Cellphone video shows officer apparently kicking suspect in the head during arrest

Cellphone video shows officer apparently kicking suspect in the head during arrest

Cellphone video shows officer apparently kicking suspect in the head during arrest

Posted by ABC News May 3, 2018, 11:30 p.m.

Cellphone video shows Miami police officer appearing to kick suspect in the head during arrest. https://abcn.ws/2rjQoUC

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said the "video depicts a clear violation of policy" and announced that the officer involved has been relieved of duty.

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  1. not just fired, charged and locked up for assault

  2. Wow.... this guy was clearly resisting and needed to be kicked in the head. This is why no one respects the police.

  3. This is why I hate when people say "just comply or stop resisting" because not everyone has a chance.

  4. You know, I'm usually pro police but that was uncalled for. The guy didn't appear to be doing any harm. I mean obviously he did something wrong, but he was on the ground in damn cuffs. Smh.

  5. Relieved of duty is not enough He needs to be charged with assault. I have a deep respect for law enforcement, but this is unacceptable. These type of people give good police a bad name.

  6. Damn it Ive been in LEO for 28yrs. That is unacceptable. He needs to be held down and let someone kick him in the face. That is what continues to give us a bad image.

  7. This is why ppl don't believe in "good" cops. It doesn't look like any of the other officers were remotely bothered by the assault on that poor man's head.

  8. Do what they ask/tell you to do. Everything will be peaches and cream. If you're innocent, you'll eventually be released and you get to go home. It is really just that simple.

  9. Wasn't one officer - there were four in video. Not a single one of them reported it, just as you would expect when a fellow gang member commits a crime. Had to have a citizen turn in a video, or we would never have known. All four should have been arrested and fired.

  10. U get into a fight with someone and kick them while they are on the ground.. u can get charged with felony assault... shouldnt be any diferent for this officer...

  11. Brutha man came in HOT with the field goal attempt...👀...good thing that cop is not white or people would be pissed...

  12. “Just comply and you won’t get....” oh yeah forget that! You’ll still get kicked in the head! 👀☹️😩😩 I’m sure there will still be people who think the officer was justified.... 😩

  13. Thank god he was fired!!! Its not too often they get what they deserve! Hopefully this man will file charges against this cop and get the right outcome!

  14. What that guy was not even fighting back..that cop needs to be fire ...some cops think there the President of the United states ...

  15. Thats assault he belongs in prison.how is it if i kick someone ill go to jail but if a cop breaks the law they get relived of duty this is when blm should demand the arrest of that cop

  16. Good. Guy on the ground obviously not resisting, other officer is in full control and in process of cuffing suspect, and BAM! Boot to the head. Hope someone repays the cop in kind.

  17. Have you realised that these days if justice was correct more police will end up in jail than civilians?

  18. Damn, it's a good thing he came rushing in to assist after the other officer had him detained. He saved the day!

  19. Police officer needs to be arrested charged with assault not just fired too much to watch sad day when people abuse there authority.

  20. I don't see where the guy was resisting, he was on the ground and the first officer was able to cuff him without incident when the second one came up and kicked him for seemingly no reason. Clearly uncalled for.

  21. Who knows what really was going on not saying it's ok just enough to get society complaining about authority that's why there no respect any where cross the board with a lot of different situations ..I work in difficult situations...

  22. These are very normal occurrences. And why we often have very little trust for police. The problem is none of his partners would have turned him and and they still will be labeled “good cops”

  23. That 'police officer' needs various charges pressed...namely a felony called 'Assault under color of Law'. Quote 'The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating color of law violations, which include acts carried out by government officials operating both within and beyond the limits of their lawful authority. Off-duty conduct may be covered if the perpetrator asserted his or her official status in some way. Those violations include the following acts:
    Excessive force: In making arrests, maintaining order, and defending life, law enforcement officers are allowed to use whatever force is “reasonably” necessary. The breadth and scope of the use of force is vast—from just the physical presence of the officer…to the use of deadly force. Violations of federal law occur when it can be shown that the force used was willfully “unreasonable” or “excessive.” (Please see https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/civil-rights )

  24. He played kick ball with his head , slammed his body then choked him. Not sure what he did, but once he was down and cuffed. The cop went too far.

  25. Come on... The guy was cuffed already. So unnecessary. I come from a family of public safety. I would never tarnish a police officer, Trooper, or Firefighter. This is beyond words for me.

  26. That's bull crap! This is why so many are hating on them they should go through weekly mental evaluation or something!..he was down and being handcuffed! Without a fight in the end!

  27. We need to get rid of these bad cops. They put to much pressure on the good ones. I don’t care how bad this suspect is he was on the ground handcuffed and I saw no gun. This cop needs to be fired, he doesn’t have the mental stability to be one.

  28. Being fired is only partial justice. Unless these cops are actually convicted of the crimes they commit they’re gonna keep on doing it.

  29. Wow! Let’s see if this disgusting garbage of a cop gets fired & thrown in jail. This is why so many people don’t trust cops.

  30. If the police chief says this kicking stuff is a clear violation of policy, then how and why would the police officer think it was acceptable? There must be some mixed signals flying around the training facility and the station house, and some really poor communication.

  31. Clearly uncalled for. The guy was down and handcuffed. Very poor actions by the officer! He should be fired!

  32. How long will it take for the cops to realize everything is being recorded. This cop should be charged with attempted murder


  33. I hope he is charged!!! You know there will be a lawsuit and this poor man will get millions (as he should). But the money comes from taxpayers. 😕 if the worst thing that people like this cop get is a termination- that’s not enough of a deterrent to others.

  34. I know what was running through the cops mind he had visions of being in the Super Bowl

    It's the kick off for the 2018 Super Bowl

    Daydreamin at work that's what he's doing , douche bag

  35. After reviewing the tape we will be dropping all charges against the police officer. He acted well within department policy and will resume duties, however we will be charging the suspect with assault to great bodily harm against the officer's foot with his head while being cuffed

  36. This Cop was completely out of line kicking this man in the head. This is Criminal.im usually on the side of the men in Blue but this seems way out of line!!!!!!!!

  37. This Is disgusting the man was down he was getting handcuffs put on him it is a complete and Utter police brutality - shameful
    He puts the shame on officers ... when the 99% of them probably would never of done that

  38. Context matters. Just imagine if it was KNOWN that this man was just caught trying to kidnap an 8yo girl. 80-90% of you would be defending the cop to the same degree you're defending the suspect now.

  39. Alright I’m watching over and over so man tased and police officer puts it away and suspect didn’t do much just made the officer cuff him and here’s a running officer kicks the suspect in the head while still on the ground. Probably partner said just tell them he was resisting as an excuse not knowing someone filming.

  40. What???The cop was running to help his fellow officer...and the guys head jump out in front of the cops foot...

  41. Anything happened to the other 3 cops that were there. Did they report the violation in their reporting? I already k ow the answer to that. Which is why only a few bad apples comment is a joke. When a cop does wrong and other cops either cover up or say nothing they participate

  42. I am pro police not pro ALL police. This guy is not a cop he’s clearly a thug in a uniform. He should be charged with attempted murder.

  43. Relieved of duty, as in paid administrative leave? The article didn’t say he was fired, which is what should happen. This is why people continue to kneel, has nothing to do with the damn flag!

  44. Shouldn't everyone in society today...especially law enforcement officers act like they're being videotaped 24 hours a day??? It's 1984..I mean 2018. If we've learned anything it's that EVERYONE has a cell phone.

  45. Man down, he's complying...this was a total abuse of power...definitely uncalled for. Oh, well kicked himself right out of a job, too. Now, kick that!

  46. Dang, that cop thought that he was kicking a field goal with the hand cuffed
    persons head. That cop needs to serve time in jail and fired from the police force immediately.
    He gives all police officers a bad name because of his actions. I hope he gets a long sentence in jail with the general population so the inmates can give him the same treatment.
    It's a good thing someone was filming the arrest.

  47. He probably broke the said suspect neck. Unprofessional officers always tarnish the image of the law enforcers.

  48. That was a nice kick in the head for that CRIMINAl! Maybe next time he wont get a third-degree grand theft of a vehicle, fleeing and eluding a police officer, reckless driving and damage to property or person and habitual driving with a suspended license,

  49. He should have complied. I mean he was breathing a little to loud and the cops got scared for their life.

  50. How can police expect our support when this keeps happening? The police need to acknowledge they have bad people on their forces and stop protecting them.

  51. He shouldn't have done it but honestly, looks like he knew the camera was there and was having some fun with the person filming. It's obvious he didn't make contact with the guy's head and he looks directly at the camera when he gets on the ground. Like I said, he shouldn't have behaved that way and he paid with his job but I just don't see anything malicious here.

  52. I'm not always a fan of law enforcement, and I'm not trying to sound like a 'boot licker' here....but this guy was "arrested and charged with third-degree grand theft of a vehicle, fleeing and eluding a police officer, reckless driving and damage to property or person", all while putting many lives in danger..... sounds like he needed a boot to the head, or a bullet would be even better!!

  53. Really that one that kicked him suppose someone did that to someone he loved. These people in uniform better wake up because soon they will wake the sleeping beast. Respect the honorable ones and eliminate the dirty ones.

  54. I’m almost always on the cops side on this type of issue. But this clearly looks like it was not needed. But like I always say crooks generally can use a little smack.

  55. I usually support police however in this instance this officer not only should be fired he should also be charged with assault!

  56. It doesn't matter, seriously. Would you mind that they did that to you. No, just like everyone else he is still a human being. Ok, so he committed a crime I understand that, but sometimes people cross the line and they wonder why they get suspended or kicked out from the force.

  57. Are you kidding me? The officer absolutely had everything under control, and the man was not resisting or wresting. So wtf. For that matter when did that crap become ok in any type of arrest? Thats why im so afraid of police. Can't trust.

  58. The cops are so wrong!! He's under arrest?! Looks like they're trying to field goal this guys head!! WTF?!!

  59. there's no such thing as good cops. because they all abide by a sworn order. they are a fraternity... and if their were good Police then they would police themselves. and this behavior would never reach the light Of day. when you stand by in silence you're a complicit... accomplice ...Js

  60. This cop is so stupid—-he just cost himself a job—-and the arrestee will get a big payoff from Miami.
    And he has also managed to endanger more cops.
    What an immature moron.

  61. What an a$$hole. The man was laying face down and not resisting and had just been cuffed. Police who are caught doing this should no only lose their jobs they should be arrested for felonious assault since the man was cuffed and could not defend himself

  62. He must've not been a white cop because those guys never get in trouble for obviously breaking the law

  63. Really youre supposed to protect citizens not abuse a already man down and handcuffed!!!! We need to get rid of the police who cannot control their power when it comes to arresting people.

  64. That was not right...first cop already had suspect on the ground. No resistance from suspect. Take note of the cop that did the assault....he didn’t trip over the guy...he kicked him. I respect law enforcement but I do not like seeing people like this abuse the right to wear the badge. Follow protocol/procedure, please.

  65. Man im a little pissed about this im in full support of law enforcement but that was excessive use of force plain n simple i hope this cop loses his job and have felony assault charges brought upon him

  66. Maybe watch the previous tape before he was on the ground. Maybe he deserved it. It kinda looks like an officer if color kicking a man of color so...its not racial

  67. DeAndre Tucker this is why I'm hesitant with cops.... and my grandfather was the head of the detective unit for the grand rapids police department.......

  68. Police powers and training creates bullying and monsters need to rethink product departments are putting on the streets.