Can relationship between Kawhi and Spurs be repaired?

Can relationship between Kawhi and Spurs be repaired?
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Adrian Wojnarowski explains how a future conversation between Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich could affect the entire NBA.

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  1. Who turns down 200+ million? Idc if the Spurs slapped my mom across the face and shot my dad.. 200 million solves a lot of problems lol

  2. Everyone is in shock that there is someone out there that actually doesn’t want to play for Popovich. Like the world is gonna end because of it.

  3. There is something strange with this whole Kawhi situation. Always has been something going on that most of us don't know in my opinion. It is not his quad or Pop. It seems there is something else going on.

  4. 🙄 Oh the media.. Just stop. He will sign an extension very soon.

  5. I hope he get Hurt and is out for the season again

  6. What happened exactly? What caused him to supposedly have beef with the team?

  7. Come to LA Kawhi LA is your home

  8. Leonard and LeBron join forces in CHICAGO. Who's with me!?

  9. Go get lebron james and I'll bet you his attitude will change

  10. ...Let Him Go !!! and good players are coming ...draft !!!

  11. No send him to Minnesota in a 3 way deal with Toronto

  12. Nah he's literally sat the whole year he feels disrespected for what ever reason #celtic

  13. Can we stop hearing about the NBA for at least 6 months?.....

  14. idol kawhi,just stay in the spurs be patient.

  15. Only if he plays the whole season

  16. Nope and so we will take King James

  17. Trade him to the sixers. Lebron signs and the team is unbeatable

  18. Bring Lebron and hell yeah they’ll be repaired

  19. The question is can his quad be repaired.

  20. Dude never even plays what's the point?

  21. Yes we need kawhi in spurs. For 2018 19

  22. Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

  23. either way he's broke in 5 years

  24. Does any body know what he want?

  25. Jorge Pereles 🤫 esto no está decidido

  26. If the spurs sign kawhi to a max deal they are insane and deserve to fall apart

  27. but you cant name 3mvps in 1 team that MJ and Kobe played against 🐸☕️ mvp.curry mvp.durant mvp.igoudala 💁

    and also who saw this coming?
    MJ got Phil
    Kobe got Phil
    Duncan got Pop
    Lebron got who? a coach who got stepped by Allen iverson? 👀

  28. Come to the Lakers with LeBron. Time to dominate the west and get rid of the warriors

  29. Time to let this Kawhi go, nothing but trouble, he could have came back just when the Spurs needed him but he rather sit it out, kick him to the curb

  30. Pop is a condescending idiot. Had problems with Aldridge had problems with Kawhi. Thinks Trump is a moron hey Pop look in the mirror.

  31. Nobody outside of San Antonio cares.