoy CB das ist der Sascha grade in seinem Zimmer

    Ich markiere den Erni Quietsche-Entchen einfach nur so damit der sieht wieviel Spaß wir haben 😂😂😂😂

  9. When you have a huge dingdong and you have to deal with it every Morning

  10. Arpad Tony When I need to fight evil spirits.

  11. Stefan Kyle Chris Ann id like the blow up thing and the costume thanks

  12. Laura Mcmurray how to defend our selves against all those negative nancies out there 🤣🤣

  13. It's Rachel when she has a test... Or dies in Bloodborne

  14. Issy Tse mmm dudugaa babaa maamuunuudaas ingeed hamgaaldan meduu :>

  15. Aileen Mak when your bf acting up so you gotta show him who's boss

  16. Misaki this is how cute you Look boxing 🙂

  17. Maurice des brauch ich wenn mich bestimmte Leute wieder abfucken

  18. Thats me right now struggle with my life.

  19. Rodrigo De Camargo Cavalcanti quero esse saco de pancadas e essa fantasia. Acredite em mim, eu ficarei de bom humor e sua vida será mais facil. ❤️

  20. Joe Pease Thazin Wynn KokWai Chin when the nositivity calls... all of the yositivity

  21. Ju olha você! Fofo, porém estressadinho hauahauahaj

  22. Francesca. Gonna be like this. Pax are awful today... Airports time of the month....🙄😒

  23. u alawys think me so Tanha S Khan but the truth is I ain't so😂

  24. The moral is u might fall down fightin it but its gonna stand up before u 😐

  25. Ayaka Atae when your annoyed, it's what i imagine your doing

  26. Sandrine c'est moi avec mon punching ball... Ou presque XD

  27. Mahmoud Fahd hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh regardez jusqu'au bout xddddddd

  28. Eladie Bumbar, ma jur ca văzut pe tine, dand pumni cu zâmbetul pe buze =))

  29. DeannaYou against all your bad luck at the moment

  30. This is where the positivity comes from Margarida 💁🏽‍♀️

  31. Olaf Holleman hahaha idk wrm ik je hierin tag ik moest gewoon lachen

  32. Vân Thuỳ me when i hangry angry+hungry= hangry

  33. Roberta, Fernando, Rodrigo o Luiz brigando ontem. ESSE FANFARRÃO

  34. Eu vejo essas coisas fofas tentando ser do mal e já lembro de você Ana Paula

  35. Debora se eu trabalhasse como animador de festa ia ser tipo isso hahahahaha

  36. Eva could be you But you'd break your knee before even kicking 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Valentin Pfister je sais pas pourquoi mais je rigole trop en voyant cette connerie 😂😂

  38. Felix wenn ich grantig bin sieht des 1:1 so aus 😂

  39. Reminds me of those mascots fight in American Football matches Siu Day Marco Wesley Lau Gary

  40. Tanja Alea für ücheri WG :D? chönd i denn au bruche haha

  41. Haydar Sahin ich geh ein, sowas brauch ich. Bestell mal, vallah

  42. Lou je te vois comme ça a la boxe ( zéro crédibilité )

  43. Nicola this is what I see when you’re angry 😂😁❤️

  44. Clarissa Benitz wir brauchen das!!! Sowohl den boxsack als auch das Kostüm !

  45. Nicoletta etsi se fandazome aman m leis ena koupaniasis kapio i kati <3 (ektos to telos agnoa to tsino :D)

  46. mira Gabriela es Pam cuando alguna loba mira a princeso!!!!! jajjajajajajajajajjaja

  47. Pretty sure I'm the yellow stand.... Getting beat up every day

  48. Kristine I'd be Chiitan, sino kaya yung baseball bat chuchu? Hahaha

  49. Julia Lissa je crois que j'ai trouvé ma nouvelle passion

  50. Tania Bubblez xD so sehe ich dabei auch aus 😀 hab extra so ein Kostüm zu Hause 😀

  51. Alice Thebault Di Chiara, c’est nous en ce moment en train de foutre des coups de pieds rotatifs dans la vie cette sale race !

  52. Loïc gaanw is zo n mega pak kope en dan zo sumo worstelen? 😂😂

  53. Lari Gusmão, quando você fica muito P com alguma coisa
    (mas você braba fica fofa pra krl)

  54. Katia du kannst dein Kostüm auch wieder ausziehen 🙄😂

  55. Jonno Kurt i keep watching this and keep laughing. That big right hander before the kick 😂

  56. Abigail Thats how you look like when you try to fight 😂

  57. Heidi Michel repara nas skills desse bicho fofinho hahahahaha

  58. Sammy Jay, couldve used this to get that aggression out last night ;P

  59. Nicole, Fiona, Toby.. jetzt müsst ihr bei Stress auf Arbeit immer daran denken.

  60. Saori Bomura tu eres el bichejo kawaii y tu empresa el punchingball (sin la caída)

  61. Rafaella this otter reminded me of you for some reason😂😂

  62. Sol Marina cuando fue esto? Jajajaj
    Mejor ya no te hago enojar 😌😓

  63. Aaro be always positive or...😂

  64. Chiara cosa immagino quando tu dici che devi scannare qualcuno 😁❤️

  65. Rafaela Gomes não sei porque pensei em você quando vi um bichinho fofo lutando contra a negatividade. Kkkkkk

  66. Fiona that's my way of dealing with negativity haha

  67. Sarah Landry Je sais pas pourquoi mais je devais vous identifier 😂 ca m’a fait rire !

  68. Bettina Mor so sieht das für aussenstehende aus wenn du wütend bist😂😂😂