Cavaliers act brand-new against Celtics

Cavaliers act brand-new against Celtics

"Before LeBron James hit the locker room door, former NBA great Kevin Garnett hugged him and said, 'Y’all look so different.' "

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  1. Warriors in 4. Haha. All this Cavs coverage is ridiculous. Did the media forget they lost in 5 games in the Finals. ?

  2. People really riding this one win off Boston, especially you ESPN!!

  3. It'll be quite enjoyable watching them go to the finals and losing once again to the warriors. I hate the warriors with a passion but if the Cavs make it to the finals I'm definitely rooting for the warriors.

  4. Cavs aren't winning it this year. LeBron gets a few prospects and wins a couple games and people flip out. Nothing will come of it this year.

  5. We all new the beginning of the year mean nothing y would LJ go all out when he basically has a playoff by ? people, people

  6. They had too many egos and players playing for contracts in the locker room. It was a good move from all sides

  7. Still harping about this win...sad

  8. Where's our LaVar Ball update?!?!?!

  9. In the NBA now you can be recruited to play with thing, you have no choice

  10. Give it a few games before LaBoob starts getting angry with the play of the new guys.

  11. Cavaliers are clear favorites to win the NBA finals the season

  12. ESPN "The Official Network of the Cleveland Cavaliers"

  13. KG respects LBJ haters should too

  14. Tonight against OKC will be a better test.

  15. It was one meaningless game in February!! Lol

  16. I belie e they won their first game with Wade and the other guys.
    They looked different then too ..

  17. LeBron was loved by all until he voiced his opinions about black civil rights🤔🤔🤔🤔

  18. Him and KG coo now? I thought they had beef off Ray joining heat then kg goin to Brooklyn 😂

  19. Y’all? Man LeBron is the only one still there

  20. Looked different, it was just 1 game...........

  21. That about to be champions again

  22. Look at Kevin’s face. Now that they’re winning he wants to stay😂

  23. People are getting excited about one win.why am I not surprised?

  24. Wouldn't be another day if there wasn't a leflop story

  25. Isaiah I ain’t neva eva seen you act like this

  26. Joe Masseywhat are you smoking nobody is taking down the warriors

  27. Honeymoon will soon be over and LeBawl will be crying again.

  28. Of course they act "brand-new" considering it's a whole new team 😂😂

  29. K Love in the background smiling though, with the broken hand that s*** is hilarious 😂

  30. Lonzo ball will win league mvp n 2 years

  31. Good god... it was one game..

  32. Bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. Corey Todd Bailey Angle you actin BRAND new