Canada, Mexico and U.S. discover World Cup fate

Canada, Mexico and U.S. discover World Cup fate

Canada, Mexico and U.S. discover World Cup fate

Posted by ESPN June 13, 2018, 3:03 p.m.

Here's the moment the U.S., Mexico and Canada found out they'd be the hosts of the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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  1. Canada, USA, Mexico
    I hope they reorder the countries soon before the current Acronym catches on

  2. Thank god No need to qualify...the easiest

  3. “If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn’t have given us hands.” -Mike Ditka

  4. Worst sports organization in the world which is crazy because the NCAA is a thing. (Not futbol or soccer, literally FIFA) I am excited for NA, especially us, to get some culture and good futbol.*

  5. They should take the us out we don't deserve it we should be banned from all big events just till we get our country back from the orange in office

  6. Except Canada is the worst soccer (football) playing nation in the world. Last (only) time we were there we failed to score a goal. Countries shouldn't qualify automatically because they host, even if the field is opened up to 64

  7. With all the corruption happening in Washinton DC, within FIFA and the US's strong relationships with Canada and Mexico, what could possibly go awry?

  8. Da rollt der Rubel gleich 3 mal für die Fifa!
    Schwachsinn diese Vergabe..
    Einzig Mexiko hat einen wirklichen Bezug zum Fussball...

  9. Look at that sports was always good at bringing people together! US Canada and Mexico!✌✌💯💯

  10. US, Canada, and Mexico, but we have borders up!!! This is not 1 nation

  11. Just play all the games in Mexico. Pretty sure no one in USA or Canada wants this....

  12. Too bad the USA will be at war with Canada and Mexico by then. 😐

  13. So this may be just me not understanding soccer at all but how can 3 countries host the same event?

  14. We hosted in 1994. Why did we need Canada and Mexico to get the bid this time?

  15. This gives US men’s soccer 8 years to get their sh*t together so they can qualify.

  16. 1994 is still the highest rated WC.

  17. Lol I’d rather watch paint dry then soccer

  18. More political and financial corruption yet again

  19. Wonder how much this cost? Bribery still exists in this sport.

  20. US Canada and Mexico take all three spots qualifying?

  21. I guess the USA better figure out how to play by then...

  22. Kendrick Lo start saving up. We had plans for this when the first announced!

  23. It’s one way for Canada to finally qualify for the World Cup.

  24. Trump will take credit.

    Then later, to his horror, he'll realize Mexico is involved too. #Derp

  25. John W. Thompson another Trump victory... it’s ok, you were once pro Trump too before jumping ship... we’re all united... more global victories coming with Trump... he recently helped Greece too with the Turkey tensions we have... we’re thankful so far.

  26. So if host teams won’t need to qualify, what happens in a situation like this? Would all three countries qualify?

  27. See trump already making America great. Obama never got us a World Cup.

  28. Luay Alyass مولاي حضر روحك منا لفد
    8 سنين تجي اسبانيا لمشكن والارجنتين لنيويورك

  29. Marcus Angello hopefully Italy qualifies and if they play a game in the US, we are going

  30. Noah I’m sure the shoe will have one

  31. It would be awsome if the championship game was played in cowboys stadium.

  32. Molly Pah, it's coming to Canada!

  33. I'm rooting for the Ladybugs to win. Rodney Dangerfield's team.

  34. Kansas City and Cincinnati can host WC games, but Chicago can't? WTF

  35. Fernando E JC my question is, do all 3 hosts get their spot secured or do they have to play qualifiers?

  36. Now the US could just field a competitive team

  37. David Lastra let’s start planning now.. we gotta see a few games no excuses now

  38. Bit hard when the wall goes up

  39. K , don't you mean thank you FBI for your investigation for the corruption that was going on in Fifa???

  40. Omg let us be volunteers for this amazing event 😀

  41. If you can't qualify in the group stage, host it😉

  42. Aaron Grier We should purchase our tickets now...

  43. Aubrey Just so you know, I'm going to some of this somehow and making you go with me.

  44. We better get that Birmingham stadium built now Mayor. Can you get that done Ronald Crenshaw?

  45. Welli Perez por eso el presidente estaba en Russia por el vote de la copa 2026

  46. Jose Mike Rodriguez we should go to all three countries to watch a game

  47. Kevin Coppola shits gunna be rowdy in 8 years

  48. Brian Grove I doubt Messi and Ronaldo will still be playing then huh...gdi

  49. Phu Pham we are going to a game in 2026! Can’t wait

  50. Edgar Beltran John K. Lechuga we’ll have real jobs by then, no excuse for us not to go

  51. David Flores are we saving now so we can go to a game?????

  52. Andy Stiles atleast we will qualify in 2026

  53. Joshua Lee Vinson Tanner don't have to worry about the US qualifying in 2026

  54. 2026 World Cup final Germany vs. the US Vincent Luca

  55. Cornelius Allen start saving, early retirement gift

  56. Juan Pablo Marquez we are going to all three countries.

  57. Nicole Rae Manalo wanna try to go to a game? Lol

  58. Billy Vitale Time for a new countdown!!

  59. Hector Garcia now you can go hahahaha

  60. Chris Kastropil we are going how beast

  61. Tim Rudderow where are we goin?

  62. Viren Narula were definitely going

  63. Hugo Aburto We are attending games on weekend!!!

  64. Bethany Ramirez I know one thing we'll be doing come 2026!

  65. Someone have information How many team attend WC 2026

  66. Lupe Camargo!!! We're going, right???