California Trump Voters Reflect on the State of the Nation | NBC Left Field

California Trump Voters Reflect on the State of the Nation | NBC Left Field

California Trump Voters Reflect on the State of the Nation | NBC Left Field

Posted by NBC News Jan. 31, 2018, 7:51 a.m.

NBC Left Field went to Bakersfield, California, to see what life is like for people in one of the most conservative cities in one of the most progressive states in America.

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  1. you are not a conservative if you Live in CA

  2. Jimmy Decker I'm sure some Bakersfield people will argue that point w/you. LOL

  3. All states do have red necks

  4. He sucks on that barrel when he goes to bed.

  5. Bakersfield, the armpit of California.

  6. california progressive? bakersfield conservative? aha.. what? say that again.. california progressive, bakersfield conservative... ok.. ahahaha...

  7. Been there. Some of the worst animal abusers in the state too. Tell you something? 7elevens run by immigrants too. So maybe they don't really understand what is going on in the country. annnnd who picks those crops? hmmmm not little white boys. I've stopped to watch. Port o potties so far apart that they can't really get a pottie break. No one thinks about that, but I had my hsband stop so I could count. wonder why you get ecoli on food? yep I live in CA, and everywhere I go there's furniture on the sidewalks, and no one cares about homes they rent. I have a rental and they don't care. They're white. That's the new mentality, not ethnicity. That's right honey, liberals try to keep the air cleaner, Bakersfield is covered by oil fields so guess who has your best interest at heart?Who you gonna call when there's an oil leak into your water? Them? LOL, they'd just as soon poison you that stop and make sure your health is ok. Liberals see things in the long run, not the short term. Money now, doesn't make for money later. Red necks lookin' backwards, they hate change.

  8. Love TRUMP

  9. Becky Foster Carol Monroe Mayfield

  10. Brett Henderson Norita Munoz


  12. bakersfield, with a higher poverty rate than most of California. Kern county has a higher unemployment rate, it depends more on immigrants than most counties, and it pays less in taxes than most of the state, and it has some of the most racist in the state.

  13. So sad to see these heartland people deluded by am talk radio and fox news.

  14. It’s not liberals putting people out of work in small towns. When you live in small towns where the tax money isn’t there, it forces business to shut down because they built the business for 1955 not 2018 where you have to pay people more. Not enough people shop a lot of stores in their small town because they have to drive 20+ miles to work and pick up their groceries in a bigger store (Walmart) where the selection is there. Times have changed and bigger cities have more jobs and a better way of life. When people are accustom to the small town life, they’re scared to even go into a big city. So there for if there’s no jobs in there comfort area they won’t go to a bigger city to get a job.

  15. Conservative. Read uneducated.

  16. This is an accurate portrayal to me. I grew up in the city and have felt the sharp racism and white supremacy that pervades the community, the brutal police force, the news coverage, and the institutions. I have very little to no Bakersfieldian pride, but I do appreciate the fact that it’s my hometown....I guess? A little sentiment is there somewhere...Probably related to fun memories and such.

    But regardless, the backwater political ideas and lack of social/economic/cultural progress in the city is staggering. Something about the place just refuses to move forward. It’s so strange.

    Shutting down all the weed dispensaries? ✅
    Still using the word “illegal immigrant” in local news coverage?✅ (That’s like a vulgar word/phrase outside of Bakersfield)
    corrupt court system that holds thousands of its citizens in harrowing debt?✅
    A burgeoning community of racist Trumpists? ✅
    Literally the worst breathing air in the state? ✅ (That’s incredible btw, considering the massive size of the state.)
    Highest rate of illiteracy in the state?✅

    How tf can you deny Bakersfield’s shitholery?

  17. We have that here in good old Pa.

  18. Ignorance is bliss.

  19. This is why it's so important for those in the Constitutional Conservative counties to split from that most regressive state in the country.

  20. hate California and it's entitled people. Get rid of all the ILLEGALS you keep letting back into our country.

  21. Lawrence A Main

  22. Crying and crying cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

  23. Patrick Fontes