Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan? Science Weighs In.

Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan? Science Weighs In.
Image from: National Geographic

The new fungus-based pet food aims to be more humane and lower the environmental impacts of feeding the world’s domestic pets—here's how.

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  1. This is crazy. Fungus? Dogs eat meat. When was the last time you seen a pack of wolves take down a head of lettuce? SMH

  2. The science needs to be applied to the minds of people who want to turn their naturally predatory animal who has hunted their prey in the wild since the beginning of time, into a vegan.

    May I suggest that science be psychiatric?

  3. They're meant to eat meat and it's already been proven that it is harmful to both cats and dogs to be fed a vegan diet

  4. This is disgusting. Keep your vegan morals out of your pet carnivores diet. This man is going to make animals suffer to try and cash in on vegan guilt.

  5. Short answer is no. Dogs and cats need meat, even if its artifical, they need it. There was a case of a couple crazy vegans feeding their cat a vegan diet, thankfully the cat was forcefully removed from their care and was actually taken care of.

  6. If humans can create a meat-free diet for animals that gives the same nutritional needs as a traditional diet, then what's the problem? So many people are afraid of science and it's truly disappointing. It's not about changing their diet to suit the desires of the owner, it's about conservation. Get out of your egotistical bubbles and look at the bigger picture.

  7. A vegan cat? Hell no! A vegan dog is slightly less problematic but not recommended. Newsflash vegans, a lot of animals eat other animals. Keep your beliefs to yourself.

  8. Dogs are omnivores and cats are OBLIGATE carnivores. STOP PROJECTING YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHER SPECIES OF ANIMALS! OMG!!! Nat Geo Wild, I love you in general, but dang......

  9. To be honest some of the meat replacements are indistinguishable from actual meat, its healthier and a burden off your conscience knowing an animal didn't have to die.

  10. You should include vegetables into carnivores' diets, but they simply will die without the meat. We haven't genetically modified them enough for that

  11. Hey how about we stop forcing our lifestyle choices on animals. Also, how about we start listening to, you know, veterinarians about what to feed your pets--not a vegan filmmaker and businessman.

  12. Cats and dogs are carnivores. If not, why do they catch and kill mice and birds and gophers and snakes and squirrels...Trying to feed them only plant based food is as ridiculous as trying to eat it yourself.

  13. If you don't feed animals meat they don't get what they need to live and they will die. Just wait all those vegan are gonna end up with horribly diseases when they die cause they don't eat meat. Any vegan or vegetarian I've ever seen looks pail and there skin is sunk in just like crack heads. They look like they are sick and dying

  14. I wonder how many people actually read this article or just saw the headline and went straight for the pitchfork.

  15. I was told back in the 70s from a vet, that domesticated cats are vegetarian. There's no need for the meat and they do not hunt. He recommended the foods with lower meat ingredients. All I do know is, she quit farting to the point she'd clear the room.

  16. yup. need a psychiatric. If you choose to be vegan (nicely and humbly), ok. If you want to turn your pet, or your BABY vegan, you got some serious mental issues. It's actually quite selfish. Because a dog has a different system than we do.It's a different animal. Sure, you can have them eat healthier, but they can't be like you. To add, there's this trend where moms remove milk, eggs, cheese, or meat from a young baby or a toddler's diet which can compromise their health later, create allergies, or God knows what defficiencies. Poor pets and kids.

  17. Look if omnivorous humans want to be vegan and not hurt animals I'm all for that and applaud their decision to be more ethical BUT DO NOT try and give people the idea an animal that evolved from pack hunting carnivores and an animal that to this day hasn't truly become omnivorous can also be vegan. If you have an issue giving anyone or anything in your household meat or animal products as food a dog is not the pet for you. Get a tortoise (as long as you're willing to put in the time since they can live 100 years or more).

  18. I've read before that the bacteria in their GI tracts have difficulty eating through the thick walls of a plant cell *shrugs*

  19. Jeez so many people with opinions without reading the article.. Btw, do you even know how is cat/dog feed made? Did you know that your cat feed has syntetic taurine?

  20. Cats? Why. I’m sure some chemist can make meat 🥩 like food in a lab that anyone can eat But a cat on a pure vegetable diet. I say no.
    Plus when you change something like a living things diet you inadvertently affect everything around that living thing.
    You change the bacteria in the cats intestines and it organs that are there to break down lipids and things that come from a meat and insect diet.
    Even if your cat eats at home , if it goes out it hunts insects and rats.
    No no. My point is. The cat wouldn’t go for it. Unless you forced a cat too

  21. It's a defiance of nature, but science is good at doing that. Clone meat instead of make them vegan. Also fungi aren't plants, so I don't think "vegan" is the right word maybe?

    I keep seeing all these identity politics and pseudoscience-type article coming out of Nat Geo ever since Fox bought them out. It's depressing. Even more depressing now is Disney bought Fox.

  22. My dogs lived off working dog food. Basically porridge oats, veg and a tiny tiny amount of dried meat. One of them lived until the age of 19. Dogs are omnivores. Feed a cat like that and you'll kill it.

  23. The type of fungus discussed in the article has far more protein than a steak, so this is an interesting idea that should be discussed. But i'm sure most of the outraged people didn't read the whole article so they wouldn't know that. Reading comprehension is good!

  24. Better question...At what age will my puppy start to show signs of what it identifies as? Such as male or female? It is almost 15 weeks old and I really need to buy a collar but don't want to force gender. Please help!!

  25. Cats can be vegans but then the natural instincts of hunting and eating meat cannot be taken away.
    I had cats earlier and they were having no issues with the vegan and non vegan food. They used to enjoy the both.

  26. No, because they can't communicate to us their desire to become vegan, therefore they can't make their decision. An owner could decide to only feed their dog vegan food, but if would not be what the dog wanted.

  27. Both are carnivores, don't place human choices on an animal that is born with the instinct to hunt and eat other animals, we already know animals don'[t care about your feelings, they don't think like us, why would they choose to not follow their instincts when hungry.

  28. I work at an animal hospital and we have seen some pets due from not getting the right amount of nutrition. It usually comes down to vitamin D deficiencies and lack of taurine. Not having enough of those two can cause both short term and long term damage to pets organs.

  29. Well, as my 2 dogs got old they couldn't digest the protein anymore so they ate vegetable soups I made for them. Even if their feeding consisted of only pet food with only 20% meat, they were absolitly happy with the soups. They even didn't wanted to eat the rest if there wasn't soup.

  30. In Nazi Germany, Jews had to wear a star of David, in 2019, omnivores will be wearing ribeye pins .......#itbegins #theveganing

  31. That's the same to wonder if can dogs and cats be birds, it they can fly. All know the answer, issue here is accept it or not

  32. No research, only one prof. putting their benchmarks up and a company trying to look good.
    Seems legit

  33. No! This is wrong! This article ruins your credibility a bit too, national geographic. . . please don't do this. You were one of the few sources I trusted for primarily non-biased information on the environment etc (at least as non-biased as one can get). This can harm cats and dogs, they are meat eaters!!!! People don't listen to this do your own research on what is healthy for your pets.

  34. I would Love to feed my dog this!! No animal should be cruelly abused then forced into a slaughter house and murdered!!! Time to make positive changes with how we treat animals. :)

  35. Research the regulations and go inside the lab testing done for the pet food industry. Then grow your own food and farm animals.

  36. Worst part about this that humans are so out of touch and we ignore our elders that we seem to have forgotten what we arw supposed to eat....

  37. Bad enough that people shove their opinions onto others *coughveganscough*, now we want to exert our will onto animals too? Get a life.

  38. You can feed your cat vegan if you want, but they're still going to kill things and leave them on the neighbor's porch. I'm lookin' at you, neighbor cat.

  39. No. Meat protein differs from plant protein, they are genetically geared for meat protein. They will suffer without it.

  40. have no idea but we did have a dog who could not digest neither liked meat. even hated chewing bones. he lived for 11 years and ate indian home made bread and milk. he was an active , loving, caring , and was the best body guard. 😊

  41. Humans are starting to look like manipulative, twisted minds. "Let's see if we can force a carnivore to not eat meat." That's not what they signed up for.

  42. maybe not vegan, but my dog loves and willingly eats raw carrots, steamed broccoli and mixed vegis in her food mixed with chicken & brown rice...she is 14 and very healthy!

  43. As stupid as the idea of feeding sheep/cow carcasses to cows and eventually resulted to outbreak of BSE and CJD

  44. U crazy ?.?
    Don t even suggest stupid ideas because some feable minds might try that on their pets and starve them to death

  45. If you believe that domestically bred animals must eat meat then please post what their natural diet actually is. For cats would it be mice? Does that mean you feed your cats store bought mouse cat food? People have been giving cats cow milk for generations, but I've never seen a farm cat suckle a cow. :D
    I just wish people would be more open minded. The lab testing done for pet foods is horrific and industrial farming is a horror fest. My dogs are 90% vegan and my vet keeps asking me what I'm doing. Everyone thinks my 8 year old is a puppy. I hope more people will at least consider buying certified humane brand pet foods if they want to keep feeding their animals meat products. Nobody was intentionally tortured on my families' farms. 😔

  46. My dog has a 100% vegan diet.

    One vegan usually feeds him for a month or so if I keep it in the freezer

  47. Go pet your bonsais, leave the cats and dogs alone.

    Pescatarians please don't forget to feed your goldfish.

  48. When monkeys and apes were first brought over here many of them died slow painful deaths because stupid selfish humans assumed they only ate fruit and veg

  49. Wow Nat Geo. Really pushing you dbag agenda and not reporting on current and cultural events around the globe got it

  50. No they bloody can't . Cats are obligate carnivores , meaning they need meat . Dogs omnivores bit neither build for vegan diets

  51. “Your damned dog just attacked my cucumbers”
    The family dog used to pull them off in my mom’s garden and eat them. Flies everywhere! 😁

  52. Given that dogs are highly varied creatures with a lot of dietary sensitivities, it’s not really a solution to anything.

  53. What have dogs and cats eaten for thousands of years before the invention of dog food? Oh I know...meat.

  54. I suppose anyone can be anything out of need. It 's called adapting. I would think , if all an animal can find to eat are vegies, they will eat them ..but , the dog is a descendant of the wolf and is a carnivore....and meat provides certain important nutrients that will never be found in vegan form..It has even been shown that human vegans are low in this particular nutrient..I cannot think of it off hand, but it can be googled..We give our dog real meat in addition to the commercial dog food

  55. Maybe vegans/vegetarians shouldnt consider getting pets that are carnivores if it hurts their conscience so much that fluffy needs meat

  56. At what size do vegans decide to assign importance & respect to an animal? Do they have to "have eyes like them?", or be visible? Or look cute? Is it "more humane" to kill a billion yeast cells, 100 million bacteria, 10,000 insects, 500 chickens or one cow? Or is it really just about their own personal feelings? Does a bug stuck to the grill of their car matter less because they didn't see it? It didn't scream? It looks too different than we do? No one else cares? Why won't they ever explain the logic of their system?

  57. My dog has never eaten a vegetable in his life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to give them to him. He just noses them along the floor and stares hungrily at my cheeseburger. Aside from that, I thought feeding raw was all the rage now, and that includes meat.

  58. People really should stop forcing their lifestyle and beliefs on others, be it their own species or others. This is especially appalling because pets depend on us to feed. And I’m vegan...

  59. Stop pushing your appetite to them. You make dogs and cats vegans, next you want to do same on wolves and lions. Have you lost mind??

  60. Why should they? For that a stupid vegan can have a pet? I thought these brain brakes were against things like that?! This is sooo stupid!

  61. They will not, as for my experience feeding my cat with veggies, sometimes it won't eat, then when i feed it with meat i can see and feel that my cat is really loving it