Carer filmed slapping dementia patient

Carer filmed slapping dementia patient

Carer filmed slapping dementia patient

Posted by BBC News Jan. 25, 2018, 9:14 p.m.

A carer has been caught on camera slapping and shouting at an elderly dementia patient in her own home.

The woman was sacked by her employer and given a police caution. (Via BBC News: East of England)

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  1. She said sorry?? Omg if I had caught her doing that to my mother I would have been the one with the jail sentence...

  2. Why have you blurred her face. The public should be made aware of who this woman is. There are so many dodgey care jobs with crap companies who would still give this monster a job! Name and shame her!

  3. The daughter remaind really calmed when she fired that witch, I would have punch her till I had no knuckles left 😡

  4. My mum has vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s, I am sorry but if that had been my Mum,
    The police would have followed me in arresting her for ABH/GBH mental stress
    And then arresting me for punching the living daylights out of that despicable low life
    My heart ❣ goes out to the elderly lady xx

  5. Thankfully there are thousands of wonderful carers out there doing a demanding job for low pay. This ‘lady’ is a disgrace and not representative of the majority of carers that work so hard.

  6. She slapped up her mum and she still apologised for kicking her out is she crackers? She'd have been getting bottom side of my size tens in her grill 😂

  7. Stop calling it a ‘carer’, it clearly isn’t worthy of the name.
    I admire the daughter’s restraint. I would have punched the snot out of her.

  8. OMG I would wipe the floor with that person. I want to swear, but I'm controlling myself 😤😤😤😤 My mum is 97, Dementia, many physical health problems. Living with me at present, and drives me crazy at times, but take a deep breath and walk away for 10 seconds! There is NO excuse for this. I think my blood pressure has just shot up 😡

  9. The daughter coming in and saying sorry! I’d have dragged her off that sofa by her hair and see how she likes being slapped! I’m a carer...why be a carer if you can’t do just that, care!

  10. A caution!!! She has abused someone in her care, I know if I treated the children in my class this way I’d receive more than a caution! I imagine care work isn’t easy and it takes a very caring and patient person to do this job, but to treat the elderly in this way is absolutely disgusting 😡

  11. To the daughter of the dear lady being physically and verbally abused by the so called Carer, you don’t have anything to be sorry about so do not apologise to that evil piece on the right. I’m sorry she only received a dismissal from her job and a police caution. Despicable on all levels. It would appear evil is never far from us or our dear loved ones.

  12. Police caution? Throw her in Jail!

    Despicable human being.

  13. This is clearly abuse and assault...go back to the police and her employer saying you want to press charges...

  14. This makes me so angry and upset. Cannot believe she was just cautioned! This is a safeguarding issue which needs to be dealt with appropriately. If I caught someone doing that to my Mother or anyone I cared for in their own home, I wouldn't be asking them to leave in such a restrained manner that's for sure! Absolutely disgusting 😡

  15. I honestly don’t understand how she got off with a caution. If she did this to my mum I would have gone mental!!!! She should have been imprisoned. End of. It’s disgusting it really is 🤬

  16. She should have had more than a caution, this time it was a slap, but who knows what’s she’s done and to how many people before this 😡😡😡

  17. What a disgusting human being. I will NEVER leave my elderly family members with strangers without a camera. Thank goodness this daughter was on the ball. I think I might have smacked that "caregiver" a few times myself though.....

  18. Now take the blurrey thing away from the c##ts face so everyone knows wot she looks like then let's sit back and watch karma do the job

  19. That’s bloody disgusting 😡😡😡 she needs more than a police caution. I was a carer and loved my job. It’s people like her that give other carers who do love their job and wouldn’t harm people they are working with a bad reputation. Do they not consider that when they get older and could well be in a nursing home or their own home, would they want to be harmed in this way. No, they wouldn’t. Sad watching that 😢

  20. “Sorry your going to have to go”? My late mothers carers were great but if I’d witnessed that happening to my mother the carer would be going alright, straight through the window😡

  21. Why is she a carer if she cares so little. Makes you wonder how often this happens when a camera isn't watching. The poor lady was just sitting there doing nothing - if that sets this woman off into an anger situation god only knows what she would do to anyone more challenging!